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United Federation of Planets

Project: Incursion

Prior to the introduction of the Incursion Classed Infiltrator Star Fleet Special Intelligence Services relied on modified runabouts from various Galactic powers (other than the Federation) to ferry operations teams to missions from their base of operations. Due to the secrecy of SFSIS and the wide range of missions the teams were called upon to conduct, it wasn’t always possible to arrange for the ship serving as the base for the runabouts to be near the mission objective for a launch; this caused lengthy delays in mission completions due to the relatively low maximum speeds of the modified runabouts. What SFSIS needed was a semi-independent starship capable of high warp speeds to transport teams to their objectives and towards this end Project: Incursion was created. Drawing heavily on research generated by the Defiant class design teams as well as research from the Pathfinder project, SFSIS engineers designed the Incursion Class; a high speed, low sensor profile ship.
Designed primarily to transport personnel to and from missions, the Incursion Class is only lightly armed and was designed to rely more on its high maximum speed to escape from potentially hostile situations. This design feature, while still useful, has been negated somewhat on the only ship of the class that has entered service, the USS Incursion (the NX test platform for the technologies included in the class, was destroyed during a trial start up of the experimental engines). At the tail end of the construction phase of the Incursion an experimental, highly illegal, and extremely expensive phase cloaking device was added to aid in the ship’s ability to complete its clandestine mission profile. This phase cloak is derived from a continuation of the research conducted by the USS Pegasus, and due to the extreme cost and illegal nature of the device, it is unknown if future ships of this class will include it.

The powerplant of the Incursion-class is a triple core, comprised of a standard warp core, mated to a quantum singularity similar to that used in Romulan vessels, mated to an intertemporal generator which actually generates power by tapping into the space-time continuum directly. This last is only used when the ship is cloaked or requires maximum power, and it's long-term environmental effects have not been verified. The powerplant combination takes up nearly 1/3 of the ship's mass and volume.

The Incursion-class has never been designed according to any existing records, in fact many of the technologies in the ship are currently in the early research phases. The design team primarily resides at the secret base within the Saturn moon Miranda in a space-time bubble. When the Incursion returns to base or logs are submitted they use this data to improve their design concept prior to it being implemented. Actual construction has not started, and will be conducted in a space-time continuum which actually resides hundreds of thousands of years in the past.

Cicero Classed Support Escort (profile view)
Cicero Classed Support Escort (top view)
Cicero Classed Support Escort (forward view)
Cicero Classed Support Escort (side view)
Incursion Deck 1

Type: Intelligence Infiltrator
Length: 69 Meters
Width: 24 Meters
Height: 13 Meters (3 Decks, 3rd Deck dedicated to advanced engines)
Weight: 84 Metric Tons
Standard: 4 Crew (minimum) 6 Crew (standard) 12 Passengers
Emergency: 30
Warp Engines
Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 9x integrated)
Cruise Speed: 8.0 (5.0 while Phase Cloak active)
Sustainable Speed: 9.62 (6.0 while Phase Cloak active)
Emergency Speed: 9.95 (6.9 while Phase Cloak active) (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines
Type: 1 Main Impulse Engines (Type 5)
Max Impulse: .93 C (.75 C while Phase Cloak active)
Defensive Systems
Type: Type 3 Main Shield Generator (MSG-3)
Other: Phase Cloak Generator, Sensor Dampening for when not cloaked
Offensive Systems
Phasers: 2 banks of 1 Type G (Forward Firing)
Torpedoes: 1 Micro-Quantum Torpedo Launcher (13 Torpedoes, Rear Firing), on module which can be replaced by advanced sensor module
Other: Planet Landing Capabilities - Blue Alert
Computer Systems
Type: Daystrom Industries HSCS-4
Type: 1 Docking Tractor
Type: None
Type: None
Type: Andorian Industries FSMSA-3
Combat Ratings
Offensive: %
Defensive: %
Maneuvering: %
CER: %

Incursion Class Deck Plans

Deck 1: Bridge, 2 Staterooms (1-Captain, 1-Commander), Wardroom.
Deck 2: Engineering Bay, Medical Bay, Crew Quarters, Transporter Room (8-capacity), Equipment Lockers, Airlock.

Auxiliary Craft



All Star Fleet standard plus equipment listed on the Intelligence Equipment page, plus


Infiltration Suits - This is an undersuit, which is worn over undergarments and under normal clothing. It encompasses the torso and is sleeveless and legless. By utilizing a small power pack, it emits a signal which can: A) Alter the biosignature of the wearer, allowing them to appear on non-visual sensors as something other than what they are; B) Negate the biosignature of the wearer allowing them to be 'invisible' to non-visual sensors; C) Cause the individual on sensors to appear to be lifeless or dead.

These are the three classes of suits, and must be programmed prior to donning them. Each suit is designed for a specific purpose above and may not be used for the other purposes, and multiple suits may not be worn. They are designated as "IS-A", "IS-B", and "IS-C" respectively.

Enhanced Body Armor - These experimental suits of body armor are used to enhance the inherent perception, reaction, endurance, and strength of the wearer. They are bulky and metallic in nature, and are similar in appearance to heavy armor used by the Marine Corps. The armor is self-contained and has its own environment similar to an EV suit. It enhances the abilities of the user to varying degrees depending upon their training and skill with the suit, however it takes time to learn and often there are accidents with users who are unprepared for the level of enhancement offered. Maximum enhancements recorded on a human have been: perceptive (visual, audio, etc) 73%; reactive 123%; endurance 325%; strength, 400%. Those are increases over normal. The suits also contain microphasers in the forearms, jet boots, and a limited defensive shield generator. Movement can be awkward in confined spaces, especially for users unaccustomed to the suits.

Personal Shield Generator - This device can be placed in a pocket or attached to a belt, and will provide a limited protective forcefield for a short period of time.


Microgrenades - Similar to photon grenades but approximately 2.5cm in diameter, these devices can be more easily carried and concealed than standard grenades, however they have less yield.


Hush Field - This small device will create a sphere of silence around the user. The sphere is scalable from a few centimeters to about a dozen meters. Visual Implants - These temporary implants, much like ancient contact lenses, can give the wearer enhanced darkvision, infrared, or visual zooming. They work for approximately 12 hours and then dissolve into the body.


StimPak - This is a combination stimulant, pain killer using standard medications. RadPak - This is a radiation treatment combined with an anti-radiation medicine.


Chain of Command

-SFSIS Commander
-SFSIS Sector Commanders
-SFSIS Operations Commanders (CO’s)
-SFSIS Field Commanders
-SFSIS Team Members


SFSIS Deployment/Command Craft: USS Incursion

USS Incursion Dedication Plaque

"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" - In time of war, the law falls silent. - Cicero