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Voria Kholara
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Unjoined)
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Azure Blue
Hair Color:
Warm brown hair with caramel highlights
Pixie cut that is often spiked up to look a little punky off duty.
Athletic but still feminine.
Fair skin tone.
She speaks with a self assured and soothing purr
United Federation of Planets
Trill Homeworld
Familial Relationships
Karvo Kholara
Dojizi Kholara Mzin (joined to the Mzin symbiont)
Status of Parents:
Both alive and living on the Homeworld. Dojizi works in the local hospital. Karvo writes novels from the family home.
Toja (male) 19, Jimzi (female) 31 deceased, Jovin (male) 25
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born on Trill in the family home in the northern province of the largest continent. Voria was the second of the families four children. Her mother Dojizi is an experienced surgeon working on Trill, her father Karvo, an author of some repute, who took on the responsibilities of the task of raising the children.

Karvo always considered himself something of a polymath, his inquisitive nature and passion to share his knowledge ensured that his children inherited his lifelong passion for learning. Voria was an energetic and excitable child, ever inquisitive and just a little bit too curious for her own good.

Despite her father's eclectic influences Voria clearly idolized her mother, following at her heels and mimicking her mannerisms. At the age of six Voria suffered from her first outbreak of the debilitating namid fever, a juvenile condition restricted to a few humanoid species that causes weakening of the long bones of the legs and intense pain. During this time the young Trill spent a great deal of time in the company of her mother as well as doctors, nurses and other health specialists. This early experience of the kindness and care of medical practitioners set the young Voria on a path that eventually led her to Starfleet medical.

Voria's other childhood hero was her sister Jimzi. A talented athlete from an early age, Jimzi was always active and energetic. Even when Voria was incapable of running and climbing herself she would ask to accompany her sister when she could, watching her play and living vicariously through her sisters deeds. Voria supported her sister wherever she competed in athletically.

During this time she attended school as much as was possible for her, at times utilising a wheelchair and at other times a bone reinforcing bracing harness. As was to be expected, young children can be cruel and Voria was teased often about her condition, but she had one close friend, another girl named Nalia Vell. Nalia and Voria became inseparable and remained close until much later on in life when Nalia married her husband Tiro at the age of 21.

Extensive treatments allowed Voria temporary respite from her condition throughout her childhood but it wasn't until her fourteenth birthday that a reliable treatment was discovered to cure the namid fever and extensive operations where devised to permanently repair the damage done to her skeleton.

Following the treatment Voria was able to enjoy her new found freedom. She chose to pursue her older sisters hobbies of swimming and running and although she never came close to attaining her sisters level of fitness eventually Voria was able to overcome the setbacks that her condition had forced upon her.

In her new found freedom she had discovered that she had inherited her sisters role as hero to her two younger siblings Toja and Jovin, who would insist of doing whatever Voria was doing. It was at this stage that she came to realise and appreciate the patience and indulgence her older sister had shown to her, and yet again she was thankful for the example Jinzi had provided.

About this time Jinzi was applying to starfleet academy as a tactical cadet. Voria was still in school, studying hard with a view to applying to the symbiosis commission. It had been her mothers tales of her previous experiences that had first inspired her to pursue this path, her stories convinced Voria that symbiosis was the most incredible and fulfilling experiences possible, not to mention a great honour to the host simply to be chosen.

Only the best were chosen to host a symbiont and so Voria had to excel in whatever her field would be. Once again looking to her mother she planned to pursue a career in medicine and unsurprisingly to mimic her sister she wanted to apply for starfleet academy as soon as she was old enough to do so.

Voria attended the Trill Symbiosis Commission and underwent the appropriate testing and analysis. Despite scoring extremely well and surpassing her own expectations the symbiosis commission had declared that she was currently considered a low priority host for potential symbiosis and as such should be aware that there was a high chance that she would never receive a symbiont.

This was a harsh and upsetting setback for the youth, for a period of several months she felt extremely depressed and it took the concerted efforts of her mother and sister to get her back on her feet and focussed on her application to starfleet.

Whilst at the Academy Voria found it relatively easy to make friends and even embarked on several shortlived relationships with her fellow cadets, though for the most part her studies and regulations doomed such relationships to fail.

In 2410 Voria had a short, passionate, and ultimately unwise relationship with a male Klingon cadet at the academy. During this interaction both she and her partner decided that they where wholly incompatible and the entire situation had very much coloured her opinion of Klingons, their insensitivity and manner. It has left her somewhat prejudiced toward them. Following on shortly after this relationship she was injured colliding with said Klingon head to head on the squash court.

In 2412 Voria got the news that her sister, by then a security officer with starfleet, was killed in action during a interstellar battle. Voria took the news badly and took a three month leave of absence from her course at the academy to go home to her family on Trill. Following her sisters death she has resolved to always succeed in honour of her lost sibling.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medicine and Surgical Practices
Academy Minor(s): Emergency care
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading old novels, collecting old medical texts and instruments, book restoration, holo-adventures, Tai chi and jogging. She also sings when she's alone
Short-Term Goals: Attain five years of emergency medical experience in the field, either on a star ship or an outpost, learn to play an instrument, try new foods.
Long-Term Goals: Become a host to a symbiont, write a series of texts on the history of emergency medicine. Have a family.
Personality: Voria is an energetic and sprightly little thing, sometimes a little too enthusiastic, perhaps a bit to more positive than the situation calls for.
Sense of Humor: Voria likes to laugh, her positive attitude is one of her defining features and she loves to hear jokes. She may not be considered the best at delivering these jokes herself though, quite often bumbling the punchlines or laughing over them as she remembers the joke itself.
Phobias: Mildly claustrophobic.
Likes: Furry things, rodents, cats, dogs at a push. Scaly things, such as Drezzit. Energetic people. Somewhat cruelly she also likes to try and befriend and liven up more reserved people, seeing it as a worthy challenge. She has a passion for old books and their restoration. Fruit. Chilli.
Dislikes: Flying insects. Cruel people. Cruelty to other forms of life. Chocolate. Ladders. Replicated fruit.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who bite their nails, dirty/messy living spaces. ceaseless negativity.
Bad Habits or Vices: Checking herself in mirrors more than is necessary, eye rolling.
Achievements: Topping her classes at school, being enrolled by the Symbiosis commission.
Disappointments: Grading lowly with the symbiosis commission and thus being unlikely to receive a symbiont.
Illnesses: Several recurring cases of namid fever as a child resulting in weakening in her long bones. This was treated in her teens and she carefully monitors her bone density levels. At the age of 24 she suffered from a serious concussion playing sports at the Academy and suffered from some temporary memory loss but recovered fully.
Strengths: High energy levels, when other people start to feel worn out Voria just seems more upbeat. Calm under pressure, she appears able to maintain a level head under duress. Openness to new ideas.
Weaknesses: Far too trusting in non medical situations. Often overconfident. Sucker for compliments. Terrible at aiming anything thrown, not the best shot either.
Fears: Falling short of her long term goal to one day be a host. Proving too immature to be respected by her peers.
Prejudices: Vegetarians, Klingons.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Whatever takes her fancy, sometimes up to date fashions but as often more 'vintage' pieces she hopes would impress others and make her seem a little more mature.
Distinguishing Features: Obvious Trill markings, striking athletic physique.
Pets: Drezzit (native Trill cave lizard, domesticated.) Drezzit travels with Voria in a compact vivarium, she feels like its a tad on the small size for the creature but sees no alternative until she has larger quarters.
Friends: Nalia Vell, a school friend and confidante

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Getting the news of her sisters death in action with Star Fleet.
Best Time: The time immediately following her treatment as a teenager, where she got to enjoy all of the activities her disability had denied to her.
Most Crucial Experience: Her time being cared for and treated for her childhood condition.
Role Model: Her mother, the healer she aspired to be.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21001.01 – 21411.08 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21411.09 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

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