Suspiria's array

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USS Voyager next to the array

Suspiria's array was a large space station in the Delta Quadrant.
Built by the Nacene, and powered by a tetryon reactor, the array served as a location from which the Ocampa could be protected and their needs served.

In 2372, Voyager found the Caretaker's mate, "Suspiria," and a similar array, and several hundred Ocampa living aboard. The residents of the array, with the help of Suspiria, had developed heightened mental powers and extended their short lifespans. The Ocampan leader helped Kes develop her own powers, while also leading Voyager into a trap. This was so that the ship could be destroyed, as revenge for what the Caretaker's mate, Suspiria, believed to be their role in the Caretaker's death.

After confronting and defeating Suspiria, she retreated into her home dimension, and Voyager (along with Kes) left the array behind and continued on with their journey.