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Karina Ptaka
Career Occupation
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.)
77.1 kg (170 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shoulder Length
Athletic but curvaceous
A warm but slightly husky voice.
‘Hommey veng’ (Bones City, Carraya IV)
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Alive and living on Carraya
Swaveck (Deceased)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Childhood and Adolescence: Stardate 17518- 18717

On Stardate 17518.04 Karina was born in a working class suburb of Hommey veng, the capital city of Carraya IV. Her parents are Valerian economic migrants who originally were employed as construction consultants by the Carrayan government and elected to remain.

During her childhood Karina developed several issues resulting from being a Valerian amongst the Humans, Romulans, and Klingons that comprise the majority of the Carrayan population. When very young Karina’s naturally short and stocky build and the pragmatic and the methodical nature of her thinking cause her to be regarded as ‘that slow ugly girl’ and excluded from the society of the popular children. She struggled in her early schooling, as both an outcast, and someone who found it hard to grasp what was being taught to her. She shed many tears of frustration during this period, but was helped through it all by the love and support of her family. As she grew older Karina became successful academically. From her parents she learnt the value of honest hard work and she found that although new concepts were difficult to grasp, she rarely needed to learn something twice. Her careful and methodical practices paid dividends as her knowledge and experience built. Neither Karina nor her peers ever regarded her as a brilliant student; but she did become as a superior student.

Socially, Karina’s early status as an outcast was further reinforced when her love of ice dance led her to trial for a youth team. Although technically brilliant, she is rejected on the basis that she will never be beautiful enough for that elegant sport. This cruel decision was devastating for Karina. Only the strength of her relationship with her family and her own naturally friendly and hospitable nature prevented her from becoming totally withdrawn. Although she will later grow into a very beautiful young woman indeed; it will be decades before Karina herself finally believes that the ugly duckling had become a swan after all.

Her lack of confidence in her appearance causes Karina to discard vanity entirely and lean towards tomboyish behaviour. She redirects her skill towards ice hockey where she later became a popular and valued team member. Ultimately she was made captain, and in a clear demonstration of her emerging leadership potential, led the team to championship success.

Teenage years: Stardate 18718- 18917

At fourteen Karina intervened when a Klingon bully began to harass one on of her team members. Largely as a result of her Valerian strength and endurance and the combat skills taught to her by her father she prevailed in the resulting street-fight. As a result she then found herself in the difficult position of having offended the local warrior society's honour. Seeking to humiliate and intimidate her youths from the society challenge her to undergo Klingon warrior training. Never being one to back down from a trial of strength and skill, Karina accepts. After some objection to her membership the elders of the society realize that they are left with no choice but to allow it under Carrayan racial integration laws. In the months that follow Karina neither backs down nor fails despite the resistance of others in the society, in the end her dedication and determination won over the hearts of her fellow society members. She became the only Valerian and one of a very small number of non Klingon’s to be accepted as a warrior in recognition of her extremely unusual and brave achievement.

Cadet and Crisis: Stardate 18918 – 19307

Encouraged by her society Karina becomes an officer cadet and then followed this by joining the Carrayan Officer Training Corps at the age of 18.

During her years as a cadet the 'Possession Crisis’ takes place from 19401 to 19412. In this year a self aware machine entity threatened to enslave the populace of Carraya. The machine, utilising a nanotechnology not dissimilar to that of the Borg, enslaved Carrayan citizens and kidnapped them to act as crew upon a Cardassian dreadnought that it had also ‘possessed’. Martial law was declared and the Carrayan government initiated a widespread and successful campaign against the possessed 'mind slaves' of this self aware machine entity. The entity itself is destroyed by a Federation covert operation.

Karina graduated at the top of her class four years later and was immediately offered a place in the mainly Klingon Carrayan Presidential guard.

Officer and Guardsman: Stardate 19709.01 - 20208.30

After a short leave Karina joined the Carrayan Guard this proves to be the beginning of a meteoric rise through the ranks. Despite their occasional ceremonial duties the Guard are the Elite fighting unit of Carraya and Karina sees a great deal of action against Carraya’s enemies. These actions include several successful campaigns against Acamarian pirates. Also during this time Karina serves for a period in the president’s personal guard. An unusual young woman herself, Mirell Dukathien Morbeth is the only daughter of her Klingon general father and her Ullian mother Ariana who had preceded her as president. Mirell immediately empathises with her unusual officer and the two become firm friends; although to the young president’s chagrin Karina never entirely loses sight of Mirell’s position.

Sa': Stardate 20209.01 – 10401.16

On Stardate 20209.01 Mirell appointed Karina the head of Carrayan planetary security. This was partly a reflection of the trust and affection of the trust and friendship that had grown between them and partly a matter of political expedience. Being a Valerian Karina is not associated with any one of the three dominant species on Carraya IV.

At first she is mocked as a political puppet by the various factions with the exception of the Native Carrayan Klingons who regard her as a true warrior. With the assistance of her loyal guards and the President Karina performed brilliantly over the next two years. Eventually she earned the respect of the disparate factions in the Carrayan government and military.

Crisis finally arrives on Stardate 20311.30 when the Klingon Empire launched its long feared campaign to annex the independent Carrayan system. The native Carrayans fought bitterly against the overwhelming invading forces. This included the Klingon presidential guard who remain loyal to their unusual young Valerian commander rather than defect to the invaders as the Empire expected. It is then that her Imperial enemies name her ‘SuvwI’Grishna Qup' (young warrior tiger) out respect for the heavy price she inflicted upon their forces. Karina helps the Carrayan president to escape into exile, but remained behind herself to continue to coordinate a bitter resistance. Recognising that they cannot hope to end resistance on Carraya at large unless Karina is killed or captured; the Imperials leave no stone unturned until Karina was finally captured by treachery.

Prisoner: Stardate 20401.17 – 20407.17

Karina spends exactly 6 months in a Klingon prisoner of war camp. Here she is repeatedly tortured, but the Klingons find themselves unable to break her in the manner they desire despite inflicting terrible injuries upon her. Her captors choose not to allow her an honourable death in an attempt to humiliate her and diminish her reputation amongst the Carrayan people. Frustratingly for the imperials the story of her resistance achieved the opposite and eventually, in a deal rumoured to be brokered by the Carrayan President in exile the Klingon government opts to release her as part of a general prisoner exchange on Stardate 20407.17.

Exile and Rebirth: Stardate 20407.18 – 20903.31

As a reminder of her time in the prisoner of war camp and her own defeat; Karina elects not to allow the whip scars that cover her back to be healed using modern surgical techniques and endures a long period of natural healing which results in a mass of uncomfortable scar tissue.

Exiled form her home world and not a politician at heart, Karina is unwilling to be part of the Carrayan government in exile. Instead she decided to seek work within the Federation. She soon discovered that it was impossible to find employment appropriate to her skills as these positions are almost universally occupied either by Star Fleet personnel or natives from each member world.

Ever the pragmatist Karina applies for a position on a three year security conversion course at the Star Fleet Academy. She is accepted on Stardate 20409.01. As ever Karina performs well and her hard work and diligence eventually earns her graduation with honours at the end of the course on Stardate 20904.01.

Star Fleet chooses to honour both her experience and exception Academy performance by graduating her at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is an unusual as students normally graduate as midshipman. She is assigned to the position of COS of the USS Fargo FF-6156, a frigate patrolling the Klingon border. The frigate has a small crew and an even smaller security Department and it has been a long time since Karina has served at such a junior level. Nevertheless to be offered the position of COS on any ship upon graduating from the Academy is a great honour, and Karina is determined to make the most of it.

COS Enterprise: Stardate 20904.24 – 20905.01

Whilst waiting at Starbase 24 to rendezvous with the USS Fargo, it is Karina’s good fortune that the Federations flagship, the carrier USS Enterprise, docks to receive repairs and replacements. Karina is head hunted by Commander Sheppard the Enterprise’s newly promoted First Officer and asked to take over his former role as Chief of Security Enterprise serving under Admiral Mathew Thrawn. This is an unrivalled opportunity which Karina promptly accepts.

Her new position presented Karina with a considerable challenge. As a result of recent losses the Enterprises security department and its crew in general had received a large number of inexperienced replacements. There was also a shortage of seasoned officers as reflected by Karina’s own appointment. There was also the issue of attempting to build a working relationship with the Enterprises marine battalion and overcome a pre existing rivalry which existed between Marine and Security forces. Finally, Karina had just seven days to gain the confidence of her new command and transform it into a security department that would face with confidence the dangerous task of liberating Acamar from the Romulans.

Under normal circumstances Karina would have gradually integrated the crew over time, but time pressure called for drastic activity. Karina reformed all of the shifts in order to destroy as much of the pre existing groups and prejudice as possible. She also integrated the Marine Charlie Company as a training exercise in the hope that some of the existing rivalry could be defused. This was done with the acceptance of their commander who she appointed her Assistant Chief of Security. With the assistance of her shift leaders Karina then set up a gruelling series of exercises, challenges and competitions to encourage her new integrated security companies to forge a new identity and forget their internal differences. This was a daring strategy that to Karina’s surprise proved successful when her speech at a departmental conference on the last day of training elicited a standing ovation from her people.

The period was not without incident however as one of her shift leaders developed psychological problems. During a holodeck training bout that Karina had hoped would resolve their differences her whip scars from her time in the Klingon prisoner of war camp reopened in combat, weakening her considerably. The Vulcan then went on to beak Karina’s arm and then deliberately snap her fingers one at a time. This proved not be the only danger however. A relative of a Klingon who Karina had fought and killed in judicial combat whist leading the resistance to the imperials on Carraya had reprogrammed the holo suite in an attempt to kill her in revenge. Thankfully Karina was able to request an emergency medical transport which rescued both her and her deranged shift leader from certain death.

During her treatment for her injuries Karina decided that wearing her scars as a badge of honour was not sufficient cause to risk their reopening at a crucial moment again and allowed them to be healed. As a result only in a patina of very fine scar lines now remain on her back; which are very similar to those remaining from her other wounds. To her regret Karina is unable to rehabilitate the shift leader and is forced to suspend her. She then leads an internal investigation which successfully tracks down her would be assassin. The Klingon challenges her to honourable combat, but Karina remains true to her Star Fleet responsibilities and takes him into custody instead.

It is also during the time that Karina first met both her romantic partner Jessica Whyte and her friend and protégé Buck Wausau.

The Relief of Acamar: Stardate 20905.02 – 20905.15

During the planning for the relief of Acamar Karina becomes concerned at the reliability of their allies in the Acamarian resistance; many of whom were pirates and her former enemies. Because oh her ‘history’ her concerns are not addressed properly and a suspect Romulan shuttle is brought aboard and the mission goes ahead. These allies then chose to begin their assault before the Federation task force is fully assembled.

Forced to react by this sudden impetuosity the Enterprise is then ambushed by the Romulans who are driven away at some cost, including the total loss of several ships from the taskforce. Karina is present on the Enterprise’s bridge during this battle and she receives shrapnel wounds to her shoulder from an exploding console that will eventually earn Karina her first ‘purple heart’. It was also at this time that First Officer Sheppard recieved a greviouse wound that would render hin unfit for duty for many months to come.

Once the defending Romulan Star Ships are driven away the Enterprise makes ready to implement a number of assaults on the planetary surface. Due to the injury of the Enterprises First Officer she is asked to lead one of the assaults herself, something that she has done many times in Carrayan service. In this capacity she encounters once again the hostility of the Enterprises marine contingent towards herself and the security department. Despite Admiral Thrawn’s delegated authority their cooperation is begrudging at best and it was perhaps just as well that in the end the assault never took place.

The reason the assaults did not take place were two fold. First came in the appearance of a Tholian fleet which had apparently entered into a diplomatic agreement with the Acamarian resistance. The second came when the Acamarians declared independence. They punctuated their declaration by detonating the Romulan shuttle which Karina had been reluctant to bring aboard the Enterprise. The Tholians were unwilling to enter into combat with the Romulan Star Empire to free Acamar, but once the Federation has done they prove more than willing to guaranteed Acamarian independence.

Acamar, Hearts and Minds: Stardate 20905.15 – 2101.31

Unable to solve the situation militarily Admiral Thrawn negotiates a compromise with all parties who agree that Acamar should vote on its membership of the Federation according to its own law in three months time. During this period both the Tholians and the Federation pour massive resources into the reconstruction of Acamar and the Enterprise and its crew remain to coordinate the Federations relief efforts.

It is also during this period that Fast track officer training becomes available in Star Fleet. After due consideration; Karina decides to send Buck Wausau as her candidate. She also arranges for Buck to receive additional private training from her friend Mirell who teaches Buck how to defend his thoughts from mental intrusion, valuable trait in a senior security officer. Buck Passes both with flying colours and returns to Enterprise as a Lieutenant [JG]. It is also during this time that Karina herself is promoted to a full Lieutenant and begins her command certification training. The Enterprises Second Officer Giordino Santiago is promoted to First Officer in commander Sheppard's place.

The opinion of the Acamarian population, who had initially felt that the Federation had failed in its duties to them by allowing the Romulan occupation, gradually shifts in the Federations favour. Unfortunately in the end the Acamarian Council narrowly votes for independence although it is also agreed there will be another vote in a few years time.

As a sad footnote when the Enterprise finally returns to its home port of Starbase Alpha and the decision is taken to decommission her for refitting as a result of the extensive damage she has taken during the Relief of Acamar. Karina and the rest of the crew are granted shore leave whilst they await reassignment, which given that the Second Romulan war is now finally over, is by no means guaranteed.

COS Gettysburg: Stardate 2102.01 – 2103.05

After a short period of leave on Starbase Alpha with Jessica, Karina was recalled and assigned and as assigned to Battle Cruiser Gettysburg. There was a new Captain, Commander Kenneth Fitchel who was taking up his first command,also a new CMO and a new CEO but many of the crew had been drawn from the Enterprise including the remainder of the command staff. Commander Sheppard also returned duty as leader of a specialist SAR team which was to operate from the Gettysburg.

After appointing Buck Assistant COS Karina initiates a strict boarding protocol and orders Buck to sweep the Gettysburg. The held surprises however as her girlfriend Jessica assaults a security officer at a checkpoint, and the SAR team brings aboard a cache of Alien weapons that they do not wish to be tagged as per normal procedure. Karina reaches a compromise with regard to the alien weapons but conflict of interest requires her to stand by helplessly while others eventually resolve Jessica's troubles. It is during this time Karina also encountered FNN reporter Kevin Avery for the first time as he experiences some administrative difficulties when assigned to cover the change of command ceremony. It also on this day that she meets Admiral Grant for the first time when escorting him from the ship.

Shortly before the Gettysburg's launch Karina attends her final Command Certification Examination at Star Fleet Academy. To her surprise Admiral Grant is her examining officer, after a gruelling series of examinations she passes with a score of 86% which Grant informs her is 2% more than he himself achieved. Her surprises are not over for the day however. Returning to the Gettysburg via Starbase Alpha Karina falls ill, and while attending sick bay, collapses.

Acting COS Starbase Alpha 2103.06

Karina awakes the following day to be informed that she has developed an acute case Tarkalean flu an illness that swept through the Starbase two months earlier. She is the first new case in five weeks. Karina's world is turned upside down when she is informed that she cannot leave Alpha. The Gettysburg, along with Jessica and Buck and all she had worked so hard to achieve, will sail without her.

It is not long before Karina's world is changed yet again when she is offered the position of Acting COS Alpha by the stations commander Admiral Linden.


Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Star Fleet Security
Academy Minor(s): Star Fleet Law, Federation Law

Skills: Master of the Klingon Martial art of D'Har
Hobbies and Pastimes: Enjoys marshal arts training, her dogs, and reading, particularly Shakespeare written in the original Klingon. Skating, including ice dance and ice hockey
Languages: Standard, Carrayan Patois, Klingon, Romulan, Valerian
Short-Term Goals: To execute her duties to the very best of her ability and to learn from those around her
Long-Term Goals: Karina is working hard towards a command of her own. She also hopes to live to see the day when Carraya is freed from Imperial Klingon rule and able to pursue its destiny either as an independent star system of a member of the United Federation of Planets
Personality: Karina has a deceptively gentle personality and a ready smile which conceals the steel that lies within
Sense of Humor: Karina has a perfectly normal, often earthy, or even ribald, sense of humour
Phobias: None
Likes: The company of military people, especially veterans
Dislikes: Liars and Bullies
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who smother good food with ketchup
Bad Habits or Vices: Works extremely hard and expects others to follow her example
Achievements: Acceptance into the Carrayan Klingon martial culture, mastery of the Bat'leth.
Disappointments: Her failure to defend Carraya, Not being appointed as FO Sheridan
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Valerians enjoy twice the strength of Humans. They also posses naturally dense bone and muscles. This explains their seemingly high weight compared to their appearance and blesses them with a very high endurance. Valerians tend to be of average to low intelligence compared to the human scale, but once they learn something, it stays learnt.
Weaknesses: Valerians are a pragmatic and methodical people, intuitive brilliance is rare, and as a result the can be sometimes seen as a little slow witted. Also as a child Karina appeared dwarf like and stocky and was branded an ugly duckling by her peers. She has only recently gained some confidence in herself as a woman, but she still finds it hard to see for her self the beauty that others see in her.
Fears: Carraya will not be freed
Prejudices: Dislikes the Imperial Klingon invaders of Carraya intensely
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Sleeveless tee-shirt and jeans, Black Leather Jackets
Distinguishing Features: her body, particularly her back, bares a number of very fine scar lines from where her various injuries have been healed
Pets: Two Valerian Wolfhound's, Vlod (female) and Nack (male)
Friends: Kiron Hunter, Jessica Whyte, Mirell Dukathien Morbeth, Buck Wausau

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of her younger brother Swaveck during the occupation of Carraya IV
Best Time: Her time in the Carrayan Security Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Her year as head of Carrayan planetary security and the following Klingon Occupation, her relationships with Jessica Whyte and Kiron Hunter, and her command certification training culminating in an examination moderated by Admiral Derrick Grant.
Role Model: Her parents Tomas and Iwona, who are hard working people that believe in standing up for what is right, Guroth her D’Har master.

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