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Grix Haka-ard
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Mostly steel blue feathers with some brown and white in patterns
Head feathers are sleek except for large tufts above each eye. No crest.
Very thin, except for hugely developed upper torso; bony, minimal body fat
Pale yellow-orange beak with black tip; pale bluish skin where visible
Facial Hair:
Neck feathers are long and project over uniform collar, sometimes covering his rank pip
Deeper and more mellow than typical for Aurelians, though this may slip when stressed
Caltho-Haka-Shaak estate near Sapphire City, Gahaarn. Gahaarn-Althaarn, a binary planet colonized by Aurelia in the early 24th Century (starmap L13, near the Klingon border), are Aurelia's only colonies.
Familial Relationships
George Lalam
Status of Parents:
Three sisters--Pah'tora (37), Nela (32), Lalam (19, considered "jr." in Aurelian matriarchal society)
Marital Status:

Personal History

His extended family has a long and deep involvement with Aurelian and Federation politics. A century ago, when the M-class binary planets Gahaarn-Althaarn were discovered and Aurelia petitioned the Federation to allow Aurelia to colonize them (they had the Aurelian ideal of low gravity and dense atmospheres), the ruling junta manipulated the Caltho-Haka-Shaak junta into becoming the governing authorities of the colony, mainly to push them off Aurelia and decrease their political influence. However, as the colonies prospered, it was the old junta that found itself losing position. Gahaarn-Althaarn is still considered a colony and appendage of Aurelia, but has gained dominance in political circles over the homeworld, despite them collectively being referred to as "Aurelia".

Grix was raised with the expectation of becoming a civilian diplomat. However, when his two uncles, Pah'dit and Kallit, both serving in Star Fleet, returned for a visit during the colony's 100th anniversary, Grix discovered that he had possibilities other than diplomacy, and decided to follow after his Uncle Kallit, an Engineer.

The family matriarch, his (great-great-great) Grandmother Klinatil, objected, although allowing that Star Fleet service in another branch could be good for his future. She became even more obstinate in her refusal when Kallit was reported missing in action when Grix was 28.

When Grix entered Star Fleet, he declared his major as Security, obeying his Grandmother's demands, but soon entered into discussions with the Commandant about pursuing a career in Engineering. Under other circumstances it would not have been a problem, but Grix was still a minor by Aurelian standards, and the political realities of going against his Grandmother's wishes had to be taken into account. After Grix maintained high grades for the first three quarters (and after discussions with Grix's father Tokka, who was an FNS journalist, and his Uncle Pah'dit, a Star Fleet surgeon), the Commandant decided to allow him to begin carrying a double class load, beginning in his second year, with make-up classes in Engineering, for as long as he could maintain acceptable grades in both tracks.

He was able to succeed in both areas of study, quietly changing his official occupational speciality to Engineering during his last semester, and graduated in the top third of his class in both categories.

His Grandmother was furious when she learned of the deception, but as Grix had legally become an adult, and with his father threatening to use his journalistic position against her if she took action against either Grix or the Academy, there was nothing she could do, for the time being.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Dual studies--Star Fleet Security Practices/Starship Engineering w/propulsion systems emphasis.

Academy Minors: none
Academy Minor(s): None
Hobbies and Pastimes: Tinkering with, modifying and improving small equipment; also enjoys holodeck piloting simulations in his free time
Short-Term Goals: Training and promotion to Quantum Slipstream Specialist
Long-Term Goals: Outliving his grandmother, which would open up many options
Personality: Excitable, intense, but capable of being calm, serious, and dignified if absolutely necessary.
Sense of Humor: Loves stupid jokes
Phobias: Mildly claustrophobic
Likes: Talking with friends, especially about the latest technologies or crazy theories
Dislikes: Political discussions
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who recognize his family name from politics and try to get close to him on that basis
Bad Habits or Vices: Has an unfortunate tendency to be late
Achievements: During his 3rd and 4th Academy years, he was allowed access to documents his Uncle Kallit had written not longer before his disappearance, about an advanced replication-alternative technology. From those documents, Grix was able to author a paper describing the theoretical requirements to make the described technology possible. The paper received a great deal of positive interest from his instructors and others who had knowledge of it. The paper itself was classified after completion, and Grix has been instructed not to speak of it to anyone below the rank of lieutenant commander.
Disappointments: that most of his family does not support his service and interests.
Illnesses: A neurological abnormality that could affect his coordination later in life. It was discovered in his 2nd Academy year and is being monitored.
Strengths: The ability to work under pressure he developed at the Academy.
Weaknesses: Aurelians have a rapid metabolism and need to eat and drink frequently.
Fears: Loss of control of his life. He's been fighting against that for most of his life, and his current measure of freedom has been gained only through the help of many others
Prejudices: Irrational dislike of felines and felinoids, including Caitians and Mirak. He consciously works on this, and is aware of the cliche.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: generally wears clothing around humans, typically a kendo-type skirt of dark gray or black, covering from waist to ankles, bare upper body, bare feet or sandal-type footwear. (On duty, wears full uniforms with minimal adaptations for his species, including boots.)
Distinguishing Features: Hawk-like breed of Aurelian. One the one hand, his diplomatic training as a youth taught him to slow things down and behave calmly around other species. On the other, he has lived a fast-paced, intense life that has made him driven and passionate. He tends to switch without warning. His vision is exceptionally good, typical of his species, but he has poor close-up vision (less than 1 meter) for which he wears lenses that attach to his beak. (Treatment would come at the expense of his distance vision.) These lenses do occasionally fall or get knocked off, so he carries several spares. Wears gel-caps on his finger talons--some people say the clicking of his claws on the control interfaces drives them crazy.
Pets: None
Friends: Has a number of people he considers friends but no "best" friend; especially during his Academy years, his heavy classload kept him from developing many strong social ties.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Disappearance of his Uncle Kallit (missing as of 2415, officially presumed as of 2419. Digging by his family elders uncovered he was chief engineer of an experimental starship that disappeared with all hands.)
Best Time: 2nd year at the Academy, when he began studying Engineering.
Most Crucial Experience: Meeting his two uncles (who returned home for the 100th anniversary of the colony), and learning that both they and his father successfully resisted their Grandmother's control over their lives.
Role Model: his uncle, Lt. Cmdr. Kallit Haka-ard.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event

Contact Information

E-Mail: ichako@sisna.com

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