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Gravity boots, also known as "magnetic boots" or "magnet boots," are magnetized boots worn by Starfleet personnel under certain conditions. These boots provided stability by adhering to a compatible surface, useful when sufficient gravity (or artificial gravity) was not available, including space walk situations. Each Starfleet cadet was required to complete training in these boots at the Academy.

Not usually worn indoors, as an entire ship is gravity-controlled deck by deck, "grav boots" are usually worn when working on the hull of the ship. There are many species who are used to the same gravity levels, with varying levels of degree. Vulcan gravity, for example, is 1.4 x Earth gravity. The effects of higher or lower levels of gravity can have a detrimental effect on a person's physiology, and unless wearing protective gear similar to that of Starfleet space suits with gravity boots, regular check-ups with the doctor on board are necessary.