Dax (symbiont)

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The Dax symbiont

Dax is a Trill symbiont, a symbiotic lifeform that existed with the humanoid Trill as a joined species.

They were born on Trill in 2018.

Each joining of Dax with a host created a new, unique individual, but each individual also carried the memories of the previous hosts.

Dax first served as a "field teacher" to Trill initiates in 2170.

  • Over the next two hundred years, Dax became infamous for recommending the rejection of fifty-seven candidates for joining through the program.

Dax held numerous positions of distinction throughout their many lives, including head of the Trill Symbiosis Commission, the leader of the Trill government, Federation ambassador, and two careers in Starfleet.

By 2374, Dax had been married six times: twice as a groom, four times as a bride.

Dax had a total of nine children – five as a mother, and four as a father.

As of 2375, the Dax symbiont had been joined to nine official hosts, starting with Lela Dax in 2168, through to its latest-known host, Ezri.