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Welcome to the Federation Space Wiki

It is the dawn of the 25th Century. As the Alpha and Beta Quadrants begin to heal after the destruction of Romulus and the Synth Attack on Mars, the Federation is only recently turning its gaze back towards the stars. Border territories, once bastions against foreign aggression, lie neglected and infested with crime. New powers rise from the ruins of the old; enemies become allies, and allies become enemies, seemingly in the blink of an eye.
As the stories of the legends of old come to an end, a new era of Starfleet Officer arises. New Legends are born every day; these are their stories.

Welcome to Federation Space! A Star Trek RPG set in the same timeframe as Star Trek: Picard (25+ years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and Star Trek: Voyager). Players take the role of Starfleet officers stationed on Federation starships. The game combines Star Trek’s favorite species (both friend and foe) while also exploring new and unique species.

Under the resources menu to the left, you will find canon information about the Federation Space Universe.
Please note, this information may, or may not, follow official Star Trek Canon, but is the definitive source for all things related to Federation Space. If you are looking for specific information, it may be easier to use the Search function on the menu bar in the upper right.

Federation Space was founded on March 1, 2000. If you are interested in joining Federation Space, click here.

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Federation News Network

Current Edition: FNN Edition 43, Published 1 January, 2024

On this Day - May 20

1927 - Charles Lindbergh starts the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic.

1932 - Amelia Earhart starts the first nonstop solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic.
1960 - Actor John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox) is born.
1964 - Robert Woodrow Wilson and Arno Penzias discover cosmic microwave background radiation.
1999 - Brian Jones and Betrand Picard land the first nonstop round the world balloon flight.

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Federation Space is rated PG-13. There may be brief uses of strong language, or mild scenes of a violent or sexual nature.

Federation Space is rated PG-13. There may be brief uses of strong language, or mild scenes of a violent or sexual nature.