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Tess Natilique
Career Occupation
Medical Doctor, Electronic Infiltration Specialist
Special Intelligence Services
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
56.7 kg (125 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short and straight. Held back with clips when on duty
Average, slim but curvy
Pale white, freckles if she’s in the sun too much
Facial Hair:
Slightly deep for a human female; “Contralto”
USS Tsunami, Federation Battleship
Familial Relationships
Edmond “Eddie” Natilique
Ide Natilique
Status of Parents:
Living on the USS Tsunami
Weston “Wes” Natilique, 30
Marital Status:
Married to T'Kir

Personal History

Tess was born on a starship where her mother worked as a doctor and her father was a teacher for the children around the ship. She gathered her skills from both her mother’s medical expertise and her father’s unusual computer habits.

From the time she was a small child, her father gave her many different numerical and alphabetical puzzles. Through this she developed a talent for cryptography, though just as her father, she kept this as more of a hobby than work.

At a very young age, Tess showed talent for grasping the intricacies of computer systems. Her parents encouraged her to learn as much as she could from the specialists around the starship, but it was through tinkering on her own that she learned to hack into protected systems. When she was caught, it was left up to her parents to punish her.

Tess was given restricted, supervised computer access only through the rest of her adolescents. Instead of encouraging her computer skills, her parents pushed her to learn medicine. She spent much of her time in sickbay with her mother, getting tutored on everything. She showed an aptitude for emergency medicine. Around the age of 16 she was in Sickbay when the ship was under fire. Many injuries were coming in and she took over Triage like it was second nature. It was after this that, with the heavy insistence of her parents, she decided to start prep classes to enroll in Star Fleet.

Much to her parent’s fear, though, Tess decided to take computer engineering as a minor. Her previous hacking crimes were not on record since she was so young when she did it, so Star Fleet was none the wiser. Unknown to both them and her parents, Tess had also learned to cover her tracks very well so she was very rarely caught.

But Tess does have morals. She never hacked into anyone’s personal files…except sometimes those of her boyfriends. She also didn’t try to hack into Star Fleet and change her grades. She mostly used her talent to get a rush. She’d look at the private mission files of some of the more prestigious ships or listen to the official mission logs of commanding officers.

At one point, she was caught. Tess was watching her own mother’s official log when Academy security busted in to her quarters and arrested her. A mark was put on her record, but no charges were pressed since her mother didn’t wish to charge her. She was scolded very severely by the Academy and her own mother. This didn’t stop her from continuing her hobby, though; it simply made her more careful.

Tess graduated the Academy after the typical four years and was posted to the Gettysburg for her four year internship. She didn’t make many friends in these four years because of the demands put on an intern. To her colleagues, she was known as a bit of a recluse who was always studying. Unbeknownst to them, she also continued her hobby of discreet, harmless computer hacking.

After the Gettysburg mission to sector 22859, Tess finished her internship and officially became a doctor. She continued her position on the Gettysburg as a junior doctor.

The following information is classified to those with security clearance only.

During her shoreleave after the sector 22859 mission, Tess was summoned to a secret meeting on Earth. There, she was met by Commander Derrick Grant and a group of other unsuspecting people. They were all recruited to a secret intelligence service within Star Fleet known as SFSIS. Tess was hired for her hacking skills as well as her medical skills.

The SFSIS team assumed fake identities on the Gettysburg, where they cross-trained with each other in secret for their first Intelligence mission. It came soon enough, and Tess was assigned to a team with Lieutenants Saru and T’Kir.

They were sent out on a mission to an Orion station to contact an asset named Ramius. They succeeded, and went on to infiltrate a secret Romulan base. During this mission, Tess became close to T’Kir, one of the other intelligence officers.

They successfully infiltrated the base and retrieved valuable information about a dangerous Romulan ship known as the Nightowl that employs a phase cloak and a thalaron radiation weapon. They found out that the Nightowl’s Captain decided to defect to the Federation and were sent to make sure that happened. They boarded the USS Ticonderoga and helped them successfully complete the mission.

After this, they met up with the other part of the SFSIS team, and were briefly trapped. Using the team’s ingenuity however, they managed to escape and made their way back to the Gettysburg. During this time, Tess and T’Kir decided to date, and before the next mission they were in love.

Their next mission had them sent out to pursue the Satarran threat against the Federation. The SFSIS team received a brand new ship with an illegal phase cloak called the USS Apparition. They were sent to Risa, and while most of the team was left on the ship, a few of them were sent to the surface to investigate information about the Satarrans. Some of the team went off on their own leads while Tess and T’Kir posed as a married couple. Alec Daher and Sierra Dawson were also undercover to watch the girls’ backs.

They ended up caught in the middle of a robbery, and T’Kir shot the criminals. One of them got away while two were killed and revealed as Satarrans. They had to clean up the scene quickly, and transported the Satarrans to the Apparition. After this, they followed a lead in the form of an Andorian woman posing as a waitress/escort named Shara.

After apprehending the woman, they all transported back to the Apparition. Shara ended up being an android of a type they had never seen before. In the meantime, the crew of the Apparition and some of the SFSIS members had got themselves trapped in a facility under the surface of one of Risa’s moons. T’Kir transported down with Fred Jenkins to investigate, leaving Tess, Alec, and Sierra on the ship.

Tess and Sierra proceeded to autopsy one of the Satarrans, finding that it had some kind of transceiver attached to the brain. Tess removed the brain and the apparatus attached for further study, and then transported the second Satarran to the biobed.

Before she could begin the second autopsy, the dead Satarran reanimated, and managed to take down the forcefield Tess erected to keep it contained. Scared out of their minds, Tess and Sierra ran to the Bridge to regroup with Alec. The Satarran managed to eject the warp core before coming after them.

They were finally pinned down in the transporter room where Alec shot the Satarran in the head three times. It fell for a moment before reanimating again, proving it was a zombie. Tess finally shot it at maximum setting, and it was vaporized. The zombie-Satarran still haunts her dreams.

They managed to save most of the trapped away team, who had discovered a Satarran facility. A few crew members were lost, however, and many were injured. They were forced to transport a surgeon from Risa to deal with the worst of the crew. Luckily, Caimus Yenn was cleared for SFSIS duty and later joined the team permanently.

Along with the away team, a few captives of the Satarrans were transported up including the real Shara. She was an Andorian of the gender shen and had been impregnanted by a partially fertilized zygote. Her hormone levels were so high that they pushed T’Kir into pon farr.

After dealing with Kurok’s injuries with the help of Yenn, Tess helped T’Kir through her pon farr. Though it was violent, it brought them even closer together.

The Apparition was called back to the Sol System, and the team was debriefed by Rear Admiral Grant. A couple days later he called together a meeting where new team members were introduced and he revealed that while T’Kir would be sent out with the other team, Tess was temporarily reassigned. They would be separated.

This worried both Tess and T’Kir, who no longer feel whole without each other. After they returned to T’Kir’s family’s home in Dallas, Texas, T’Kir proposed to Tess and she accepted. They got married that very night at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

The next day they both had separate meetings with Grant. He informed them that Tess was going to be put in isolation that very day so that she could use her hacking skill to deal with a threat in the form of Boris Vlodnak, an evil man from the future. Tess and T’Kir were given one hour to say their goodbyes before they were separated for an unknown period of time.

More updates coming soon.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): General Medicine, Field Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Computer Engineering
Hobbies and Pastimes: Computer hacking, Cryptography
Short-Term Goals: To adjust to her new role as an intelligence agent
Long-Term Goals: Tess used to wish to have children and a family, but with her new role as an intelligence agent, she’s not sure what her long term goals are
Personality: Come across as a shy “nerd” sometimes, but secretly has a wild streak that she calls her “rocker chick” personality
Sense of Humor: Nothing special. Can be sarcastic and funny sometimes, but is not known for her humor
Phobias: Getting caught when hacking, though it also gives her a rush. Losing a patient. Failing
Likes: Female rock singers. Hacking into computers. Working as a doctor
Dislikes: People who do things to harm themselves intentionally. Fighting
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who do things to harm themselves intentionally
Bad Habits or Vices: Computer hacking
Achievements: Getting her doctorate
Disappointments: How she’ll never be able to have children since she is an intelligence agent
Illnesses: Nothing serious
Strengths: Computer hacking, Cryptography, works well in emergency situations
Weaknesses: Doesn’t like to speak her mind, even when she should. Doesn’t have many skills outside of medicine and computers
Prejudices: None known
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Usually simple, conservative outfits. Sometimes likes to get wild and wear “rocker chick” outfits
Distinguishing Features: Dark red and black rose tattoo on her right shoulder blade. Pierced navel
Pets: None
Friends: T'Kir, Trella Grex

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Any time she loses a friend or a patient
Best Time: When she was a teenager, and had no responsibilities. She could party, and indulge herself all she wanted
Most Crucial Experience: Being recruited into intelligence
Role Model: When it comes to medicine, her mother is her role model. She considers Kurok her mentor for her SFSIS training

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