Ferengi Alliance

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Ferengi Alliance
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10,000 years ago
Alpha Quadrant
Ferengi Alliance
Head of Government:
Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance
Major Species:
Gold-pressed latinum

The Ferengi Alliance is the mercantile government of the Ferengi people. The seat of power is on the homeworld, called Ferenginar, which is located in the Alpha Quadrant. The alliance of the Ferengi is dedicated to the promotion of profit and commerce. It is overseen by the Grand Nagus from the Tower of Commerce on Ferenginar. The Nagus' power is derived from both the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities and the Rules of Acquisition.

The capitol of the Ferengi Alliance (Ferenginar) is located approximately sixty light years from the Bajoran system. Other planets with strong Ferengi business presences include the Hupyrian homeworld and Volchok Prime. Strategically relevant systems close to Ferenginar are Irtok and Clarus.

Advancement in Ferengi government is based on bribery and patronage. For example, any Ferengi who aspire to a higher position in any government agency, is expected to earn a large profit - not just for himself but for his superiors. Even seeking an audience with a senior government official requires a donation (i.e., a bribe) of latinum.

Main Departments

The Alliance maintains multiple agencies that regulate Ferengi business and trade.

  • The Ferengi Commerce Authority (better known simply as the "FCA") is an agency of the Alliance concerned with business practices and the enforcement of trade.
  • Agents of the FCA are known as Liquidators, and are led by the Board of Liquidators. All concerned are known to have offices located on the 40th floor of the Tower of Commerce, located in the Sacred Marketplace on Ferenginar.
  • The Tower is the tallest building in the Ferengi Alliance.
  • While the FCA primarily regulates business dealings among Ferengi, the Ferengi Trade Mission was created to further Ferengi governmental business interests with other species.
  • The Ferengi Health Commission oversees health regulations in Ferengi businesses and public life. They also have the ability to revoke a Ferengi's trade license.
  • The Ferengi Gaming Commission regulates all gambling ventures within the Alliance.

Foreign Relations

Generally, the Ferengi Alliance is known for staying neutral in inter-galactic politics. Due to the Ferengi's chief interests being in profit, they have also been known to sell supplies to either side of a war. The Ferengi Alliance has never actually fought in any large-scale interstellar war. Generally, when the Ferengi Alliance comes into conflict with another galactic power, they 'peacefully' apply economic pressure using their considerable financial resources until they can force the other power to agree to a peace treaty at the negotiation table, preferably one in the Ferengi Alliance's favor.

That being said, in the spirit of free enterprise, most Ferengi business ventures are made without the knowledge of the government. That way, the government can claim plausible deniability, and any Ferengi who makes a bad business deal personally suffers the consequences.

  • Examples:

Taking an official stand neutrality, however, did not guarantee the Alliance favorable relations with all races. In particular, Klingons are generally known to despise Ferengi in almost all circumstances, despite no history of bad relations between the two governments. To Ferengi benefit, the economic might of the Ferengi Alliance does give them significant influence in the galaxy.


The Ferengi Alliance maintains a quasi-military force, which consists mostly of D'Kora-class marauder spacecraft. The military is used to protect the business ventures of various Ferengi entrepreneurs, not to wage war.

  • A Marauder is usually commanded by a DaiMon, who is authorized to open new trade negotiations on behalf of the Alliance.
  • Ranks are indicated by insignia on the Ferengi uniforms, but also by small green tattoos on the right side of the forehead.

The 'Battle of Prexnak,' which took place between the Ferengi and Lytasians, was the only military engagement made by the Alliance, and was the most important battle in Ferengi History.
A similar operation was undertaken in 2374 between the Ferengi and Dominion, which was the only interaction the two powers had during the Dominion War.

Military Ranks

  • One of the most advanced Ferengi military starships is the FMS Wealth, traditionally used as the Grand Nagus' personal transport vessel.

Groups and Minor Departments

  • Economic Congress of Advisors of the Ferengi Alliance
  • Ferengi Council
  • Board of Liquidators
  • Ferengi Bureau of Audit
  • Ferengi Benevolent Association (dissolved)
  • Treasury Guard
  • First Bank of Ferenginar

Titles and Ranks

  • Grand Nagus
  • First Clerk
  • Grand Proxy
  • Sub-Nagus
  • Liquidator
  • Eliminator
  • GuiMon in Chief
  • DaiMon