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Below you will find an in-game history.

Current year: 2419 - Year 44

Enterprise Era


Current Era

2376 - Year 1

End of the Federation/Dominion War. Star Fleet loses 1/3 of its combat fleet. The Dominion withdraws to their side of the wormhole.

2377-2379 - Years 2-4

First Federation/Romulan War. Romulans cross the Federation/Romulan border in attempt to take advantage of the weakness caused by the Federation/Dominion War. Initially, the Romulans make great gains, capturing numerous key systems. The Federation economy responds, roaring to life. Starship production reaches new heights. Towards the end of the first year the Romulan advance is stopped and the Romulans are slowly pushed back towards their home space. The Sendarian Accords, signed at the end of Y2, restore the neutral zone and declares a cease fire. Shinzon Incident occurs. Last known contact with the Borg until Y27.

2380-2383 - Years 5-8

A general cooling off period. The Dominion builds a space station on their side of the Bajoran Wormhole, outlawing all traffic through the wormhole. The Federation responds by converting Deep Space 9 into a starbase and basing the 5th Fleet there.

2384-2385 - Years 9-10

First Klingon/Mirak War. Fighting is bitter but inconclusive. Klingons gain 3 systems from the Mirak.

2386 - Year 11

Orion Pirates deemed a serious threat the the Romulan Star Empire. Travel by all Orion ships into Romulan space is completely forbidden. Orion pirates respond by forming organized cartels. Orion pirate activity in the Romulan Empire increases by 300%. During this time, Orion pirates steal Romulan technology, including the highly valuable cloaking device. When the Orions start selling the technology to interested parties, the Romulans quickly negotiate a settlement allowing Orions free access to Romulan space. Though the Orions never sell the cloaking device technology, cloaking devices are installed on most Orion ships.

2387-2389 - Years 12-14

Second Klingon/Mirak War. The Mirak regain the 3 systems they lost.

2390-2395 - Years 15-20

First General War. Cardassians, Romulans and Dominion form a strategic alliance called the RDC. Combined forces from this alliance cross into Federation, Klingon, Mirak and Gorn space. The Federation, Klingon and Mirak governments form an alliance in response to the incursion. Though the Gorn often fight within this new alliance, they never officially join it. Some in-fighting between the Klingons and Mirak occurs, but they soon put their differences aside in favor of their common enemy. The First General War is highly destructive for both sides and the results were inconclusive. By the end of the war, all sides had returned to their original borders.

2396-2399 - Years 21-24

Federation Star Fleet reorganized. New starships are designed to compensate for short comings discovered in the First General War. Starship production increased to new record highs. Most General War starships mothballed as they are replaced by newer designs. For the first time in Federation peace time history, vessels of war take priority over research and development vessels. By Y24, Star Fleet is completely reorganized, though starship production continues.

2400 - Year 25

The USS Yoritomo is sent by RAdm Kwalin (Star Fleet Intelligence Corps) to recover the lost starship USS Whitney. It's discovered that Kwalin was secretly researching inter-phase technology, a technology banned within the Federation. Upon returning to Starbase 1, an attempt to arrest Kwalin failed as he had already fled. Kwalin was also believed to be involved in the theft of several mothballed Star Fleet ships. The Juggernaut Incident occurs, destroying two space stations: one Federation, one Romulan. USS Yoritomo USS Valley Forge commissioned.

2401 - Year 26

Kwalin engineers the theft of the USS Pulsar, the Federation's first battleship. With both the USS Yoritomo and USS Valley Forge damaged beyond immediate repair, both crews team up. In a desperate measure, the museum ship, USS Enterprise-E, was activated and gave chase manned by the combined Yoritomo/Valley Forge crew. Using inter-phase technology to cloak the Enterprise, the joint crew was able to achieve the impossible and recover the Pulsar. USS Philadelphia, USS Avenger, USS Dauntless commissioned. USS Yoritomo destroyed in initial Romulan attack/Start of Second Federation/Romulan War.

2402 - Year 27

Second Federation/Romulan War. Forces from the Romulan Star Empire cross the neutral zone and wage war against the United Federation of Planets and the Gorn Confederation. Romulans defeated in the Battle of the Sheridan Nebula by combined fleet. Followed up by Romulan attack on Starbase 1. USS Republic, USS Titan, USS Gettysburg commissioned. USS Yoritomo recommissioned.

Stardate 20211.14 The Borg Collective has returned to the Sol System. Borg destroy the Romulan attack fleet, Starbase 1, San Francisco Shipyards, USS Avenger, USS Valley Forge. Armageddon Directive initiated by FAdm Jonathan Beckett on Stardate 20211.14. Most Federation outposts and Starbases assumed destroyed/assimilated by the Borg. All Star Fleet vessels cut off from the Federation

2403 - Year 28

Borg Invasion continues, all ships operating according to Armageddon Directive. USS Copernicus, USS Agincourt, USS Yeager commissioned in protected shipyard. USS Yoritomo destroyed by the Borg in the Sol System.

Stardate 20305.01 the Borg defeated by a combined force of Klingon, Romulan, Mirak, Tholian, Species 8472 and Federation forces. Starbase Alpha relocated via Tholian Web Technology to the Sol System replacing the lost Starbase 1. Armageddon Directive rescinded. USS Drake, USS Sheridan, USS Yeager commissioned.

2404 - Year 29

After the end of the Borg Invasion, Federation member worlds have begun to secede from the weakened UFP. The economy has gone into recession and Star Fleet struggles to maintain its exploratory and scientific research under the strain of rebuilding. Skirmishes with pirate races further weaken the fleet. Stardate 20412.05 - Alien vessels entered Federation Space in several key locations and engaged Federation forces. USS Cook destroyed, USS Copernicus badly damaged.

2405 - Year 30

Alien vessels have left Federation space having destroyed the USS Clark, USS Cook, USS Kiev, USS Lexington and damaging the USS Drake, USS Copernicus, USS Comet, and USS Gettysburg. Six alien vessels were destroyed, two escaped to parts unknown. USS Comet officially commissioned.

2406 - Year 31

The Federation President was murdered by the Changeling Kwalin during an attempted assassination of the entire Federation Council. Kwalin was killed by Star Fleet Intelligence Officer Tom Chase, who lost his life trying to stop the attack. The surviving Federation Council, in an emergency session, elected Fleet Admiral Jonathan Beckett to the position of Federation President. Vice Admiral Talon Merrick of Star Fleet Intelligence was appointed Vice President, Former Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Rasmus Benestad was promoted to Fleet Admiral and selected as CINC of Star Fleet and former Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Raymond Gage was appointed as Minister of Diplomatic Affairs. USS Enterprise commissioned.

2407 - Year 32

A period of relative calm for the Federation. Abandoned due to the Armageddon Directive and thought destroyed by the Borg, Starbase Sierra-18 is reclaimed from pirates, repaired, and returned to Federation service. Amid growing tensions between the Democratic Romulan Republic and the RSE, Romulan forces begin making isolated contact with Federation ships. The star Rrhaedhannae goes supernova. The shockwave is expected to hit Romulus and Remus in 2411, completely destroying them both. USS Ticonderoga commissioned.

2408 - Year 33

On Stardate 20805.17, Romulan forces make a cross-border raid in an attempt to retake systems they believe the Federation is illegally occupying. The Federation responds by ending their longstanding ceasefire agreement with the Romulans and by officially recognizing the Democratic Romulan Republic. Encounters between the two galactic powers increase in intensity. Romulan forces capture Acamar and space station Sierra-18. The hostilities culminate in the Battle of 157, with both sides taking heavy losses and neither admitting defeat. RIS Shadowhawk commissioned.

2409 - Year 34

Tensions within the Romulan Star Empire come to a boiling point, resulting in a coup that replaces the wartime government with an isolationist coalition. The new Romulan government redirects its focus to the internal threats posed by the ousted Admiral Tei, withdrawing all Romulan ships from Federation space. The Third Romulan Civil War begins. Strange spatial anomalies appear near many of the major Federation home worlds. USS Darwin and IKV Dreamslayer commissioned.

2410 - Year 35

The spatial anomalies that threatened Federation planets are sealed with the help of the Terran Empire, a benevolent empire from an alternate universe. A conference between the Klingons, Federation, and Romulans is called on Carraya IV to address the imminent destruction of Romulus by a supernova. The UFP and RSE sign a formal peace treaty and, with the help of the Klingons, combine their technology and manpower to save the Romulan home world. The Romulan Exodus begins. Meanwhile, Admiral Tei continues his efforts to return to power by mounting terrorist attacks within the RSE. The Klingon Empire, under the rule of Kalok the Infamous, is attacked by an ancient foe, known only to outsiders as the Hur'Q. USS Nova and USS Pegasus commissioned. USS Yeager and USS Philadelphia relaunched.

2411 - Year 36

The First Attack from the Krynar Confederation starts at Star Base Charlie, posing as two Jem’hadar vessels. The Federation Immense-Class: Starbase Charlie was destroyed within moments. Shortly after that all sensor feed for Bajor was lost, the USS Louis confirmed that Bajor was destroyed. USS Democracy is lost upon entering the Bajor system in an investigation, Vice Admiral Shields and all hands were lost. Star Fleet attempted to maintain exploration missions, but in the end had to restrict scientific missions due to Krynar interference.

2412 - Year 37

The USS Chin’toka was stolen by terrorists with several officers onboard including: Captains Yvette and Nielson as well as Vice Admiral Grayson. USS Pegasus, Philadelphia, Yeager, and James Madison are sent in pursuit weakening the Inquisition front. The Chin’toka was recovered with no casualties. Federation News reports blame the Krynar for enlightening the terrorists. Identification of fleet of Krynar capital ships at the previous location of Starbase Sierra Eighteen, and the Staarc system is lost to the Inquisition.

2413 - Year 38

This following section has been released by the JAG: In 2413, the Tal'Shiar seized the Neutral Zone and militarised it, unilaterally ending the Treaty of Algeron and closing the border in the name of security. Forced to act, the government attacked, and the ensuing Fourth Romulan Civil War turned the region into a battlefield as the Tal'Shiar and Uihvueri allied with each other to overthrow the ruling coalition on Eilhuann. After the Tal'Shiar was defeated and disbanded, the Imperial government kept the zone militarized, ending its neutral status and officially pulling out of the Treaty of Algeron.

The Rest of this section is on standard Federation history databases.

Bioweapons and terrorists to the Federation are found on Nimbus III. All of the weapons and terrorists are seized. USS Sheridan, DD-4086 and USS Gettysburg combine efforts in an attempt to create weapon against the Krynar. Inquisition forces were found to be coming from somewhere in the Badlands, USS Dover and USS Intrepid, CA-1708 were assigned to investigate being equipped with the Sheridan and Gettysburg proto-type weapon. Dubbed ‘Graser’ the finalized version of the prototype is tested on board the USS Chin’toka, CA-1375 with its creator (at the time) Lieutenant Commander Edward Gregg observing. Federation Vice President Prenn attends Krynar peace conference. A ceasefire is called, and valuable information is transferred to the Federation. Battle Group Epsilon-1 is lost to the Krynar.

2414 - Year 39

The Krynar get bolder by invading Tellar Prime, several vessels are dispatched to assist in breaking the invasion. An Engineering fleet is waylaid by warp gate miscalculations and ends up in a Magellanic cloud, holding up warpgate constructions for Federation attack groups. Sol System comes under attack from the Krynar. Both Krynar and Federation retreat is called, the Titan Flotilla is severely damaged. After months of fighting, Inquisition forces retreat breaking the siege of Tellar.

Bajor reappears, having been shifted three years ahead in time by The Prophets. According to Bajorans, only minutes had passed.

2415 - Year 40

Finally, Federation forces attack the Krynar home system. Hundreds of ships engaged the Krynar in a final assault. An engineering flotilla was also sent to construct a temporary warp gate for a possible Federation retreat. There were minimal casualties to the Federation, although Krynar Enlightenment orbs managed to persuade Captain Tokat onboard the USS Ticonderoga to fire upon the USS Avenger. Once the situation was contained, all graser-equipped vessels fired upon the Krynar home system which resulted in its ultimate destruction. Most Star Fleet ships made it to the warp gate: except the Ticonderoga. After the war Star Fleet Engineering, Star Fleet Science, and JAG discontinued the Grazer weapon program and removed most if not all Grazer weapons on starships. Shortly after the war Star Fleet resumed exploration efforts in an attempt to continue their tradition. Several pre-warp species are located and recorded. A handful of pre-warp civilizations had been affected by criminals, and the Krynar, as well as Star Fleet vessels that were destroyed and crashed on the planet. During shore leave the USS Avenger was stolen from dock. Thankfully the USS Voltaire was on hand and carried the crew to locate the stolen vessel. The Avenger crew attempted to reclaim the ship, but not before the USS Gettysburg arrived with orders from the 1st Fleet to destroy the ship: with the crew on board. The Avenger was destroyed per 1st Fleet orders. Additionally, once the crew of the USS Voltaire attempted to beam onto the USS Gettysburg a anti-intruder system was activated vaporizing the entire original crew. So the Avenger crew was able to use the Gettysburg to return to starbase.

2416 - Year 41

Because of the fiendish orders from the 1st Fleet , a cold war instigated between the 1st Fleet and 4th Fleet. Admiral Thomas Grayson declared for a different kind of government versus the current centralized government of the Federation. The stand-off continues for several months before the 4th Fleet rejoined the rest of Star Fleet. Exploration missions become more vigorous afterwards. The USS Pegasus is dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant-Delta Quadrant border through the Star Base Bravo warp gate. A warp gate was set up on the border of the Gamma Quadrant for Star Fleet to access; however during the time in the Gamma Quadrant the USS Pegasus encountered several problems. In short expeditions to the quadrant will require Star Fleet escort vessels.

2417 - Year 42

Federation training exercises are interrupted with Mercenaries attacking the S.E.R.E trainees on Ryla, Federation personnel make their escape successfully. Far away, the USS Foucault lead by Lieutenant Commander Elysia Rannoch, at the head of a Science Flotilla is lost when an anomaly begins to expand and finally explodes sending a huge shockwave across the system. Most of the entire Science flotilla is lost, except for a Zeus Class Light Cruiser. The Rannoch Wave, continued farther and farther so far that even a Tholian colony world was destroyed in the impact. During a Diplomatic Meeting between the Democratic Romulan Republic and the United Federation of Planets, Ambassador Whitten was shot and killed--not by the Tal’Shiar assassin who attempted at killing Whitten, but by one Ensign Makenzie Black of the USS Sheridan. Because of such a situation, political channels between the two governments have been left extremely tense. Aboard the USS Intrepid their own ambassador, Ambassador T'Loko was kidnapped, leaving the Federation two Ambassadors short.

2418 - Year 43

The USS Beckett, CX-2000 is launched as part of a high-profile reorganisation of Star Fleet. The first flight is a disaster, with several crew killed, and the ship is immediately mothballed with construction of further units suspended. Admiral Grayson retires. President Barnett decides not to seek re-election. Star Fleet returns to its roots and begins exploration efforts in all four quadrants. The Kzinti reproductive crisis is discovered, and tensions between the Kzinti and their offshoot race the Mirak begin to rise.

Fleet Modernization Program is resurrected under the guidance of Vice Admiral Braggins. Pioneer Outpost is established past Cardassian Territory, and the Expeditionary fleet is consolidated.

2419 - Year 44

The brief but bloody Kzinti-Mirak war comes to a close with the near-destruction of Kzinti society. Tensions with the Cardassian Union escalate due to the construction of Pioneer Outpost and the actions of the USS Intrepid, CA-1708. First vessels completed as part of the Fleet Modernization Program commissioned into service.