Weist, Howard

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Howard Weist
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Biographical Attributes
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
85 kg (187 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light, mousey brown with flecks of grey throughout
Short, neat, slight natural wave
Reasonably fit, toned but not overly muscular
Caucasian, coloured only by outdoor activity and sun. Not many wrinkled per say but starting to give away his age.
Best way to describe it would be mellow, the sort of voice that would be soothing for a small child, but hold authority for an adult when needed.
United Federation of Planets
Melbourne, Australia, Earth
Familial Relationships
Graham Weist
Annabelle Weist
Status of Parents:
Mother Deceased. Father retired, living on Earth
Jennifer, 35. Christopher, 30
Marital Status:
Married – Christine Weist

Personal History

Howard grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne, the oldest of three children. His father was in construction and at an early age Howard would find himself helping out occasionally and building of fixing things.

The fascination grew as he did, always having some project on the go, and usually an unfinished one at that. His parents used to be driven mad by bits and pieces of various objects over the floor of his room and also in the outside workshop.

Howard wasn’t at the top of his class and didn’t get the grades he needed in school to further his education. And he didn’t want to join his father in construction; he was after something a little different. He and best friend Robert enlisted in Star Fleet together, both choosing Engineering.

They have served on several posts together and have kept in contact since school. That was about 22 years ago.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): N/A
Academy Minor(s): N/A
Hobbies and Pastimes: Tinkering. Howard usually spends his time off fixing things or breaking things to understand how they work. He also enjoys quiet nights at home, playing games with his three children
Short-Term Goals: To ensure that each of his students pass. To date, Howard has no failures and this is a goal that he intends to keep for the duration of his time at the Academy
Long-Term Goals: Howard is a family man. Long term he hopes that he can be the best father he could possibly be. The Academy allows him a great work/life balance not having to take the family to deep space and make them live on a Starship. Retirement to a large country house
Personality: Howard is easy to get along with. He’s helpful and will go out of his way to ensure that people get along. He’s not a pushover though. Being someone who has always worked hard, and especially having been in Star Fleet for 22 years, he knows how to get things done and how to get people to do them
Sense of Humor: Dry. People often have to question whether Howard was actually being serious or not
Phobias: Spiders. Big hairy spiders
Likes: Camping, spending time with his family, sipping a nice aged Port, reminiscing on past times
Dislikes: Commissioned officers who think they are above everyone else. Stepping on his kids toys in the dark that have been left out
Pet Peeves or Gripes: When he tells his CO that the job will take three hours and it’s automatically assumed it can be done in half the time. Do these people want quality work or not?
Achievements: Every student he works with he sees as an achievement; one new member to join Star Fleet and start living out their dream. This is what makes work worthwhile
Disappointments: Occasionally regrets not getting the grades to attend the Academy himself. He sees the thrill that his students get from it and wishes he could have experienced it personally
Illnesses: None of a serious nature to date
Strengths: Integrity. Howard is a man of his word. If he says something will get done, it will
Weaknesses: Sometime bites off more than he can chew. He’s known to have many projects on the go at one time. His wife is constantly trying to get him to focus on one thing at a time
Fears: Small spaces, which is a real problem while crawling around service corridors and Jeffries Tubes on a starship
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and a T or polo shirt with comfortable runners
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: Charlie, a long haired golden retriever
Friends: Robert Henries. They originally met at school and following enlisted in Star Fleet together

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The loss of his mother. Howard was always a mummy’s boy and not having her to see his children grow up hurts often
Best Time: The birth of his children, a truly breathtaking experience
Most Crucial Experience: The graduation of his first student. It sounds insignificant but it was at that time Howard realised that he could shape these young people and thus have a hand in shaping the future of Star Fleet
Role Model: Montgomery Scott. He set the bar for Engineers and Howard tries his best to live up to the expectations

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