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Nathan Ramius
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 2
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Nathan Ramius
Eye Color:
Aegean blue with an indigo ring around pupil
Hair Color:
Maple syrup
Tapered short cut with temple fade
Muscular, fit; classic inverted triangle.
Fair with light tan
Facial Hair:
Well-trimmed, stylized beard
Resonant and reassuring
Cambridge, Massachusetts
(N/A) 10.10
Familial Relationships
Dr. Aleksandr Ramius
Dr. Caitlin Morrison-Ramius
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early Childhood

Born on October 10th in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nathan was a surprise to both of his parents who had not planned to have any children. Both his mother and father were extremely involved in their respective fields, and had immigrated to Massachusetts when offered to head their own Department of studies in Machine Learning and Andronics. Balancing work and a newborn was precarious at times, but both Caitlin and Aleksandr made it work with what their work colleagues would call a “coolheaded finesse”.

As a child, Nathan was a problem solver much like his parents: disciplined and intensely focused on whatever project or activity he participated in. He loved puzzles of all sorts, and even excelled at playing musical instruments. Seeing so much of themselves in their child, both decided to send him to the International School of Boston, a private school. As time went on, they saw Nathan grow to become a motivated, resourceful, and mature youth. Yet his social skills were lacking in that he was too self-sufficient and rarely sought out relationships with others, instead preferring to work on his own. Caitlin eventually convinced her husband that it would be best for Nathan to go to a much larger and diverse school. At Graham and Parks School, Nathan found himself somewhat nervous and shy despite his previous self-assuredness. On the second week of classes in Grade 5, a honey brown haired girl worked up the courage to speak to the smartest kid in the class – Ada Miller introduced herself to Nathan. Nathan’s confidence and eloquence seeped out from beneath the shell he hid himself in, and the two became fast friends. Soon, Ada’s adventurous and personable spirit enriched Nathan while he taught her poise and coolheaded thoughtfulness.

Junior High and Adolescence: As the years progressed, the two best friends excelled in their academics and competed to get the highest grades in their courses. It was hard sometimes, as other students disliked their zeal when it came to school work, but that helped Nathan and Ada to bond even more. When Ada started dating, so did Nathan, though those other relationships were hard to maintain when they spent so much time and energy together; often their “dates” would be jealous. This culminated in one particular incident where Ada’s boyfriend of the time shoved her during an argument. Nathan’s response was immediate, and the other teen found himself on the ground, dazed and bewildered. The result was a short school suspension, but the impact was immediate on Nathan and created a cognitive dissonance in him: he knew violence should only be a last resort, but intervening to defend his friend felt ‘right’. It took time for Ada to understand and forgive Nathan for his actions, chiding him that she could very well handle herself. He immediately apologized to her, and explained that he felt an underlying need, or duty, to protect others. It wasn’t that he thought she couldn’t protect herself, but his natural instinct was to take strong action. When Ada jokingly said that he should join Security in Star Fleet, he agreed and sent in his application the next day.

Starfleet Academy: At the Academy, Nathan focused on double majors with honors in Security and Tactics, entrenching his newfound desire to protect. He balanced this by taking legal courses and focused in negotiation and mediation so that he could have multiple options to de-escalate situations before having to resort to coercive measures. After enjoying his legal courses so much, Nathan continued on with a minor in Diplomacy to further enhance the strengths he had gained, and give him even more latitude to problem solve tricky scenarios.

During a combat training session by visiting Klingon Instructors, he found himself enamoured with Klingon combat prowess. Nathan worked hard to combine their lethal style into a less lethal, but more forceful martial art focused on disabling and disarming opponents. It also spurred focus on his own strength, agility, and endurance, leading him to create his own personal training programme. In his final year at the Academy, during a leadership test (a variation of the Kobiyashi Maru), Nathan showed a stoic and self-sacrificing style when he lead a volunteer boarding party aboard a Romulan Star Empire Warbird to buy more time for the rescue. While not a win, as the Kobiyashi Maru and USS Beckett were eventually destroyed by waves of Warbirds, the Instructors noted that it was the longest simulation and only time an enemy vessel had been seized in during such tests. It was also noted, that he violated Starfleet Code Section 12, Paragraph 4, that a Captain should not personally lead an away team, especially when General Quarters or Battle Stations have been called.

As his final days at the Academy drew near, Nathan spent a lot of time wandering the grounds, spending time in the Gardens and the Auditorium - as well as helping friends he had made finish their own studying. During one particular party, he realized that his mood was melancholy - the Academy had been some of the best years of his life, and many of his peers he would not see for some time, their assignments taking them far and wide. With that in mind he focused on turning that negative energy into a positive; he volunteered his last few weeks to be a High School Liason - to introduce interested students to the Academy, show them the grounds, and give them an idea of the day-to-day life. Watching their enthusiasm and adventurous energy reinvigorated Nathan, and he understood then, that the first chapter of a second book only comes after the last chapter in the first book.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Law, Diplomacy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Nathan can often be found with puzzles of all types; crosswords, Sudoku, cryptograms, and brain teasers. He also is very keen on keeping in-shape, and his workouts are intense, often utilizing the Holodeck to keep up with his “Klingon Calisthenics”. Lastly, he plays the Cello, and can be found practising when he is stuck on a problem.
Short-Term Goals: Nathan currently composing his first original cello piece for performance. He is also working on a degree, through distance learning, in Psychology.
Long-Term Goals: Within the next few years or so, Nathan would like to start a business, perhaps in research and development. While he wouldn't have the time to personally take care of it, he has some friends from High School that could manage the company. Later in life, of course, he is considering starting a family.
Personality: With colleagues and friends he is warm, easy going, and self-assured; Nathan is personable yet reliable and can be an anchor for those who need it, and an energetic adventurer for others. Professionally he is polite, calm, and courteous, with an assertiveness that can change to commanding and authoritative in an instant.
Sense of Humor: Witty, dry, and satirical forms of humor amuse Nathan, though he doesn’t find himself funny.
Phobias: While Nathan has no real phobias, deep water does disturb him a fair bit (like what exactly is beneath you when you swim on the surface??)
Likes: Exotic foods, including ones that some may see as aesthetically disgusting; he finds adventure in trying new cuisine. Hiking and camping. Music. Art, particularly portraiture. Physical recreation and training.
Dislikes: Public relationship arguments – it reminds him of his incident in High School; non-constructive criticism.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Impoliteness and incivility.
Bad Habits or Vices: Nathan frequently cracks his neck, a habit that he has been unable to shake despite his normal discipline.
Achievements: Co-Valedictorian of his High School graduating class; Cadet of the Year in his 3rd year of study at Star Fleet.
Disappointments: Somewhere at the back of Nathan’s brain, a hesitation or hint of disappointment in himself lingers. Part of him wonders why he never decided to be an engineer like his parents, or even a doctor or lawyer, considering his love for problem solving. He also worries about how his parents feel about him not following in their footsteps – they have said time and time again that they are proud of him and that “the uniform suits you, Nathan”. Yet since he has joined Star Fleet, his parents have shared less and less of their work and ideas with him.
Illnesses: Other than childhood illnesses, the only thing health-wise has been numerous injuries including a major injury – an ACL tear and broken femur in his left leg from training. While he has recovered fully, he still “feels” aches in that leg.
Strengths: Disciplined, personable, intelligent, relentless.
Weaknesses: Sometimes too focused and tunnel-visions when solving problems. His relentlessness can cause friction with others. His self-sufficiency can lead him to ignore offers of help, and sometimes hampers teamwork.
Fears: Being unable to speak or otherwise paralyzed.
Prejudices: Nathan suppresses his prejudices for Ferengi as much as possible, but sometimes he becomes curt during his interactions with them, even those in Star Fleet uniform. He finds their Rules of Acquisition and greed distasteful, and their treatment of women abhorrent.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Causal dress for Nathan is often a shirt with a faux-leather jacket and jeans. Trendy or Business casual he usually wears a pair of dark jeans, button-up and sports jacket. Formal is a full suit with vest and stylish shoes that compliments the color of his attire (dark blues, dark greys).
Distinguishing Features: A well-trimmed clean beard, which Nathan takes pride in keeping conditioned and soft.
Pets: Churchill, an English Mastiff who lives with his parents. While technically not Nathan’s pet (that would be his mother’s), he would argue Churchill likes him the most.
Friends: Ada Miller is Nathan’s closest friend, ally, and confidant. In all ways except by blood, she is his sister and him her brother. The two grew up in Cambridge together and followed each other everywhere they went – even to the same schools. During holiday seasons, both the Miller’s and the Ramius’ were forced to ensure they had different days for celebrating, as Nathan would visit the Miller’s, and Ada the Ramius’. While life has taken Ada and Nathan on their separate paths with Star Fleet, they still correspond and visit whenever they can.
Referrer: Returning Player

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: While growing up, particularly in early childhood before he met Ada, Nathan found himself shunned socially. Children often would think he was weird, and teased him frequently. This has lead Nathan to be slightly anxious in some large social situations, like parties. Normally, his rational brain is able to get past the anxiety and he maintains his usual demeanor of self-assuredness. However, he has on occasion felt out of place with some people and groups, resorting to becoming more insular than usual. The teasing and shunning has had a lasting impact on Nathan, and it is something he has to exert a significant amount of energy to get past sometimes.
Best Time: Travelling and exploring every continent on Earth with Ada. As part of a graduation gift, their families helped them make a ‘round-the-world’ trip, including to Antarctica. The experiences and memory-making that happened showed Nathan that while work was important, so was exploring and enjoying life.
Most Crucial Experience: During his suspension from school in his senior year, Nathan spent a great deal of time trying to come to terms with his actions. He had reacted violently in a situation where it could still have been resolved without coercion. Yet, it was compelling to him that he should defend his friend and guard his lifelong ally by any means – who would stand by and allow their best friend to be ‘beat-up’? What about justice for her boyfriend’s assault? His ruminations lead him to the person he is today, that proportionality is vital in responses to anything in life, as well as respect for others. The experience engrained in him a strong sense of justice and fairness.
Role Model: Bartha Kha, a fitness guru from Alteiquia Prime that focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Bartha’s philosophy is one of balance and a focus on living life to its fullest; respecting the lives, ambitions, and beliefs of others; limiting negative impacts on other peoples, the environment, and cultures; cleansing oneself of negativity.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 241810.28 Graduate  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241810.28 Midshipman  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241901.01 Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241901.01 Ensign  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241901.01 Journal of Research Winner  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241901.01 The Ministry of Justice Citation of Valor  
Security Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241902.01 Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Transferred
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241906.01 Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241908.01 Lieutenant  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241912.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242003.01 Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242004.01 Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe  
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
  Star Fleet Achievement Medal 2
  Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
  Role Player of the Month 4
  The Ministry of Justice Citation of Valor 1

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