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Sara McLoughlin
Career Occupation
USS Callisto, RSV-88001
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Cardassian
162 cm (5 ft. 4 in.)
63 kg (139 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long, Wavy
United Federation of Planets
Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland, Earth
Familial Relationships
Lieutenant Krim Vorlem. (Cardassian. 58 Years Old.)
Jenna McLoughlin. (Human 55 Years Old.)
Status of Parents:
Separated by Star Fleet
Sean McLoughlin. (Human. Half Brother. 30 Years Old.)
Marital Status:
Complicated(Vulcan Bondmate Yeny)

Personal History


A year before Sara was born, her mother and stepfather were having a hard time with their marriage. Jenna was constantly stressed due to her job as a teacher as the children were all worried about the war that was going on at the time. Lavren was always working himself so Jenna started to feel as if she wasn't getting any help with the home or her son, Sean. After a few months of very lengthy arguments with her husband, Jenna decides to drop her son off at her parents' house and take a vacation. Jenna decided to spend a bit of time on Starbase Alpha to clear her head. This is where she met Krim, he was waiting on a ship reassignment after the war. Jenna and Krim got along really well and spent a lot of time together over the next week. It wasn't until Krim's friend brought him a bottle of Kanar. Jenna was reluctant to drink it at first but did so at the behest of Krim. After a few hours of drinking the pair lost all mortals and thought and spend the night together. The next morning, Jenna left quietly before Krim woke up as she was super guilty. She decided to return home early, which was a surprise to her husband and parents. Once at home there was a change between Jenna and Lavren, which helped the marriage to get back on track. 3 Months down the road, Jenna began to feel ill. After a visit to the medical, it was confirmed that she was pregnant. The medical doctor on site confirmed to Jenna that the child was half Cardassian. Jenna was shocked but not surprised. She was not sure how to tell Lavren of this news. She told him at first that she was pregnant, leaving out the child's race.

It wasn't until 2 months later when Lavren had picked up a call from the doctor that he was informed of the child's race. This was devastating to him that Jenna would do something like this to him. He made a small holo-message to his wife and son, detailing how he felt, and promptly left. Jenna received the message hours at later and sent out an alert to see if he could be found, but it seemed that he had already left the planet. Weeks passed and none one heard anything from Lavren. At this time, Jenna called Kirm and told him what was going on. He was shocked by the news and apologized for the issues he caused.

      • Post-Birth***

6 months later, Jenna gave birth a healthy baby girl, Sara. She noticed at first that Sara's skin was Caramel in color but there were ridges on her face and shoulders. Jenna was very happy with her daughter regardless. The first few months at home were very hard for Jenna as Sara would just cry and cry no matter what Jenna did. She did not have this much trouble with Sean. She had decided to call Krim and ask him if there was anything, she should be aware of. He told her that Cardassians do like it warmer than humans so it could be that Sara was just cold. Jenna changed the temperature of Sara's baby room to 5 degrees higher than the rest of the house and it helped a great deal as Sara started sleeping more soundly and crying less.

Once Sara started walking, she was a little wrecking ball. She was very destructive and would often break her toys or household items. It took a lot to calm her down at times. Her half-brother, Sean, was very good at getting Sara to relax, although it did not work 100% of the time. As Sara aged, she seemed to calm down more and more due to being able to correctly speak what was wrong or how she was feeling.

The first time she spoke with her bio-father, Krim, was when she was 5. She did not understand at that time what had gone on or what was even happening, but had a hard time speaking to him. After the call, her mother stated that she would explain everything to Sara when she got older. It took a few weeks for Sara to stop asking her mother why her skin wasn't like her fathers and why she looked so different from her brother and if Krim was Sean's dad too. Jenna was not upset at her daughter's curiosity but more upset that she could not bring herself to give her daughter a good answer.

Once Sara started school, her mother had hoped that she would make friends. And although she did and was never an outcast, something changed during her first year of school that prompted Sara to start being uncomfortable with herself and who she was. Her brother, Sean, who at the time was 11, did not understand why Sara started to hate herself so much and tried to be as supportive as he could and wanted to protect his little sister. Sara did not cause too many problems at school, so her mother was thankful for that.

      • Teen Years****

Once Sara hit her teens, she started to do private research and investigate everything she could about Cardassians. Sara did not like what had read about them. The Occupation of Bajor completely upset her as well as the dominion war. She vowed to herself that she would never allow herself to make that mistake. The first time she willingly spoke to her Bio-Father as she was a child was when she wanted to know where he sat. He told her that his alliance was with the federation and that is parents were not involved with the Occupation of Bajor and had escaped Cardassia a few years before it ended with the help of his grandfather. He said it was around the time Dukat was made Prefect of Bajor, someone that he was aware this grandfather did not like. He also told her that they were working on a Federation Starbase and kind of wanted to see her, since they were her grandparents. Sara told him that she would think upon it but never brought it up again and never really decided.

Sara's research kept her up for hours at night. She was fascinated by Cardassian history (although she would never admit it) and would often send messages to Krim asking for more information. She searched all the archives and records that she was allowed (and some she got from Krim). Her mother was worried at first about her staying up and doing research but decided that maybe it was for the best that she understood Cardassian history as it may help her understand herself and become more comfortable.

Her brother, Sean, had decided that once he finished school that he was going to be an entertainer. Sara was perplexed by this and wanted to know why he would willingly put himself out there for people to watch. She told him that this would allow people to speak bad about him. He informed her that negative comments will always be around it was for each person to filter them out and only focus on the positive.

On Sara's 15th birthday, her brother asked her what she was planning to do for her future. Sara stated that she was thinking about going into Starfleet so that she could explore the world. Sean supported her and told her it as a great idea (he was hoping that maybe it would give Sara some clarity and help her overcome herself.) Sara did research for a few weeks before confiding in her brother that she was having a hard time. Sean suggested at this time that she could call her father since he was in Starfleet.

It was one of the 2 times that Sara willing called and spoke to her biological father was when she wanted to apply for Starfleet. Krim was very surprised by her call but was happy none the less. She asked about Starfleet and what it would entail and how she would be treated. Krim was concerned that she worried about this but reassured her that she would not be looked down upon if that was her worry. He gave her all the information she needed to apply and told her that she wouldn't have a problem getting in but she would have to work hard to not only overcome expectations but to overcome how she saw herself. Sara ignored his advice, thanked him for the information and quickly ended the call.

Once Sara turned 16, she applied and was accepted into Starfleet. She believed at the time (and to this day) that Krim may have had something to do with her application, but he would never admit it if he did. It was hard for her mother to accept what she was doing but Jenna knew that once her daughter was set on something it would be hard to change her mind. It was at that time that Sara needed to choose what she wanted to do. She recalled to herself the times that she helped her brother with his equipment and decided that it would be easy for her to learn how to put stuff together and fix it as her memory would allow her to memorize a lot of things that would help her.

      • The Academy Years***

The day came when she was ready to leave for the academy. Her brother and mother accompanied her to the academy. They ran into Jenna's father-in-law, Patrick, who at the time was a Starfleet Ambassador (Although he had been considering retirement for a while). Patrick was very proud of Sara, stating that she choose a good career path. Sara bid farewell to her mother and brother and made her way around easily, having already memorized the layout. Sara dove into her classes at the time, not spending much time on anything else. She wanted to make sure that she was going to excel if it killed her. It was during a stop for lunch in the cafeteria that Sara ran into Yeny. After speaking for a bit, Sara and Yeny became friends and months later, they put in to be roommates as Yeny's roommate had gotten ill and quit to return home.

This was a good fit for Sara as Yeny was also an avid studier and Sara knew that she would not be interrupted. Yeny was going into the medical field while Sara has chosen Engineering. Yeny was also about 2 years into the academy before Sara arrived. The pair became close within the next 2 years and were at most times, inseparable. It was during a holiday week in Sara's year 2, Yeny began to act odd. He was very aggressive suddenly and had become violent, which wasn't a problem for Sara since she was slightly stronger than most people at the academy so holding him off was not a problem. It was about 5 days after Yeny started being violent and aggressive that Yeny accidently let slip that he was experiencing Pon Farr. Sara was not very knowledgeable on the subject so at first, she tried to get information out of Yeny, which provided fruitless, so she did her own research. She confronted him afterwards and asked if he could return home to deal with it so which Yeny replied that there was not enough time to return home as he had only a day or two left. Sara sighed and asked if there was any way that she could help him. Yeny then asked Sara to be his bond mate, which shocked her a first, but she agreed, stating that it would only happen until he found himself a life mate. Yeny agreed but did state that if he did not find one by the time Pon Farr initiated again, that Sara would feel it as they would be connected mentally. Sara ignored this fact stating that he should find a mate within 7 years. After the completion of Pon Farr, the pair's attitude towards each other did not change and everything proceeded like normal.

During holiday in year 4, Sara went home to visit her mother, who noted that Sara had a different air about her. Sara wasn't sure what her mother meant by that but ignored it. It was during that time that she had a long sit down with her mother who was able to explain everything that happened. Sara was still not happy with her mother but understood what had happened and was happy that her mother was able to confide in her. During her holiday stay, her brother had also mentioned that Sara was different in some way. She refused to acknowledge this from either party and told them that they were just looking into something that wasn't there.

Once Sara returned, she confided in Yeny and decided that she was going to not leave for holiday. Yeny explained that maybe she had grown up and they were just seeing it as she would not notice it and if the change was gradual then even, he himself would not have noticed.

Year 8 was the hardest for Sara as Yeny had graduated at the end of the prior year. She refused to take another roommate and decided that being by herself was better than trying to change everything. She dove into her work and studying, only breaking the pattern when Yeny would call her. She would often ask him how his assignment was going and tried to hint at asking him if he found anyone that he liked. He mostly ignored this comment unless Sara became very forward with the question. Sara became more and more worried as the year passed as it was nearing 7 years since Yeny experienced Pon Farr last. Yeny did not seem concerned by this and it was highly upsetting to Sara as she knew that she would feel some kind of effect from it if it wasn't taken care of. Yeny often assured her that it would be okay and to not worry about it, but it is something that always sits in the back of her mind.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Quantum Mechanics, Weapons Systems, Subspace Mechanics & Shield Systems
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sara spends most of her time researching or putting in extra work as she does not like to be alone with her thoughts. On occasion she will visit Ten Forward to sit in the back and watch outside the windows. She has often stated that this helps her think.
Short-Term Goals: Sara wishes to prove her biological father wrong in the fact that he told her she had a lot of overcoming to do. She wants to show him that she is better than him and that nothing about her personality needs to be changed.
Long-Term Goals: She made a promise to her mother that one day she would make everything right. This meant finding her stepfather and either bringing him home or finding out what happened.
Personality: Very responsible but can get very adventurous if the mood strikes. She is very kind to others and won't hesitate to protect people.
Sense of Humor: Sara uses very dark humor to cope if she feels depressed or in danger, otherwise she does not often make jokes but will listen and laugh with others.
Phobias: Sara has a mild form of Frigophobia due to her body not being able to handle cold as well as others.
Likes: Sara is an introvert, which means she needs time by herself. She will often take walks around random places in the holodeck or exercise.
Dislikes: Small Talk, Sara would rather say nothing rather than attempt to fake a conversation. Sara also dislikes it when people pay too much attention to her ridges or touch them (Outside of her mother, Yeny is the only other person that has been able to touch Sara's ridges). She is hyper aware that the neck ridges can simulate pleasure and does all she can to keep them hidden.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Those who scuff their feet as they walk. Those who eat food off your plate without asking first.
Bad Habits or Vices: She has a habit of touching her scales while thinking or daydreaming. She often refuses to believe anyone that points it out. Sara will often skip meals if she feels that she is too busy to take a proper break.
Achievements: Sara was always slightly stronger and faster than the other children in her class. This allowed her to be at the top of her class in most sports or school activities that involved physical activity.
Disappointments: Sara had a very hard time with school. It was very hard for her to work in groups. She could excel when she was by herself but was unable to be social or outgoing when placed into a group.
Illnesses: Sara was very sick as a child. She would stay up all night crying for days on end. All the medical staff that saw Sara could not figure out why the child was so sick and upset all the time. It wasn't until a random call from Krim that Jenna was informed that Cardassians need a higher temperature and more humidity than humans. Once Jenna raised the temperature/humidity of Sara's baby room the child began to sleep soundly.
Strengths: Has a photographic or Eidetic memory. It is usually an ability that comes with lots of training, but it seemed to just come natural to her.
Weaknesses: Although she was able to pass the entry test into Starfleet her hearing is not as good as other Terrans due to her Cardassian mix. Sara can become very irrational if the safety of her family or people she is close to become in danger.
Fears: Being put on a mission that would take her near or onto Cardassia as she does not want to be involved with them. She also fears that one day she will need to decide regarding her father and his family.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Sara does not like to show her ridges. If she can get away with it, she will wear a turtleneck, otherwise she can be seen in mostly shirts and jeans. .
Distinguishing Features: Her skin tone is that of human origin, however, she possesses the ridges on her face of Cardassian origin. The ridges extend down her body like normal Cardassians.
Pets: N/A
Friends: Yeny. (Male. Vulcan. 26 Years Old)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: If Sara had to choose a time that she would say hurt her the most, it was the time that she spent the day with her brother while he was working. People started asking questions about her and why she wasn't like her brother and although Sean had told her that they were just curious and not rude, this was the time when Sara started becoming more and more uncomfortable with herself.
Best Time: Her best time so far in her life would be all the time she spent with Yeny. Although she has helped him a great deal, he does not know how much he has helped her in return.
Most Crucial Experience: The time that changed Sara for the better was when she finally sat down with her mother and they had a long talk about the past. Sara learned a lot of things that she had only assumed until then. It gave her a bit of relief about herself but didn't remove all doubts she had.
Role Model: Sara would never admit to it, but she looks up to her brother. She feels that he is very successful because he is so comfortable with himself and is charismatic. When she was a child, she would often try to follow her brother to learn from him, but as different as she sees herself it was never very helpful, despite all the caring and comforting her brother did.

Career History

Sara McLoughlin
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Template:Star Fleet Academy 22010.05 Graduation
Engineer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22011.27 Assignment

Contact Information


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