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The list below accounts for all known Starfleet vessels in the year 2404. They are organised by type, and then class. As ships appear in canon or on the site, they will be added to this list.

Creative Director's Note: This list has Starfleet being roughly 350 ships as of 2403, and is based on the fleet seen in the Picard Season 3 finale. While it may seem small, it is possible that post-Dominion War the fleet was downsized into smaller numbers of more individually-capable ships, and after the destruction of Utopia Planitia in 2385 there simply was not the shipyard capacity to build the fleet back to pre-Dominion War strength.
It is also possible that a significant number of vessels were on deep-space assignments, undergoing repair or refit, or were otherwise unable to return for Frontier Day.


Odyssey-class Explorers
USS Odyssey, NCC-97000 USS Sojourner, NCC-92469 USS Boothby, NCC-92414 USS Sarek, NCC-92463
USS Verity, NCC-97005 USS Hukaru Sulu, NCC-92420 USS Chekov, NCC-92418 USS Protector, NCC-92460
USS Crusader, NCC-97470 USS Concord, NCC-92423 USS Endeavour, NCC-92427 USS Presidio, NCC-92457
USS Geneva, NCC-92433 USS Grayson, NCC-92439 USS Lexington, NCC-92450
Vesta-class Explorers
USS Vesta, NCC-82601 USS Aventine, NCC-82602 USS Caelian, NCC-82611 USS Freyja, NCC-82613
USS Capitoline, NCC-82611 USS Athena, NCC-82621 USS Viminal, NCC-82626 USS Nike, NCC-82612
USS Artemis, NCC-110000 USS Palatine, NCC-60067
Ross-class Explorers
USS Ross, NCC-76710 USS Archer, NCC-76725 USS Vanguard, NCC-75148 USS Jellico, NCC-76734
USS USS Yi Sun-Sin, NCC-76545 USS Aquila, NCC-76853 USS Forrest, NCC-75077 USS Hanson, NCC-76726
USS Nechayev, NCC-75402 USS DeSoto, NCC-76729 USS Nakamura, NCC-75411
Sovereign-class Explorers
USS Aeon, NCC-75309 USS Affiliation, NCC-75312 USS Agamemnon, NCC-75313 USS Archangel, NCC-75317
USS Ark Royal, NCC-75922 USS Arsinoe, NCC-75307 USS Babylon, NCC-75355 USS Cavalier, NCC-75358
USS Challenger, NCC-75360 USS Danvers, NCC-75369 USS Destiny, NCC-75372 USS Endurance, NCC-75375
USS Essex, NCC-75379 USS Faithful, NCC-75380 USS Gilgamesh, NCC-74669 USS Glasgow, NCC-75117
USS Horatio, NCC-75399 USS Hrothgar, NCC-74975 USS Hutchinson, NCC-74857 USS Hyperion, NCC-75401
USS Igraine, NCC-74980 USS Inaieu, NCC-75018 USS Jaresh-Inyo, NCC-75020 USS Majestic, NCC-75410
USS Morgana, NCC-75321 USS Musashi, NCC-74660 USS Nelson, NCC-75412 USS Okuda, NCC-74107
USS Pachacuti, NCC-74181 USS Princeton, NCC-75417 USS Providence, NCC-75421 USS Sovereign, NCC-73811
USS Valkyrie, NCC-74877 USS Varley, NCC-75405 USS Venture, 75306 USS Warspite, NCC-74992
USS Wellington, NCC-75438
Constitution-III-class Explorers
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-G


Gagarin-class Battlecruisers
USS Anderson, NCC-97956 USS Antioch, NCC-97957 USS Buran, NCC-97958 USS Christopher, NCC-97936
USS Churchill, NCC-97959 USS Cunningham, 97949 USS Detmer, NCC-97961 USS Firebrand, NCC-97960
USS Gagarin, NCC-97930 USS Gotana-Retz, NCC-97951 USS John Kelly, NCC-97944 USS Kennedy, NCC-97963
USS Kerala, NCC-101255 USS Kodiak, NCC-97964 USS Kyushu, NCC-97965 USS McKinley, NCC-97966
USS Passaro, NCC-97955 USS Resnik, NCC-97945 USS Revelation, NCC-97967 USS Ride, NCC-101265
USS Shepard, NCC-101200 USS Stalwart, NCC-97970 USS Tereshkova, NCC-97971 USS T'Pol, NCC-97972
Inquiry-class Heavy Cruisers
USS Arcadia, NCC-97124 USS Benevolence, NCC-87133 USS Brahe, NCC-86544 USS Budapest, NCC-87135
USS Cabot, NCC-86539 USS Cochrane, NCC-86516 USS Enforcer, NCC-87159 USS Fletcher, NCC-87116
USS Inquiry, NCC-86500 USS Janaran, NCC-86518 USS Kumari, NCC-86610 USS Magellan, NCC-86509
USS Maui, NCC-96761 USS Montana, NCC-87141 USS Nathan Hale, NCC-86501 USS Norgay, NCC-86538
USS Rustazh, NCC-86503 USS Sacramento, NCC-87182 USS Shackleton, NCC-86517 USS Toussant, NCC-87111
USS Varian Fry, NCC-87883 USS Zheng He, NCC-86505
Excelsior-II-class Heavy Cruisers
USS Al-Batani, NCC-3107 USS Brisbane, NCC-93116 USS Cairo, 93120 USS Eureka, NCC-42023
USS Excelsior, NCC-42037 USS Farragut, NCC-93123 USS Fearless, NCC-93136 USS Hood, NCC-93140
USS Kyoei, NCC-93111 USS Malinche, NCC-93145 USS Melbourne, NCC-93150 USS Mestral, NCC-42027
USS Pulaski, NCC-93138 USS Repulse, NCC-93170
Sagan-class Cruisers
USS Antares, NCC-82839 USS Ashland, NCC-82835 USS Betelgeuse, NCC-82841 USS Chawla, NCC-82807
USS Constance, NCC-82837 USS Constellation, NCC-82850 USS Eridani, NCC-82856 USS Explorer, NCC-82821
USS Orion, NCC-82862 USS Sagan, NCC-82800 USS Sagittarius, NCC-82865 USS Taurus, NCC-82866
USS Victory, NCC-82879
Akira-class Cruisers
USS Akira NCC-62640 USS Avalon, NCC-63887 USS Black Elk, NCC-64321 USS Bondar, NCC-64288
USS Firesword, NCC-64280 USS Garneau, NCC-64291 USS Gryphon, NCC-64292 USS Helios, NCC-63284
USS Jupiter, NCC-64292 USS Kali, NCC-64297 USS Masaka, NCC-63277 USS Osceola, NCC-64319
USS Rabin, NCC-63293 USS Singh, NCC-64301 USS Spector, NCC-63893 USS Templar, NCC-64311
Alita-class Cruisers
USS Alita NCC-97300 USS Antediam, NCC-97307 USS Asama, NCC-97312 USS Bayuda, NCC-97318
USS Chaka, NCC-97319 USS Cutlass, NCC-97326 USS Geronimo, NCC-97331 USS Kehla, NCC-97334
USS Leyte Gulf, NCC-97340 USS Mauna Key, NCC-97346 USS Mercury, NCC-97346 USS Nez Perce, NCC-97347
USS Susquehanna, NCC-97350 USS Tal'don, NCC-97308
Echelon-class Light Cruisers
USS Cole NCC-97938 USS Echelon, NCC-97400 USS Havoc, NCC-97405 USS Helena, NCC-97411
USS Interceptor, NCC-97415 USS Javelin, NCC-97416 USS Minor, NCC-97452 USS Pursuit, NCC-97401
USS Sternbach, NCC-97942 USS Triumph, NCC-97427 USS Tsunami, NCC-97432 USS Vanya, NCC-97449
USS Yorktown, NCC-97422
Duderstadt-class Light Cruisers
USS Intrepid NCC-79520 USS Trumbull, NCC-72370 USS Vasa, NCC-77690 USS Zantra, NCC-75441

Science Vessels

Sutherland-class Science Vessels
USS Almagest, NCC-91870 USS Chandrasekhar, NCC-91816 USS Huygens, NCC-91814 USS Hypatia, NCC-91825
USS Ibn Al-Haytham, NCC-91965 USS Sutherland, NCC-91800
Pathfinder-class Science Vessels
USS Barclay, NCC-97693 USS Bellerophon, NCC-97623 USS Blakely, NCC-97624 USS Caretaker, NCC-97625
USS Drexler, NCC-97626 USS Eaves, NCC-97621 USS Elkins, NCC-97634 USS Evans, NCC-97760
USS Gallant, NCC-97639 USS Garrison, NCC-97644 USS Harkins, NCC-97650 USS Jefferson, NCC-97651
USS Jones, NCC-97657 USS Karr, NCC-97661 USS Mako, NCC-97668 USS Mercutio, NCC-97671
USS Midas, NCC-97672 USS Mutara, NCC-97675 USS Oliver, NCC-97678 USS Opaka, NCC-97679
USS Paris, NCC-97685 USS Pathfinder, NCC-97622 USS Permit, NCC-97757 USS Prometheus, NCC-97700
USS Renown, NCC-97702 USS Rollins, NCC-97710 USS Rosenberg, NCC-97713 USS Sally Ride, NCC-97719
USS Sarstedt, NCC-97727 USS Shorter, NCC-97731 USS Teagarden, NCC-97733 USS Thresher, NCC-97736
USS Trailblazer, NCC-97741 USS Tyner, NCC-97743 USS Voyager, NCC-74656-B USS Watson, NCC-97748
USS Willard, NCC-97750 USS Yeager, NCC-65674-A USS Zealous, NCC-97756
Luna-class Science Vessels
USS Amalthea, NCC-80108 USS Amma, NCC-80118 USS Andoria, NCC-80120 USS Ariel, NCC-80114
USS Boreth, NCC-80127 USS Callisto, NCC-80109 USS Charon, NCC-88003 USS Deimos, NCC-80128
USS Derna, NCC-80129 USS Elvreng, NCC-80137 USS Europa, NCC-80104 USS Galatea, NCC-80112
USS Ganymede, NCC-80107 USS Geryon, NCC-80140 USS Himalia, NCC-80116 USS Iapetus, NCC-80115
USS Io, NCC-80105 USS Jeraddo, NCC-80145 USS J'Gal, NCC-80153 USS Kerkhovia, NCC-80154
USS Kokytos, NCC-80157 USS Lambda Paz, NCC-80163 USS Luna, NCC-80101 USS Mimas, NCC-80166
USS Oberon, NCC-80103 USS Peliar Zel, NCC-80167 USS Praxis, NCC-80169 USS Proteus, NCC-80117
USS Rhea, NCC-80110 USS Rinax, NCC-80173 USS Syladdo, NCC-80174 USS Tarok, NCC-80177
USS Titania, NCC-88002 USS Tolpra, NCC-80181 USS Tourangeau, NCC-80113 USS Triton, NCC-80104
USS Umbriel, NCC-80185
Nova-class Scouts
USS Anticipation, NCC-79612 USS Auberjonois, NCC-79626 USS Aurora, NCC-79617 USS Binary, NCC-79619
USS Carribey, NCC-79622 USS Dyson, NCC-79625 USS Erebus, NCC-72435 USS Mandel, NCC-72210
USS McCoy, NCC-79630 USS Meteor, NCC-79632 USS Mission, NCC-79633 USS Norfolk, NCC-79634
USS Nova, NCC-79636 USS Philadelphia, NCC-66053-A USS Pulsar, NCC-90246 USS Quasar, NCC-79646
USS Ransom, NCC-79679 USS Rhode Island, NCC-72701 USS Solstice, NCC-79691


Steamrunner-class Destroyers
USS Appalachia, NCC-52136
Defiant-class Destroyers
USS Barracuda, NCC-79591 USS Baton Rouge, NCC-79596 USS Brooks, NCC-79600 USS Cobra, NCC-79601
USS Dax, NCC-80931 USS Fighter, NCC-79602 USS Grant, NCC-79603 USS Kira, NCC-80932
USS O'Brien, NCC-80933 USS Pleiades, NCC-80938 USS Quillon, NCC-79607 USS Redoubtable, NCC-75634
USS Relentless, NCC-79604 USS Revere, NCC-79605 USS Saladin, NCC-79606 USS Sisko, NCC-80930
USS Troy, NCC-79599 USS Valiant, NCC-80940
Edison-class Frigates
USS Alnwick, NCC-95163 USS Bonchune, NCC-95165 USS Boyle, NCC-95175 USS Dana, NCC-95172
USS De Milo, NCC-95173 USS Edison, NCC-95160 USS Einstein, NCC-95175 USS Harlan, NCC-52277
USS Honshu, NCC-95178 USS Hoover, NCC-95180 USS Kelvin, NCC-95183 USS Leopard, NCC-95184
USS Monitor, NCC-95185 USS Nikola Tesla, NCC-92004 USS Oppenheimer, NCC-95188 USS Oxford, NCC-95189
USS Pythagoras, NCC-95190 USS Schrödinger, NCC-95200 USS Temeraire, NCC-95203 USS Ticonderoga, NCC-95211
USS T'Shaamek, NCC-95181 USS Whitney, NCC-95215
Reliant-class Frigates
USS Agrippa, NCC-90219 USS Altan Soong, NCC-90243 USS Azetbur, NCC-90232 USS Beverly Hills, NCC-90210
USS Calgary, NCC-90238 USS Centaur, NCC-90239 USS Clark, NCC-90206 USS Courage, NCC-90241
USS Desmond, NCC-90240 USS Enkidu, NCC-90205 USS Maha Naree, NCC-90221 USS Malachowski, NCC-90244
USS Ni'Var, NCC-90237 USS Pioneer, NCC-90246 USS Reliant, NCC-90200 USS Sarahd, NCC-90227
USS Shallash, NCC-90235 USS Shi'Kahr, NCC-90245 USS Shras, NCC-90211 USS Sioux, NCC-90247
USS Thy'lek Shran, NCC-90225 USS Tiro, NCC-90216 USS T'Jan, NCC-90213 USS Uhura, NCC-90214