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Trill (also called Trillius Prime), homeworld to the Trill people, is an planet in the Alpha Quadrant. It has a population of roughly 650 million Trill, and 11 million Symbionts.

Trill from orbit
Capital city of Mak'ala
World map of Trill

This is the homeworld to two sentient species, who share a symbiotic relationship. The Trill, a warp-capable humanoid species, and the Symbionts, who are non-humanoid.


It is governed by the Trillian government, which enforces Trill law. The capital city of Trill is Mak'ala (pictured bottom-right). As of 2370, the planet was populated by 650 million Trill and 11 million Symbionts, though the existence of Symbionts was not widely known prior to 2367. Admitted into the Federation in 2285, the Trill were very private about the existence of the Symbionts, as well as their relationship with them.


Trill had multiple oceans, which had a purple tint when viewed from space. Symbionts typically lived underground, whereas the humanoids lived top-ground, on the surface. Private about their history, it has been said that "an environmental disaster" led the two species to begin integrating with each other. "The north of Trill" was the birthplace of the simpler-looking Trill, whereas the planet's southern hemisphere was where the more elaborate physical design, involving spots, originated.

Popular tourist attractions on Trill included the Teneran Ice Cliffs in the southern hemisphere, and the caves of Mak'ala, near the capitol city. "The Interplanetary Bar and Grill" was a restaurant that served foods from hundreds of worlds. The Selipsis is identified as Trill's largest and oldest beach resort.


Trill's first contact was in the early 21st century, when a Vulcan ship landed, proposing friendship and cultural information exchange. Trill society was deeply divided by this development, with many fearing that the outsiders represented a threat to the Symbionts. The ruling council eventually allowed for limited contact with Vulcans, but no other alien races. This first contact also led to increased security, and secrecy regarding the Symbionts. The planet joined the United Federation of Planets some time around the early 23rd century

In the 21st century, Trill was governed by a ruling council, composed solely of joined Trills. By the 24th century, Trill government was run by both a President and a Senate.

Trill Science Ministry

An educational institute, it is one of the premiere institutes of science in the Federation, on par with the Vulcan Science Academy.

In the 2370s, the Ministry was a leader in the field of spatial and subspace anomalies, particularly the study of wormholes.