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The list below accounts for all known Starfleet vessels active in the year 2403. They are organised by type, and then class. As ships appear in canon or on the site, they will be added to this list.

Creative Director's Note: This list has Starfleet being roughly 350 ships as of 2403, and is based on the fleet seen in the Picard Season 3 finale. While it may seem small, it is possible that post-Dominion War the fleet was downsized into smaller numbers of more individually-capable ships, and after the destruction of Utopia Planitia in 2385 there simply was not the shipyard capacity to build the fleet back to pre-Dominion War strength.


Ship Name Registry Status
Odyssey Class - 13 Active Vessels
USS Hikaru Sulu NCC-92420 Active
USS Crusader NCC-94702 Active
Obena Class
USS Archimedes NCC-83002 Active
Vesta Class - 12 Active Vessels
USS Vesta NX-82601 Active
USS Artemis NCC-110000 Active
USS Athena NCC-82621 Active
USS Aventine NCC-82602 Active
USS Caelian NCC-82611 Active
USS Capitoline NCC-82617 Active
USS Esquiline NCC-82614 Missing
USS Palatine NCC-60067 Active
USS Quirinal NCC-82610 Missing
USS Viminal NCC-82626 Undergoing Refit
USS Nike NCC-82612 Active
USS Freyja NCC-82613 Active
Sovereign Class - 38 Active Vessels
USS Arsinoe NCC-75307 Active
USS Gilgamesh NCC-74669 Active
USS Glasgow NCC-75117 Active
USS Hrothgar NCC-74975 Active
USS Hutchinson NCC-74957 Active
USS Igraine NCC-74980 Active
USS Inaieu NCC-75018 Active
USS Jaresh-Inyo NCC-75020 Active
USS Musahi NCC-74660 Active
USS Okuda NCC-74107 Active
USS Pachacuti NCC-74181 Active
USS Sovereign NCC-73811 Active
USS Valkyrie NCC-74877 Active
USS Van Critters NCC-72504 Active
USS Venture NCC-75306 Active
USS Warspite NCC-74922 Active
Ross Class - 10 Active Vessels
USS Aquila NCC-76853 Active
USS Archer NCC-76725 Active
USS Forrest NCC-75077 Active
USS Hanson NCC-76726 Active
USS Ross NCC-76710 Active
USS Vanguard NCC-75148 Active
USS Yi Sun-Sin NCC-76545 Active
Constitution-III Class - 1 Active Vessel
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-G Active


Ship Name Registry Status
Sagan Class - 14 Active Vessels
USS Ashland NCC-82835 Active
USS Chawla NCC-82807 Active
USS Explorer NCC-82821 Active
USS Stargazer NCC-82893 Active
Echelon Class - 13 Active Vessels
USS Cole NCC-97938 Active
USS Minor NCC-97452 Active
USS Sternbach NCC-97942 Active
USS Yorktown NCC-97422 Active
Duderstadt Class - Unknown
USS Intrepid NCC-79520 Active
USS Trumbull NCC-72370 Active
Excelsior-II Class - 16 Active Vessels
USS Eureka NCC-42023 Active
USS Mestral NCC-42027 Active
Akira Class - 18 Active Vessels
USS Akira NCC-62497 Active
USS Avalon NCC-63887 Active
USS Firesword NCC-64280 Active
USS Helios NCC-63284 Active
USS Masaka NCC-63277 Active
USS Rabin NCC-63293 Active
USS Sentinel NCC-68455 Active
USS Spector NCC-63898 Active
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 Active
Alita Class - 14 Active Vessels
Inquiry Class - 22 Active Vessels
USS Cabot NCC-86539 Active
USS Cochrane NCC-86516 Active
USS Ibn Majid NCC-75710 Active
USS Magellan NCC-86509 Active
USS Nathan Hale NCC-86501 Active
USS Norgay NCC-86538 Active
USS Rustazh NCC-86503 Active
USS Shackleton NCC-86517 Active
USS Varian Fry NCC-87883 Active
USS Zheng He NCC-86505 Active

Science Vessels

Ship Name Registry Status
Luna Class - 36 Active Vessels
USS Amalthea NCC-80108 Active
USS Ariel NCC-80114 Active
USS Callisto NCC-80109 Missing
USS Charon NCC-80111 Active
USS Europa NCC-80104 Active
USS Galatea NCC-80112 Active
USS Ganymede NCC-80107 Active
USS Himalia NCC-80116 Active
USS Iapetus NCC-80115 Active
USS Io NCC-80105 Active
USS Luna NCC-80101 Active
USS Oberon NCC-80103 Active
USS Proteus NCC-80117 Active
USS Rhea NCC-80110 Active
USS Titania NCC-88002 Active
USS Tourangeau NCC-80113 Active
USS Triton NCC-80106 Active
Pathfinder Class - 36 Active Vessels
USS Drexler NCC-97626 Active
USS Eaves NCC-97621 Active
USS Voyager NCC-74656-B Active
Nova Class - 20 Active Vessels
USS Erebus NCC-72435 Active
USS Mandel NCC-72210 Active
USS Philadelphia NCC-66053-A Active
USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Active
Sutherland Class - Unknown
USS Almagest NCC-91870 Active
USS Chandrasekhar NCC-91816 Active
USS Huygens NCC-91814 Active
USS Hypatia NCC-91825 Active
USS Ibn al-Haytham NCC-91965 Active
USS Sutherland NCC-91800 Active


Ship Name Registry Status
Reliant Class - 24 Active Vessels
USS Azetbur NCC-90232 Active
USS Clark NCC-90206 Active
USS Cobb NCC-90219 Active
USS Enkidu NCC-90205 Active
USS Reliant NCC-90200 Active
USS Shallash NCC-90235 Active
USS Sarahd NCC-90227 Active
USS Thy'lek Shran NCC-90225 Active
USS T'Jan NCC-90213 Active
USS Tiro NCC-90216 Active
USS Uhura NCC-90214 Active
Steamrunner Class
USS Appalachia NCC-52136 Active
Gagarin Class - 24 Active Vessels
USS Christopher NCC-97936 Active
USS Cunningham NCC-97949 Active
USS Gagarin NCC-97930 Active
USS Gotana-Retz NCC-97951 Active
USS John Kelly NCC-97944 Active
USS Resnik NCC-97945 Active
Edison Class - 22 Active Vessels
USS Harlan NCC-52277 Active
Defiant Class - 18 Active Vessels
Aquarius Class - Unknown