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The Parhelia system is located near the border of the Ferengi Alliance and the Federation. It is an unremarkable system in most respects, with no habitable planets. It has four planets, two asteroid belts (one around the system’s periphery and one between the second and third planets), and twin suns.

Parhelia was claimed by the Parhelian Mining Consortium, a Ferengi-owned business, which then offered to sell the system’s mineral rights to the highest bidder. The system didn’t contain any minerals worth considering to most potential buyers - the Ferengi Alliance included - except the Federation, who noticed that it had an unusual concentration of Benamite crystals, needed to power the new Quantum Slipstream Drive.

During negotiations, the Cardassians sent Legate Gholmek to attempt to purchase the system instead. The USS Callisto discovered that Cardassians were also mining benamite while negotiations were still ongoing, which prompted Gholmek to militarily take over the system. The Callisto was lost during the conquest, though several of her crew were repatriated to the Federation.

Parhelia II

Parhelia II
Class: C
Type: Planet
Location: Alpha Quadrant
Affiliation: Cardassian Union (Status Disputed)

Parhelia II was the site of the Callisto’s last stand against the Cardassians. A Cardassian team had begun mining operations upon the planet illegally while the negotiations were still ongoing. Upon discovery, a Hideki-Type Frigate decloaked and attacked. Despite outgunning the Cardassian ship, the Callisto was not designed as an attack ship and was unable to land a telling blow against the smaller, more maneuverable vessel.