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Trisandra (Tris) Lenore Lunanova
Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
3/4 Argelian, 1/4 Human
157 cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
eye color is an aquamarine blue. However the color will change to reflect intense emotions and can be used by a person who knows her well to read her moods.
Hair Color:
Thick black hair in a cascade of curls down to her waist. Highlights of silver-smoke and low lights of crimson that appear in bright light.
Medium curls down her back to her waist. Some shorter piece just past her shoulders to frame her face, straight bangs cut to just above her eyebrows. For duty her hair is always pulled back and pinned into a mass at the back of her head; the weight of which often cause her to tilt her chin up giving her a slightly haughty look. Off-duty the style changes almost daily but is never as severe as duty hours. Variation in her hair style is one of the many pleasures stemming from her home world of Argelius II
Well figured and curvy though slightly athletic
On the olive side of tanned with a spattering of freckles across the bride of her nose and cheeks.
One of the many pleasure seeking activities on her home planet is singing, it has often been said that she has a sultry purr of a voice when singing. However speaking it is more medium tone, gentle and eloquent.
United Federation of Planets
Argelius II
Familial Relationships
Troy Luas - Full Argelian
Verialanda (Veri) Blaustar - ½ Argelian and ½ Human
Status of Parents:
Currently both are together, well as much as any Argelian is together with one partner. The share a house and raise Tris’s younger sister. Troy is an astrophysicist working solely for the pleasure of discovering new astronomical phenomena. However he has no intention of leaving Argelius II and therefore is thrilled his daughter wished to pursue the academy. Veri is a baker and taught Tris all she knows about food and how to cook almost anything. She often sends her daughter treats of her latest treats. Both her parents also dabble in whatever area of interest they get pleasure from, her mother once painted for a year and then took up Earth dances for 6 months. Her father has been known to try his hand at gardening for a month every year or so. Living on Argelius they truly embrace the idea of pleasure above all else. Her father has some psychic powers that he passed to Tris, in her it manifests in her eyes changing color and a ‘sense’ sometimes about how people are feeling.
4 older half-brothers; Duncan and Darian, twins aged 30. The boys are all from her mother’s previous relationship with a human, making them ¾ Human and ¼ Argelian. Duncan and Darian both entered Star Fleet and serve on various outposts and ships through out their career. They often wrote to their sister about their experiences to prepare her for the Academy. Gage age 28; Gage is a Skald, or entertainer, on their home planet; he misses his sister (and her voice) and often sends her music to sing. Jonarian (Jon) age 26; Jon was always the adventuring one of the group; he is second in a trade ship company and as the sailor of old is known for having a woman in every port. One younger sister Noelle age 10 who lives at home with Tris’s mother and father and is currently learning to be a seamstress, she often sends slightly gaudy outfits to her sister that she claims are the latest fashions, Tris makes sure to wear them in public. (*At time of Graduation*)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early Life

Growing up on a planet where peace and pleasure are the only requirement was hardly something that prepared Tris for the real world. When she was 16 she went to visit her brothers on one of their Star Fleet posts. There she observed an unfortunate altercation between two men at the station. One of the men beat the other to unconsciousness and both ended up in the brig for their actions. Later when talking to her older brother Duncan about the incident he simply told her that things like that happened in life, being mostly human he was no longer bothered by such actions. Her second oldest brother Darian was more honest with her; he said that it was not her fault but rather the fault that they had grown up on Argelius, because of that she had, even at 16, and air about her that said she was willing and the men fought over who had the right to her. She went home that night and cried for hours in her mother’s lap. Her parents decided that before she went to the Academy she should see the universe, after she left the university on Argelius at age 18 she spent nearly 3 years on her youngest brother’s transport ship. Seeing the universe, the good, the bad, and the ugly, was something that gave her the backbone for Star Fleet and the attitude of “duty is duty, but all else is fun and games”.

Star Fleet Academy

Tris was an average student at the Academy in terms of academics. She made an effort in her classes only when necessary, relying on her natural curiosity in most subjects to get slightly above average grades. However she never learned to master the concept of studying and would instead be found anywhere on campus but the library. Even when she was reading a book she was more likely to be found shoeless and flopped in a grassy knoll somewhere. Her outgoing and flirtatious mannerisms caught the attention of several members of the Academy and she even had a short tryst with one of the instructors. With access to the many telescopes of the Academy and the astronomical data from around the universe Tris’s interest in actually going out ‘there’ grew. Her graduation ceremony was attended by two of her brothers and her parents. She counted it as the second greatest moment in her life, second only to her naming ceremony.

USS Nova, BB-106

Tris found her dream actually travelling the universe and studying the stars was a reality when she was assigned to the USS Nova. The Nova was the newest ship to be launched and was state of the art. This included an entire globe inside the ship for performing stellar research and stellar cartography. Tris was in her glory, at first. Finding the ship too large compared to what she was used to Tris was not unhappy, but she wasn’t having the time of her life.

For her first mission the Nova was sent to investigate an anomaly that occurred in Federation space. Once reaching the coordinates the Nova and her convoy was joined by the USS Philadelphia. Tris gladly accepted a transfer to the Philadelphia to join their Science team.

USS Philadelphia, FF-6053

Continuing with the mission as part of the Nova’s flotilla, and under the command of the newly minted ‘Captain’ Yvette, Tris served on the bridge at the science station while probes explored the new ‘space’ that had been unexpectedly transferred from an alternate universe.

In this new space they encountered the Gondwanans, a group of life forms resembling giant Earth arthropods. While their appearance genuinely disturbed Tris she jumped at the chance to make first contact and tour the species’ main ship. There she met an interesting member of the away team, a half-Vulcan and half-Betazoid security officer. Their initial meeting was interesting and sparked the promise of more to come between the two.

First Contact with this new species and other species that co-inhabitated their ships lead to a bit of a disaster. The Nova was hit by a beam from one of the stations orbiting New Gondwana and the ship lost all electronic systems, effectively rendering her a floating shell in space. From the Gondwanan ship Tris helped to coordinate the joint efforts to evacuate Star Fleet personnel. Upon returning to the Philly Tris and the rest of the away team was given a 12-hour respite before continuing with the mission. Tris used this time to solidify her new relationship with Tourock Sothrick, who turned out to be hiding much behind his Vulcan façade.

Returning to the mission Tris was placed on the away team that would exit the Philadelphia once it landed on the island inhabited by the Gondwanans dubbed “Neos”. Once there she would be part of a team that would work to discover the cause of the Gondwanan disease or mutation that was resulting in the Neos. Landing a whole starship, granted it is only a Frigate, was a feat that thrilled Tris and one that she watched with excitement. However the mission was less than thrilling. Soon after arrival the members of the away team realized that they Neos were the result of deliberate genetic tampering and there was nothing Star Fleet could do to ‘repair’ them. Star Fleet could not do anything not because there was nothing to do, but because they were asked to remove themselves from the planet and Gondwanan space.

It turned out that their leaving was actually rather timely, for soon after the space that had been displaced from its original universe disappeared. Once can only hope that they returned to their original home universe and are not still travelling through parallel universe. Reports then showed that the world in this universe-contemporary space was inhabited by a species similar to the Gondwanans, though less technologically advanced.

After returning from the mission Tris was given shore leave. During a ceremony on Star Base Delta she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and asked to take the Chief Science Officer position as Lt Gagarin was moving on to a move research involved position. Humbly (for Tris) accepting the promotion in rank and title she congratulated the other members of her ship and fleet who received other well deserved recognitions. That day she also received the Star Fleet Achievement Medal for her work on the mission. Shore leave, however, would be cut short as the Philly was called to answer an emergency request for aid from the Carrayan government.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astronomy is her first love and her area of Study at the Academy.
Academy Minor(s): She also took whatever classes she could in the Academy that interested her and is fascinated by the many nuances of astrology and Old Earth Religions
Hobbies and Pastimes: Everything and anything, Tris will often try something twice before giving it up. She will also begin many projects and then abandon them halfway through. She has tried painting, drawing, crocheting, ice skating, scuba diving, archery, sword play, horseback riding, gambling and many other past times. One of her favorite past times is to visit the holodeck and play random programs.
Short-Term Goals: One of Tris’s goals is to be at her brother’s performance in a year for their cousin’s naming ceremony. Each Argelian has a naming ceremony at age 16 before entering university where they choose their surname.
Long-Term Goals: Hoping to follow in her older brother’s footsteps she intends to make Star Fleet her career. She also wishes to at some point find someone to have children with and who is willing to raise them on Argelius while she is on duty with Star Fleet
Personality: Tris learned early on that if you are quite and observe you often see what others miss. She is quite when you first meet her and reserved on duty. Off-duty however is a completely different story when she is with people she knows. When out with friends, even in public, she can be as zany and crazy as anyone in a loony bin. Her outrageous out fits often lend to this idea of her having a few screws loose. She is all about having fun and having a good time; if you are frowning she’s trying to think up ways to turn it into a smile. She will try anything twice and won’t temper her opinion about it. She says life it too short to lie about something. Most think that because she is an Argelian she is peaceful and can be stepped on, especially since she’s quiet at first, they often pay for their misconception.
Sense of Humor: Anytime that she can laugh Tris does. She thinks laughter is one of the ways in which you discover what a person is like. The best thing it to laugh until it hurts
Phobias: Bugs, Tris abhors bugs. She thinks they are necessary evils like spiders and centipedes or earthworms, but they leave her feeling itchy. Good thing holodeck gardens don’t have them, unless you ask.
Likes: A good meal with good friends and maybe some games after is always in the back of Tris’s mind. She wants to have fun and that spurs on many of her ideas of what to do. If she can cook, she is well willing do so. And top of the list, looking at the stars for the sake of their own natural beauty, never mind the goings on inside…it’s the beauty that the will gaze at for hours. Her particular favorites are the Orion Nebula, Albireo and Sirius A and B; often while accompanied by musical arraignments.
Dislikes: Tris really dislikes bugs, anything creepy, crawly or that bites. She also dislikes the idea that people expect her to act a certain way or think a certain way because of where she is from. She looks at people as individuals and gets to know them but wishes people would do the same for her. She finds it annoying when some people think they are better than others because of the way they were raised.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Irregular jingling bothers Tris…if it’s not musical or sounds like bells then it need not occur. She also gets annoyed when people fidget enough that tables shake or benches bounce. She has to listen to the ocean to fall asleep.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tris is always cracking something, from her neck to her toes there is something that pops or crackles. She also chews on her lower lip when she is nervous or is thinking.
Achievements: In grade school she was selected to sing the welcome song at a meeting between a representative of the Federation and the head of Argelian government. Her mother allowed her to bake the cake for her aunt’s birthing ceremony, one of the most joyous occasions for an Argelian.
Disappointments: She was disappointed that not matter how hard she tried she was left behind when her two older brothers left for Star Fleet. She had skipped 3 grades but was still too young.
Illnesses: Aside from the common viruses that are still allowed to run their proper course Tris is usually in perfect health. She did have an extended case of blue pox which forced her to remain under medical care for a month; occasionally she will still have flares of joint pain because of this, but ignores it.
Strengths: Never particularly good at the more strenuously physical activities she is good at archery. She does train to keep in shape but doesn’t excel at it. Learning is her biggest strengths; she easily succeeds at hard subjects where others have to study, when she wants to.
Weaknesses: Her weakness is getting bored. As soon as something bores her she wants to move on to the next task. Often she must remind herself that you must go one step at a time and not skip a head to get to the ‘fun stuff’.
Fears: Coming from a society which is very much involved with each other Tris is afraid of being alone. She is afraid of being completely abandoned. She is used to the framework of a society of having people around who are involved with you or you with them. Argelians share everything and often think of things in terms of belonging to the community rather than the individual, the only private spaces are personal quarters. Without that community Tris feels lost and often as a child woke with nightmares about being left behind. Solitude is fine when you choose it but she fears being unable to share life with others.
Prejudices: Tris doesn’t like people who never smile or have a good time. If you are a workaholic and frown on others having a laugh then Tris will frown on you.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: As with her hairstyles, off-duty clothing is something of an art. Never sticking with one particular culture’s tastes she wears what looks good, is comfortable or practical; depending on the situation. Anything from a replicated Old Earth Greek costume to the latest Argelian Garden outfit.
Distinguishing Features: Most often when and if she is noticed it is from her height, as by many standards she is considered below average height. As often as is possible she wears shoes that make up for the lack in verticality. Off-duty she is known for often wearing outlandish clothing.
Friends: Her best friends are her brothers. They have shared almost everything in life and were always found together. A week does not go by when she doesn’t hear from at least one of them.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most painful experience in Tris’s life was to realize that the outside world was not nearly as peaceful and hedonistic as her home world of Argelius II. This happened when she witnessed a violent fight between two men which was over her perceived affections.
Best Time: Growing up she had the most wonderful childhood, every pursuit she tried was encouraged by her mother and her brothers. He brothers teased her but were also her best friends and no matter what were always there and still are.
Most Crucial Experience: For three years she traveled with her brother on one of his trade ships and saw the universe. She was exposed to different cultures, foods, ways of life, religions, clothing and even war, disease and famine. These three years prepared her for Star Fleet in a way that her life on Argelius never could.
Role Model: She wants to be like her older brothers. Both are diligent in their duties to Star Fleet and are well on their way to being officers. They are beautiful, unique, compassionate, and strict and everything else that she wants to be. To Tris they embody all it is to be a member of Star Fleet.

Career History

Stardate 21003.25 - Graduated, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21003.25 - Promoted to Midshipman and Assigned, USS Nova, BB-106
Stardate 21005.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month Award, USS Nova, BB-106
Stardate 21007.03 - Assigned as Science Officer, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21007.13 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.03 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.07 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.07 - Assigned as Chief Science Officer, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21201.30 - Assigned as Chief Science Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375

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