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Olmek Adune
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
88.5 kg (195 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Coal black
Slicked back, stereotypically Cardassian
Muscular, broad shouldered
Ashen, grey, ridge edges slightly darker
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Capitol city of the Vulcan province of Raal
Familial Relationships
Teneer Adune
Anira Adune
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Teneer and Anira Adune were two of the fifty civilians and scientists who immigrated to the Federation following the Dominion War many years ago. The couple and the their small band of like minded Cardassians settled on Vulcan to build a new life, one founded on liberty and not life under the thumb of the state. Several years later Olmek was born. Anira Adune died when Olmek was young of natural causes leaving the reserved Scientist Teneer Adune to care for their son on his own. Over the years Teneer took to the role aided heavily by the guidance of the other Cardassians on planet and the friends among the Vulcan populace Teneer made.

Olmek excelled in his academic studies leaving his father with high hopes that his son would follow in his foot steps. However this was not to be. Olmek's interest seemed more militaristic in nature as the years went by. In secondary school he joined the JROTC program Star Fleet offered at his school. In his second year at the preparatory secondary school he was asked by his father to take a brief sabbatical. The leave was quickly approved by school administrators. In fact his father had already arranged the leave long before he asked his son to come home.

Teneer had been diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition distantly similar to the Human Alzheimer's unbeknownst to his son before Olmek left home. The disease had been caught early enough though that they could prolong the onset of the more serious cognitive maladies that came with the condition. Had he told Olmek at the time he knew his son enough to know the boy would forego his aspirations out of a sense of honor to his father and stay home to ensure his proper care. Teneer would have none of that.

The time spent on Vulcan during his leave had been a painful experience, and made even more aggravated by the ever random friends of his father's Olmek had to receive once word got around. The next two years Olmek took his studies and physical training at the school but transported home nightly via special dispensation and consideration by both his father's many acquaintances in the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Medical who were keen to monitor the progress of the disease as closely as possible. Most Federation doctors had never encountered the ailment so there was little hard data regarding it. Had it been for any other reason than hope that one of these gifted men, women or androgens would find a way to slow or even cure the disease Olmek would have shielded his father from them.

Those next two years were not only grueling due to his studies and physical regiment but also a trail in patience with his father's condition. It's symptoms would seem to come and go like the wind. There and apparent from one moment to the next or possibly last or abating for days and in some instances even months. Eventually though the pendulum would swing and back would come the nights his father roamed the grounds of their home searching feverishly for his long lost wife or some trinket from his childhood. It was hard to see but the experience of helping his father, coping with the condition, fighting for top scores in his classes and petitioning for sponsors to the Academy all worked to harden his character into that of a man by the time he graduated. The head of Starfleet Medical on Vulcan had noticed Olmek's dedication after becoming involved in the research on his father's condition. In her, the fit, sharp young man found a sponsor to the Academy and was well on his way to achieving many of his life goals.

From there it was onward and upward until the beginning of his Senior year when Natima called from Vulcan. Teneer Adune had passed and a grieving son returned home to bury a father and while there he admit to a love he'd overlooked and ignored for many years in the bright eyed Cardassian girl who'd looked after his father while Olmek was away at the Academy. The two had spent countless hours in each other's company over the three years he'd been away. Neither had ever lowered their shields during those engagements though and on more than one occasion had sent rather scathing volleys of remarks sailing over the other's bow. In fact to the little Cardassian community on Vulcan their arguments, disagreements and mutual trumped up disdain became something of a legend. A few speculated it was a well concealed courtship. Others countered is was so well concealed that not even Olmek and Natima were aware of it– an operation worthy of Obsidian Order Agents.

What once they were oblivious to quickly erupted into a passionate affair during Olmek's time off from the Academy following his father's death. Natima even visited Earth once after Olmek returned to San Francisco before accepting a position at the Vulcan Science Academy as a Junior Associate Researcher. She was incinerated several months later when a micro fusion generator lost containment and took out several floors of one of the VSA's main complexes. The news sent Olmek into a deep depression that took Academy Counselors hours of sessions and more meditation than he'd ever practiced before, even during his many years of tutelage on Vulcan.

As Graduation approached, passed and a Cadet became a Midshipman with his first posting to deep space Olmek took solace in the knowledge his parents and his late love would have been proud of him and his accomplishments. Being on the Wellington was no small honor for a a junior tactical officer. The ship had a proud tradition and Olmek promised himself and the memory of his loved ones that he'd do all he could to carry that tradition into the future. Six months later after a performance review he was promoted to Ensign and assigned to Bridge duty. Two years later the Wellington was sent on a survey mission near the Tholian border. There, death reared it's head in the young man's life again. Wellington's mission was to investigate a recently discovered belt of dilithium rich asteroids in an obscure system well above the galactic plan. There the ship encountered a cloaked gravitic mine– a lone vestige of one of the many recent wars in the quadrant's history. The resulting explosion was catastrophic to say the least. A full personal report of the events during and immediately following the incident can be found in the addendum to this file.

One year later, after formal investigations cleared Olmek as the sole surviving member of the Bridge duty shift that had been on at the time of any wrong doing, Ensign Olmek was promoted to junior Lieutenant and given orders to report to the USS Chin'toka under command of Captain Yvette. With an invasion under way of the Federation by an enemy that they seemed unable to stop, the newly minted Lieutenant found it hard to be optimistic about his new post. Certainly death would follow him there as well. It took all of his mental disciplines to even press on these days. Well, that and the knowledge that his family and even Natima would have accepted nothing less. These were the days when lesser men failed. Even Cardassian men. How could he shrink away when his adopted home needed good officers the most, once again.


Leaving Home

The Page Turns


Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship Combat Tactics & Navigation
Academy Minor(s): Strategic Planning, Basic Small Craft Flight (Fighters, shuttles)
Hobbies and Pastimes: Meditation, Painting, Vulcan Lute
Short-Term Goals: To move on from the tragedy that befell the Wellington
Long-Term Goals: To work toward a Command career path
Personality: Olmek is generally quiet, quick to listen, and the last to share his opinion. Contemplative would best describe him.
Sense of Humor: His sense of humor is pretty broad. He gets the witty, dry, highbrow comedy of some but knows a good dirty joke whenever one is thrown out.
Phobias: Arctic climates, since he was a small child he's been afraid of the cold
Likes: Olmek's favorite foods are, in no particular order: Cardassian Rock Wine (although in the Federation it's hard to get your hands on the real thing, a properly programmed replicator can make a suitable substitute), Sem'hal stew, Plomeek soup and Spice tea. His favorite colors range from light grey to black especially when it comes to his off duty clothing tastes. Strangely enough his paintings are usually floral in nature and considered colorful and vibrant, but also amateurish.
Dislikes: Any food that moves on its own, jerks (male or female), people who can't hold their liquor
Pet Peeves or Gripes: His Cardassian genetic proclivity for an ordered living space was only severely reinforced by an upbringing on Vulcan. People with untidy quarters drive Olmek up a wall.
Bad Habits or Vices: Spice tea and Red Leaf tea are Olmek's general breakfast drink of choice. In fact seeing him with any other beverage in his hand before 0800 should be considered highly suspect and security should be notified of a possible impostor. He also enjoys a little more Delavian chocolate
Achievements: Learning to fly the F-1 fighter
Disappointments: Losing Natima, Crewman Davies death on the Wellington and not being there when his own father passed away.
Illnesses: Nothing more than a runny nose once in a while.
Strengths: Loyal, compassionate, strong willed
Weaknesses: Distrustful of anyone not in a Star Fleet uniform and wary still of some who do.
Fears: Things every Star Fleet member fears. Not coming through at a critical moment. Making a sloppy mistake that costs lives. Finding yourself floating through in the blackness of space without the aid of a space suit
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Vulcan casual attire drifting from simple tunic and trouser combinations to more formal suits depending on the occasion.
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: None
Friends: Olmek had started to form connections on the Wellington after his posting there but with the heavy loss of life during the loss of that vessel he has no real friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Loosing his father without being there.
Best Time: Graduating from the academy
Most Crucial Experience: Testifying before the boards looking into the destruction of the Wellington and walking out with a promotion as opposed to being escorted out in shame. The experience served to lessen his innate skepticism toward others in some small way.
Role Model: His father

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Tactical Officer USS Chin’toka, CA-1375 21204.01 Appointed Tactical Officer
Assigned to USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Tactical Officer USS Chin’toka, CA-1375 21208.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Chin’toka, CA-1375 21211.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

Contact Information


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