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Eliana McKenna
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Eliana McKenna
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Golden Blonde
Long; usually plaited or tied up
Athletic and Leggy
Fair and Pale
Soft and Soothing
Lunar One Colony
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Still married and both working as research scientists in one of the colony’s research facilities.
Tomas, 30
Marital Status:
In a relationship
William Micheal McKenna

Personal History

Early Life

Eliana was born and raised on the Federation Colony Lunar One to Aria and Patrick both former Starfleet Officers who had decided to return home with their son and Eliana's older brother Tomas and take up positions as Research Scientists in the colony's main research facility. Both Eliana and her brother spent a lot of time with their paternal grandparents Scott & Marie McKenna whilst her parents were at work and the siblings enjoyed that one on one time with them and Eliana was taught how to play the guitar by her grandfather as she always enjoyed listening to him play.

Out of the two siblings Eliana was the more introverted and preferred to be her own or with their grandparents whereas Tomas was a lot more outgoing and sociable. However despite her shyness and awkwardness around those outside of the family, that began to change when she reached the age of 13 when her brother encouraged her to join a local martial arts class ran by one of the colony members. Unsure at first until she discovered that she had a natural ability for Karate and began to enjoy the classes and making friends with those who attended.

A year later and Eliana won her first competition something she would always be proud of and it led to her meeting her best friend Perrie Macdonald and the two became inseperable. They would do the normal teenage things like hanging out, making plans for the future and generally being there for each other for the bad and the good. This close friendship proved invaluable when Eliana was turned down for a mentor role teaching the younger ones in the club and when she suffered a career ending injury when she was 15. The physical injuries were healed in an instant but the emotional and psychological effects lasted a lot longer knocking her confidence and belief in herself.

Coupled with being scared of competing again it led to her not wanting to continue and she spent the next few years finishing school and working several jobs within the colony itself whilst her brother and some of her friends left to attend Starfleet Academy and began their careers. This became too much for Eliana and she became withdrawn until her brother returned home on leave from his new posting on the USS Olympia and not wanting his sister to be like this encouraged her again but this time to follow him and join Starfleet. She realised he was right and not long after applied for the Academy and was accepted.

Starfleet Academy

Upon arriving at the Academy it was a bit of culture shock at first for Eliana after spending all of her life on Lunar One and it did take her a little while to adjust. But once she did, she made some friends and thoroughly enjoyed her classes especially learning how to handle the different weaponry and the drills that often took place to help them in tense and hostile situations. It was during her time at the Academy that Eliana found a new hobby in the form of hiking and climbing and took advantage whenever she had a break in her studies to visit different places on Earth to hike or climb with her small close knit group of friends.

She also took the opportunity to take a minor in Flight Control in particular how to fly a shuttle or small craft in case there was ever the need for her to do so whilst serving aboard a Starship and if not then she would always have that extra skill. There wasn't much time for romance either whilst she was there but wasn't averse to that happening once she was out in space.

First Assignment

After leaving the Academy as a fresh faced Midshipman, Eliana was assigned to the USS Monarch, an Escort Vessel in the Fourth Fleet. At first she wondered if she was actually capable of being on a Starship but after a period of settling in and getting to know her new surroundings, the Middie soon became more comfortable in her role.

Not only did she make friends, but she also learned a lot in terms of improving her existing skills and getting her first taste of being on an away mission. It also proved to Eliana that this was why she had chosen Security as her Academy Major and left her with a sense of achievement.

The Middie also experienced her first proper relationship with fellow Security Officer, Torbin Svennson, a tall, dark haired Terran of Norwegian heritage and they instantly connected. It was intense, passionate and sadly short lived before Torbin was reassigned. However, as upset as she was, Eliana turned her heartache into her duty and rediscovering her love for Karate which paid off when she was promoted to Ensign.

Then it was also time for the newly promoted Ensign to say her goodbyes to the Monarch and the friends she had made during her time there when she too received her transfer orders to report to the USS Gettysburg.

Second Assignment

When she first arrived at Starbase Bravo before reporting to her new assignment. Eliana was reunited with her friend Jaxx Crandell, who she hadn't seen since graduating the Academy. It was good to catch up and explore the station until it was time for her to go aboard the Gettysburg.

It was like a giant compared to the escort vessel that she was so used to, however could see herself calling it home. With the crew still on shore leave, Eliana was able to find her way around and get a feel for the Cruiser and it also led her to meeting Mike Hobritz. A friendship between the pair quickly blossomed and they became extremely close, especially, upon learning that they shared a similar background. This soon resulted in them becoming more than friends but only for one night before Mike left to take up the CE position aboard the USS Copernicus.

As much as they agreed that it wouldn't happen again, Eliana missed him and realised that she had fallen for him. However, as she embarked on her first mission with her new crew, little did she know that her life would change forever. In fact, if it wasn't for her immediate superior, Lt Bryan Crawford and his concern, she wouldn't of gone to Sickbay when told to and that's where she discovered that she was pregnant with Mike's son.

That was something she would never forget and left her not only in shock but also facing a possible future as a single mother as she didn't know how Mike would react. But that was something she had to deal with later as the ship arrived at its destination. New Kanto, a name she wouldn't forget in a hurry or the delegates that she and Jaxx were ordered to take on a tour of the ship before bringing them to the Observation Lounge.

Ignorant, rude and downright sexist, were just some of the things she thought regarding the delegates who didn't like why the ship was there and demanded that they be taken to certain areas. On the whole they complied until finally they reached the Observation Lounge and took a further disliking to their tour guides before they were dismissed when Commander Tucker took over.

Eliana was glad when they left and when the Gettysburg returned to Bravo, allowing her to repair her friendship with Jaxx and tell Mike that he was going to be a Dad. Although she wasn't sure where she stood with the Engineer at least he wanted to be involved in their son's life. She did consider a transfer so they could be in the same place in order to raise their child. But found that she couldn't just leave the ship and the other friends that she had made especially Leah Wickley, a medical officer who soon became her best friend. Not long after this, the Gettysburg was given another mission to pick up supplies from Starbase Charlie and deliver them to their new posting at Pioneer Outpost. This was until they were diverted to assist with a flu epidemic plaguing a planet in Klingon territory. Naturally Eli was concerned for her unborn son, however, there was some good news when she received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

With the mission also came a new DH, however, once they arrived at the planet, she was once again placed on escort duty along with NCO Brid Thorsdottir. This time they met with Commander Segmund who had brought a coffin sized box with her, that immediately made Eliana feel uncomfortable.

That was only the start of what was one of the hardest and highly emotional missions that she had ever been a part of. The crew was trying to help those on the planet below and stop the Klingons from attacking, but nothing could of prepared them from the danger within. Senior Officers were infected with some kind of illness, putting them out of action before two of their own stole the information brought by Segmund, then tried to escape with it. In their attempt they brutally killed one of the rapid response teams sent to stop them. Eliana would forever be haunted by that image, as well as her own actions leading a team to locate and find the Captain when she lost Midshipman Ramius. She felt slightly redeemed when they received some of the stolen information that had managed to be retrieved and returned it to Segmund, who got to work using what they had with the Engineers who had been called to Sickbay.

One such Engineer, their new CE, unfortunately, got to see Eliana's temper when he refused to stop trying to get through the security protocols. However, after blasting the door controls, rendering them useless, he was saved by Midshipman Elias, who despite Eliana's earlier attempts, persuaded him to go back to the Conference Room.

Then came the good news that the culprits had been caught and the immediate danger was over, allowing those in the Conference Room to work on a cure and for Eliana to reunite and speak with Elias. More friendships were made on that mission and the ones she knew she would have for life.

When the Gettysburg docked at Pioneer, it led to Eliana being reunited with Mike, who proposed, turning her mood and making her very happy in the process. The pair were then married on the Gettysburg in the most perfect beach wedding followed by the unexpected arrival of William within an hour of them saying their vows.

The new wife and mother then made the gut wrenching decision to leave her son on the Outpost as it was safer for him to stay with his father. Allowing Eliana to join her crew mates to say a final farewell to the Gettysburg and prepare for her new assignment on the USS Artemis.

As difficult as it was to leave her son, Eliana knew she had done the right thing, especially after talking with Captain Crawford as the Artemis prepared to leave space dock. Plus having her friends such as Nathan and Ben, also helped, before they were given their next mission. It seemed pretty straightforward, in assisting a team of scientists on a rogue planet, something that definitely piqued her interest. However once they arrived on the icy surface, they had no idea, what they were about to uncover.

Instead of providing assistance, they divided into teams, in order to find and rescue a group of missing scientists, who had failed to report in, when scheduled. Resulting in those from the Artemis, coming into contact with the Borg, although these weren't quite the same. That didn't mean that they were any less scary or terrifying. Eliana suffered some slight injuries during their escape, not to mention, almost becoming one of the pre Borg. However despite the loss of the Chief Medical Officer and stubborness from the remaining scientists, they managed to return to the ship.

Although they weren't able to prevent this new Borg megasphere from getting away and were subsequently recalled to Earth for questioning. It was during their journey back to Earth that Eliana learned that her husband, had deserted his ship and took an escape pod. His whereabouts were unknown, but he had left her with a reputation, because of his cowardice, resulting in Eliana wanting to protect both herself and her son.

She did go through some physical changes and began the process of seeking a divorce as well as changing her and William's surname to McKenna. During their enforced stay on Earth, Eliana spent a lot of time with Liam McConnelly, her friend and the man who had delivered William. This continued when they returned to Pioneer and she was also encouraged to go out and enjoy herself with her friend Ben. However that was shortlived, when shore leave was cut short and the Artemis prepared to face the Borg once more, along with the rest of the fleet. Once again, Eliana left William, this time in the care of her brother and his husband, before her and Liam realised their feelings for one another. That was certainly a positive thing to happen, before they got underway along with a new friendship with Kit Frost. The Battle that followed, was intense, scary and full of emotions and Eli realised how close she had been to losing her life and those closest to her.

The Artemis may of suffered, along with many other ships, but Eliana knew that she was lucky to be alive. Now that the physical scars were healed and the mental scars expertly hidden, not only is Eliana about to travel further than she ever has before to the Delta Quadrant, but has also embarked on a loving relationship with Liam and William is now with her full time.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Flight Control
Hobbies and Pastimes: Eliana likes to partake in outdoor activities such as climbing/hiking, Martial Arts particularly Karate, playing the guitar
Short-Term Goals: To make new friends, and learn to be more sociable
Long-Term Goals: To be a success in her chosen career and perhaps one day become an Academy Instructor
Personality: Fun, easy going, adventurous
Sense of Humor: Enjoys playful and fun banter and will make fun of herself with those she gets close too.
Phobias: Creepy Crawlies
Likes: Outdoor pursuits, coffee, climbing, hiking
Dislikes: Untidiness, arrogance, olives
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Rudeness
Bad Habits or Vices: Nervous laughter in awkward situations
Achievements: Winning her first Karate competition aged 14
Disappointments: Being overlooked for a job teaching Karate to youngsters
Illnesses: Usual illnesses such as measles, flu etc
Strengths: Determined, Loyal, Friendly, Caring, Supportive, Easy to talk to
Weaknesses: Thinking with her heart instead of her head in certain situations
Fears: Being trapped in a room with spiders and other creepy crawlies
Prejudices: Not so much a prejudice but extreme dislike of one of her Karate tutors who she trusted but let her down on several occasions.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Short dresses, t shirts, shorts,
Pets: A sheepdog named Blue who lives with her parents
Friends: Perrie Macdonald, Ben Elias, Nathan Ramius, Kit Frost, Beka Sydesh

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Suffering an injury during her last Karate competition and the emotional and psychological impact it played with doubting her abilities and knocking her confidence.
Best Time: Being with her family and taking part in competitions
Most Crucial Experience: When she realised that she could still have a career and her determination to succeed in her new chosen field.
Role Model: Her older brother Tomas for always believing in her and his encouragement to join Starfleet and not dwell on broken dreams.

Career History

Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241912.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242004.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242009.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242012.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242107.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Gold Star Gold Star 2
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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