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Located in the Alpha Quadrant
Omicron spores being shot from pod plants at a group of humanoids

Omicron spores are a non-sentient, non-humanoid species of plant, named after the planet on which they were first encountered, Omicron Ceti III, located in the Mira system of the Alpha Quadrant. The actual planet from which the Omicron spores originated is unknown.


Omicron spores are tiny, thick-walled structures housed within repositories known as pod plants. These spores are stored in the pod plants until a humanoid or animal comes within range of them, at which point they are squirted from the flower of the pod plant in a fine spray aimed at the head of the other being. Omicron spores are a robust plant species, even able to survive while adrift in deep space. They are known to thrive on the effects of berthold rays, which can be deadly to most other living organisms.

When humanoids are exposed to Omicron spores, they become infected by them. This has the benefit of making them immune to the harmful effects of berthold radiation. More dramatically, it also induces a powerful feeling of emotional contentment, strong enough to overcome even the mental discipline of a Vulcan. This effect eliminates inhibitions and any sense of responsibility, facilitating feelings of affection and love, as well as the desire to reproduce. It also causes those exposed to the Omicron spores to feel a need to share this sensation by infecting others with the spores, their ability to reason overwhelmed by the emotion of contentment. Additionally, Omicron spores lead to the infected humanoid achieving perfect health, quickening the healing process. After prolonged exposure, even injuries and disorders carried since childhood will heal. The incitement of sufficiently powerful negative emotions, such as sorrow and anger, is enough to overcome the effects of the Omicron spores, a process which destroys them.


The origins of the Omicron spores are clouded in mystery. It is known that they drifted through deep space before finally settling on the planet of Omicron Ceti III, but the planet from which they originated is unknown, as is the reason for their journey through space, the amount of time they spent drifting, and the circumstances in which they came to rest in the Mira system.

During the 23rd century, the United Federation of Planets picked out the Class M planet of Omicron Ceti III as an ideal place to establish an agricultural colony. Several attempts were made to do so but each colony was quickly wiped out in unknown circumstances, the Federation unaware that the planet was being perpetually bombarded by lethal levels of berthold radiation. A final attempt was made to establish a colony but communications were soon lost and the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, was sent to investigate. Upon their arrival, they were surprised to find that the colonists were alive and in extraordinarily good health.

Unknown to the crew of the Enterprise, the colonists had encountered the Omicron spores and had been infected by them. This prevented them from being harmed by the berthold rays. The spores quickly infected members of the away team which had been sent down to investigate further, and this team soon sent pod plants containing the spores up to the ship itself to expose the rest of the crew. The last to succumb was the Commanding Officer of the Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk. While his crew abandoned ship to begin what they believed to be idyllic new lives down on the planet, Kirk found it difficult to leave the ship that meant so much to him. His struggle to let go of the Enterprise inspired emotions in him which were passionate enough to overwhelm and destroy the spores which had infected him.

Realising the spores were to blame for the abandonment of his crew, Kirk set about freeing his First Officer, Commander Spock, from the effects of the plant. Together, they built a subsonic transmitter and used it on the colony. This had the effect of inducing high levels of anger in the Enterprise crew and the Omicron colonists, releasing them from their brainwashed states and destroying the Omicron spores on the planet. Following this, the colony was evacuated, though there is evidence to suggest that the Federation eventually found a way to combat the fatal doses of berthold radiation and eventually colonised the planet successfully.

Since the spores encountered on Omicron Ceti III were not native to the planet, it seems probable that they were not the only example of their species, therefore this species of plant is unlikely to have died out completely.