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Myra Foxx
Career Occupation
Director of Flight Operations
Star Fleet Command
Biographical Attributes
124 lbs
Eye Color:
Emerald Green
Hair Color:
Vibrant, Fiery Orange with noticeably redder low-lights
Straight, Medium Shoulder length, usually styled so the tresses sweep down and outward at the shoulders, but pulled up while in flight suit.
Thin-framed, well-toned, and shapely figured
Naturally light, but slightly tanned from natural sun.
Smooth, Confident
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Both parents are currently living on Dharhyyk. Her Father is a Commodore in the Dhar'hyyk Naval Force, and her Mother stays by his side through thick and thin.
Richard (Older Brother, Deceased), Morgan (Identical Twin Sister, Deceased)
Marital Status:
Married to Carrs Jasal

Personal History

Myra Foxx was born to Lucas and Lydia Foxx on the troubled planet of Dhar'hyyk. She came into a world of turmoil, disagreement, and dissent following the aftermath of the Dominion War. It would be a hard time for a child to grow up. But she was not alone. Myra had an identical twin sister, Morgan.

Peaceful Beginnings

Their father was an officer in the Dhar'hyyk Naval Defense Force, and their mother was a stay-at-home mom whose time was already preoccupied by caring for their older brother Richard, and worring about their father at sea. Tensions between the DDF and AUA had been building for some time, although no shots had been fired as of yet. Life was simple for Myra and Morgan, and even Richard was too young to realize how much events troubled their mother.

Throughout childhood, Myra was grateful to have a friend, playmate, and confidant exactly her age. The twins were close, as was naturally expected, sharing everything from fears, hopes, dreams, secrets, and when the time came crushes. They were inseparable.

As time progressed, the girls grew older, and eventually came into their early teenage years. Their brother had turned 18, and had enlisted in the Naval Defense Force much as their dad had at his age. Their father had been promoted to Captain, and granted command of his own vessel. The girls were about to enter high school. It was a time of celebration for their family all around.

Even as the world was beginning to unravel around them.

The Civility of War, part 1

One evening, a few days before her father and brother were to embark to sea after the Bradman Tragedy, Myra and her mother were preparing dinner for the family when her father announced that he had been called to the Naval base. Realizing she was running low on her special ingredient, she asked him to stop by the commissary to pick some up. Richard, always the responsible one, volunteered to watch the girls and finish up dinner so they could go together. With only a little hesitance, it was agreed.

While Mom and Dad were gone, however, a two-man team of AUA infiltrators stormed the house. One entered through the door, while the other slipped in through the back. They were searching for Myra's father. Instead, they found Richard and the twins.

The armed men pointed assault rifles at the girls and moved to subdue Richard. But he had nothing to do with it. Myra heard a crack of bone and the clatter of a rifle hitting the floor as her brother dispatched one attacker, but as the weapon hit the floor shots rang out. Myra let out a blood curdling scream and dove behind the kitchen counter as shots continued to be fired back and forth. Richard was trying to protect his sisters.

Finally the shots stopped as one of the armed men shouted an ultimatum. "Throw down your weapon! Or your sister's pretty face won't stay so pretty." Myra peeked around the corner of the bar she had shifted to to see Morgan being held hostage with a pistol to her head. Richard stood from behind his cover at the counter, and held his hands up peacefully. "Ok... please... just let Morgan go..."

As soon as Richard had placed his gun on the counter and stepped away, the evil sadistic bastard that would haunt Myra's dreams for years to come sneered. And a shot rang out.

As her sister's body fell, the world seemed to stand still for Myra. The blood froze in mid-air. The scream of her brother faded from notice. All that existed was the hammering of her own heart, and the dull thud of her sister hitting the floor.

Richard screamed in angry rage, and charged the man responsible. But he stopped as he went to tackle him, a look of pain and confusion on his face. Staggering back, he touched at a gaping hole in his abdomen, and stared in disbelief at the bloody dagger in the enemy's hand.

Myra lost it. Without thought, without regard for her own life, she grabbed the pistol her father kept in the bar, and snapped up from her cover. Screaming unintelligibly, she leveled it at her siblings' murderer, and pulled the trigger again and again until the slide locked back and she heard nothing but clicks.

The next thing she could remember was her father's voice comforting her, taking the gun from her hand. She had no idea how long she had been standing there, empty gun held at the ready. All she could do was shiver from terror, and stare at the lifeless bodies of her brother and sister. Then she saw the attacker's body, and remembered the gun in her hand. All she could manage to say was, "D...Daddy... I.... I killed him? ...."

All her father could do was hold Myra and her mother, and try to comfort them. Words would do no good.

She had been introduced to death, first hand, at age 14.

Fleeing Dhar'hyyk

Mobs of AUA loyalists had begun rioting in the streets, and were threatening to overrun DDF base where her father's ship was docked. Orders had came in for all DDF Personnel to return to their ships and leave port immediately. The situation was degrading quickly, and it was time to leave.

Lucas Foxx, refused to abandon his family. Or what was left of it, anyway. Working quickly, he secured a transport for his wife and daughter to take them off-world. If they could get away from the chaos of the next few days, they could return once things had died down. When the time came to take off, however, Lydia refused to leave him alone to die.

They then decided to do the one thing every parent hopes never to do. They sent their daughter away. If she stayed, there wasn't much hope of survival, but if she left she could at least have a chance. Her father held her tight and explained, "Myra, honey... You go with the Lieutenant, ok? ... He'll take you to a ship.. and they'll take you to stay with Aunt Margret, ok?" Aunt Margret lived on Earth.

Myra didn't want to leave her parents. She wanted to stay with her dad. She wanted him to tell her it would all be ok. Finally though, the Lieutenant had to forcibly drag her on board the shuttle.

She watched through the viewscreen in tears as the familiar home she'd grown up on slowly gave way to the cold, icy black of space.

Life on Earth

Earth was an amazing place, compared to the ocean planet of Dhary'hyyk. Huge buildings, massive metropolises, vast open land. Had she not been in shock from the ordeal a few days before, she might have enjoyed the sights a little more.

Her Aunt Margret lived in the city of London. And as Myra soon discovered, it would prove to be her new home. The Federation Council declared her homeworld to be off-limits to all vessels, and an open state of Civil War was issued.

After a year of hoping the war would end, Myra came to grips with the cold possibility. She might not get to go home.

She enrolled in high school, and after an average four-year experience, she graduated. She had faced ridicule throughout due to her unatural hair and eye color, a combination uncommon even on Dhar'hyyk. Following high school, she explored her options, but was unable to arrive at a decsion as to how to proceed. All she really wanted to do was go home.

A representative from Starfleet had spoke at the graduation, encouraging the young men and women to consider careers in Starfleet or the Marine Corps. And something spoke to Myra. She did a little research, and found that Starfleet seemed to appeal to her. So she enrolled in starfleet academy, much to Aunt Margret's dismay. Eventually though, she came to recognize Lucas's spirit in her, and knew that she no longer had a choice in the matter.

Starfleet Academy

While attending SFA, Myra tried a wide variety of curriculums, uncertain as to what her skills would be best suited for. She tried Medical, Science and Engineering, but she couldn't get the hang of the fine detailed work needed to do well. She just didn't have the patience.

Then she tried Security. She did well. She learned how to shoot, and was pretty good. But her first psychological evaluation suggested that she might not be able to stare an enemy in the face and pull the trigger. In her heart she knew the reason. She had prayed to never have to do so again.

Finally, just before she was about to relegate herself to a career in support, her shuttlecraft piloting instructor suggested she try the piloting program. She did, and discovered her hidden talent. She had an unknown passion for flying, and was very good at it.

As time has a habit of doing, days turned to years again, and final exams took place. While all her classmates saw assignments listed next to their names of the final score roster, Myra's had a simple message: "Report to the Commandant's office at 08:00." Terrified of what that might have meant, she complied, only to discover that she had been selected for advanced training and instructor certification, based on her skills.

Upon leaving the program, she had been granted the rank of Ensign, and was a certified flight instructor in the fighter program. An accomplishment in its own right. But war has its ways of changing plans. She was assigned to a new ship heading into battle.

First Station -- USS Republic

Myra's first station was aboard the newly commissioned carrier, the USS Republic. Being a fighter pilot on the newest carrier in the fleet meant she saw combat against the romulans quite often. She came to see the horrors of combat firsthand. Ships were destroyed, fighters shot down, hull breeches caused crewmembers to vanish into space. But none of it compared to watching the eyes of a dying man. Somehow, she was ok with that. It was easier to kill a man without having to look him in the eye.

Eventually, the Romulans were defeated, and the killing stopped. For a little while.

By the end of her first year of service she had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, but the Borg had returned. A massive Borg attack left the Sol System in ruin, and forced Admiral Beckett to invoke a measure never before considered: The Armageddon Directive.

For the next several months, the Republic, and every other vessel in Starfleet, remained isolated, operating independently to combat the Borg in whatever way possible. Myra's squadron played a key role in the defense and eventually the offensive strategy of the ship. Many lives were lost before the Borg were finally defeated. And many more were assimilated, including her wingman. He and she had grown very close over the course of her assignment, but when their squad was captured by the borg during a mission she was forced to watch him be assimilated before her eyes. As they made their escape, he was one of the drones sent after them, and she was forced to take a second life face to face.

Life After Borg

After the Borg War ended, and the Armageddon Directive was lifted, she was promoted to full Lieutenant, and transferred to the newly relocated Starbase Alpha, having been selected to help train new pilots. It was during her time there that she met a fellow citizen of Dhar'hyyk who would eventually become a dear friend. Mackenzie Annan.

She and Mac became close friends, and eventually they both were requested to transfer to the newly formed "Halo Squadron" aboard the USS Enterprise. It was there that her friend Mackenzie became squadron XO, and was engaged and eventually married her long time flame, The Hero of Dhar'hyyk, Paul Braggins.

The Civility of War, part 2

Not long afterward, however, word arrived that their home planet was once again torn by Civil War. Romulans were supplying the Anti-Federation faction with supplies and intelligence. Starfleet saw the need to intervene.

Myra, Mackenzie, and Paul all provided aid to their homeworld. During the days of heated conflict that ensued, Myra and her friends the Braggins' fought fiercely to liberate thier homeworld once again. Myra was glad to be fighting for her own people, her own home.

During the final battle of the war, Myra was shot down and stranded at sea. But somehow she managed to survive against the odds, and was eventually picked up by a friendly boat, half-dead from exhaustion and a nasty shrapnel wound in her side.

She and her friends the Braggins' remained on leave for a considerable time after the war actually ended. Mac and Paul prepared their home for a new addition, as it was discovered that Mac was expecting. Not wanting to intrude, and having other ideas of her own, Myra left them to themselves, and made attempts to find someone she had been longing to see for many years. Her parents.

Romulans Again

When the conflict with the Romulans began, she was reassigned to Starbase Alpha once again, this time serving as both instructor and base defender. Should the Romulans break through to the Sol System, she would be one of the last lines of defense. And even if they did not, the tactics she taught new pilots would be used to stop them.

News came of the battles of the war, and Myra wondered if her friends were safe. She wondered if Dhar'hyyk was safe, being so close to the Neutral Zone. It bugged her, only being able to sit and wait; she was afraid she'd never get to fire a shot in real combat. Eventually, her fears were resolved. She was transferred to a Battleship, heading to face the Romulans on the front lines. The horrors of war would once again become a part of her life.

The fleet she was a part of played a key role in holding the Romulans, while she later discovered that the fleet Paul and Mackenzie had been assigned to tipped the scale. The Romulans surrendered; the war was over.

The Civility of War, part 3

((This section is Classified. Anyone reading this document without the proper clearance would not have access to this information.))

Not long after the end of the war, word came to her in the form of a secretive message that the Dhary'hyyk Government had requested Federation assistance once again. Unable to openly provide support, the Federation Volunteer Group had been called to intervene. It seemed that Civil War had again broke out, and the AUA had once again gained the upper hand. Unable to contact Paul and Mackenzie, since they were away on mission with the Ticonderoga, Myra decided she would go alone.

Resigning her commission from Starfleet, she soon found herself aboard the Kestrel, embroiled in a conflict even more heated than before. The AUA started going after civilian targets, and their tactics became more brutal. She watched as her allies were shot down again and again, and little headway was being made. The powers that were decided that they needed the Hero of Dhar'hyyk, and sent word to Paul requesting aid. Before long, the planet was under a system wide communications blackout. All contact with the outside universe was cut off.

The battle continued, and more lives were being lost for no ground, until word arrived that Admiral Vaughn of the DDF had arrested President Azreal. They had been played for fools.

Myra, and most of the Kestrel's crew went rogue. They coordinated with other rogue groups who disagreed with Vaughn's rise to power, and staged a rescue at Lucernia. Together, they were barely able to pull the President out before the city was destroyed by AUA forces. The next while was spent planning how to strike back.

Soon, word arrived that the Hero of Dhar'hyyk and a group of Volunteers had arrived at Razgriz. Vaughn had declared them to be traitors, but the group had fled arrest and certain execution. A sortie was scrambled to effect a rather unorthodox rescue. The FVG members were ordered to eject, and their craft were shot down in order to fake their deaths.

Upon making it to the Kestrel, Paul, Mac, and Myra were reunited. Unfortunately, a daunting task lay ahead of them. They had to stop Vaughn and Paul's Father from gaining full control of Dhar'hyyk. The mission was drawn up, but it didn't look good. A meager force of 12 fighters would assault a shipyard head on. Myra, and all the more experienced pilots of the newly re-activated "Ghost Squadron", knew it could very well be a suicide mission.

Not wanting to spend her last night contemplating her fate, Myra decided to spend the hours prior to the assault in the Lounge aboard the Kestrel. A few drinks loosened her mind a little, and she soon found it easy to forget the fear that had threatened to hold her before. It was that night, that she met a young Bajoran pilot named Carrs who had arrived with the new FVG members Paul had brought. He had started up a poker game, and Myra was willing to play. Throughout the evening she found that they had spent more time flirting with each other than playing cards, he didn't seem like any of the other guys she had met in the pilot programs she had been a part of. During the final hand, she decided she wanted to learn a little more about this "Carrs". She bet him a date on the flight deck. The only trick? She was holding a Five high.

When the young man produced a three of a kind, Myra simply grinned and stood. She allowed him to escort her to the flight deck after securing their winnings, to make good on her wager. As they strolled, they discussed a great deal of things. Hopes, fears, their pasts. He shared his experience on the streets, and losing his mother at a young age. She shared losing her siblings and staying with family on Earth. Whether it was the conversation, the stress of being faced with life or death, or some deeper connection neither of them knew. But Myra ended up feeling a connection she hadn't felt since... well, ever. A casual walk turned into sitting side by side, staring at the moons. Staring at the moons turned into a kiss. And a kiss turned into a night spent in his quarters.

The following morning, the Mission was on. After a quick briefing, the Kestrel took to space, and launched Ghost Squadron. The Ghosts' mission was to hit the shipyard at Raikan V, but this was complicated by the presence of a DDF and an AUA fleet, already engaged. Fighters from both sides attacked the Ghosts, and they split into teams. With a little hesitance, Myra picked Carrs as her wingman. She had lost a lover once, but she was determined not to let it happen again.

At first, it was all they could do to survive the dogfights that ensued, but eventually she and Carrs proved to be a formidable team, and outmaneuvered all comers. Just as they found an opening to move on their objective, however, twelve elite units engaged them, led by what sounded like Paul's double. The battle with the Aces was considerably harder, and many good pilots were lost, but eventually, the remaining Aces bugged out.

Once again, however, their approach of the objective was delayed by the decloaking of a massive vessel, the likes of which she had never seen before. The vessel fired, proving itself to be a weapons platform of some sort. Plans to destroy the station were interrupted by Admiral Vaughn himself, and Paul dove after him into the structure's interior, while Myra, Carrs, Mackenzie, and the other remaining Ghosts moved to take out the station's control tower.

The combined efforts of the squadron's assault on the tower, and Paul's assault on the core proved enough to bring the station to its knees. Paul however, crashed onto the planet below. Myra, Mackenzie, and Carrs entered the atmosphere to mount a search and rescue, while the surviving members of the Ghosts of Razgriz returned to the Kestrel to report in, and come back for them.

Ultimately, they were sucessful in defeating the AUA, and the Civil War that had burned across Dhar'hyyk for the last decade finally ended.

((End Classified Section))

Inevitable Reunion

Following the end of the Romulan War, Myra was granted a period of extended leave which she used to tend to Family Affairs on Earth.

Once she returned however, she found that she had been reassigned. She was now assigned as Halo Squadron XO aboard the USS Ticonderoga. The transfer had come at the request of the ship's new Commanding Officer: Paul Braggins.

Myra was pleased to be working with Paul, and Mackenzie is the Squadron's CO. She quickly started making new friends on board, and even started dating one of the squadron's pilots, Carrs Jasal. Knowing that their superior-subordinate relationship could place a heavy strain on their romantic relationship, she and Carrs were careful to keep their personal and professional lives as separate as possible.

Looks Can Be Decieving: Mission to the Lobe Globe

Myra quickly settled into her role as Halo Squadron’s Executive Officer, even if it meant seeing more paperwork than flight time. Her role and that of the Halos was usually one of support and preparedness, but not every mission was spent on standby.

The Ticonderoga and her crew were asked to obtain a shipment of a rare element known as Ferengithium from the only source known in the quadrant: Fereingar. When they arrived, the Grand Nagus was willing to trade, but at a steep price. He asked the Tico and her crew to liberate his newly created “Lobe Globe” holographic attraction from the actions of a Rouge A.I. that had rebelled and seized control of the facility.

The Ticonderoga’s crew would pose as vacationers in order to slip past the station’s paranoid defense systems, and find a way to shut it down. Four teams were developed with four separate cover stories. Myra and Carrs posed as a newlywed couple on their honeymoon (which Myra found easy enough to play along with) along with Paul and MacKenzie on a “second honeymoon”, and others were posing as vacationing singles. Their group selected a Daytona Beach, Earth fantasy to reside in. Everything seemed to be going very well. They even found time to indluge in a daredevil race at breakneck speeds in holographic representations of supercars of the 21st century. During the race though, things went south.

The A.I., who called itself “Lucifer” identified them, and started trying to kill them. It sent everything it could muster at them: Giant Robots, Fantasy Landscapes, Goblin Warriors, Silver-skinned Ferengi Androids. If not for the aid of the station’s original, benevolent A.I. (known as Gabriel) they would have surely perished at the hands of the fearsome Balrog.

Eventually, they found the station’s armory and fought their way to the control room, where they were able to shut down the rogue A.I. and negotiate a fair deal with the Grand Nagus for the Ferengithium.

Separation Anxiety

Soon after returning from the Lobe Globe, transfer orders came down not for Myra, but for Carrs. She and Carrs had grown very, very close since they first met on Dhar’hyyk. What started as a fling had deepened and bloomed into a full, serious relationship. The thought of him transferring away was rough. Before he left, they both decided to list each other as “next-of-kin” on their formal profiles. They knew that doing so would allow them to converse more freely when their missions allowed, and should anything ever happen to either of them the other would be notified.

Fortunately, his orders were simply to transfer to Starbase Bravo’s Fighter Wing as an instructor and, should the need arise, base defender. Considering that the Ticonderoga’s home base was Starbase Bravo, Carrs’ transfer could have been much worse. They were still able to spend time together between missions, and quickly decided that the old adage was true: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

Highway to the Danger Zone: Sunrise Over Carraya

Following the Lobe Globe incident, the Ticonderoga was ordered to join with the 4th Fleet at Starbase Delta for a Special Assignment. When they arrived, they departed immediately for the Carraya system.

Once word came from the Senior Officers what they were doing on the way to Carraya, it was clear they had a fight ahead of them. Distress signals were received from Carraya, but suddenly cut off. The 4th Fleet Task force was sent to investigate. All indications suggested that Admiral Grant, the Commander of the Task Force, and top Brass in the 4th Fleet, was expecting heavy resistance when they arrived.

Myra, and the Halos launched to meet up with the sizeable fighter force from the USS Nova and the USS Lejeune. Halo Squadron’s role was field leadership, and the flight’s role was Aerospace Dominance. Within moments, numerous Klingon ships had engaged the fleet, and several deployed fighters of their own. As the Klingon Fighters made contact with the Raptors, Raiders, and Venators of the Flight Group the situation swiftly entered into “Aerospace Combat Maneuvering,” or in laymen’s terms: It was an all-out dogfight.

Halo squadron racked up kill after kill in the ensuing chaos, taking far fewer casualties then they were inflicting, but elsewhere the overall battle did not fare so well. The Lejeune was destroyed, and several ships (including the Ticonderoga) were critically damaged, just barely able to make it to warp when the retreat was called.

The Mission was a failure, as the Fleet discovered that they had suffered from bad intel, and failed to capture the palace on the surface as planned. But Myra still sees her involvement in the operation as a success. She racked up many kills that day, lived to tell the tale, and brought three down on the flight deck when she came home.

Revolution: Mission to Yadalla Prime

During a joint diplomatic mission with the USS Dauntless, Halo Squadron was once again called upon. The diplomatic mission called for the Ticonderoga and the Dauntless to provide aid to a planet struck with civil unrest and turmoil. Some factions on the planet were even proposing secession from the Federation. Thanks to the Prime Directive, Starfleet could not be seen to intervene directly, but humanitarian aid and the offer of protection to Federation Citizens was sent nevertheless.

During the mission, a large group of unknown Pirates attacked the surface. The Ticonderoga, Dauntless, and the Columbia (who were in system on their own mission) intervened to defend the planet and bring the Pirates to justice. The enemy used some sort of jamming device though, which tipped the scales in their favor. Further tipping the scales, a Romulan Dreadnaught appeared on the dark side of the moon and nearly ripped the Ticonderoga and the Dauntless apart.

It was then that Halo Squadron was called upon. Their mission was to hunt down and destroy the jamming device. Without the comm jamming, the odds would be in the two Starfleet ships’ favor. Paul led the bombing run while Myra and her wingman were ordered to hang back in case a second run was needed. From her vantage point though, she could see the barrage of torpedo fire headed straight for the rest of her Squadron. She and her wingman managed to intercept most of the barrage, but one made it though, and claimed the lives of two of the pilots. But Paul and Lieutenant Commander Fiore both managed to make it though to the target area, and eliminated the jammers with only moments to spare.

With the jamming cleared, the Ticonderoga, the Dauntless, along with Myra and her Wingman were able to muster enough coordinated firepower to destroy all but one of the Pirates, and make the survivor and the Dreadnaught flee. Following the battle, the Ticonderoga was ordered back to Starbase Bravo for repairs while the Dauntless and the Columbia finished up the diplomatic mission.

And Then There Was One

As soon as the Ticonderoga made it back to Starbase Bravo and the crew were allowed to depart, Myra had her gear ready and was on the docks as soon as possible. She had Carrs had a standing date: any time the Ticonderoga made port at Bravo, they would spend a night on the Promenade, his treat. The Yadalla mission had been very stressful, and the failure at Carraya was still weighing heavy on everyone’s mind. But what weighed more was the news of the destruction of Bajor and Starbase Charlie. Billions of lives were lost in a mysterious event that no one seemed to understand.

After settling into her relief quarters on Bravo, anxiety and anticipation got the better of her, so she decided to meet Carrs on the Flight Deck before his shift ended. Upon arrival though, she was shocked to learn that he had transferred once again. His former crew chief gave her disturbing news that bore disturbing possibilities: Carrs had transferred to the USS Democracy, a ship bound for Starbase Charlie. News reports had been saying that the Democracy had been lost during the Bajor incident, and all hands were presumed lost. She refused to accept the facts that were presented to her, instead returning to her quarters to be alone.

Just as she managed to summon the resolve to believe that Carrs had somehow escaped, and would find a way to make it home, a chime came at her door. Two ranking officers in dress uniforms met her at the door, offered her an official PADD, and saluted her. Casualty Notification Officers. Carrs was really gone. As she was forced to deal with losing him, she also had to settle his final affairs. In going through his belongings that were left on Bravo, she discovered that he had made a very expensive final purchase. He had imported an expensive, Bajoran Blue-Diamond Engagement ring. He had been planning to propose. This made losing him all the more unbearable.


Myra was reunited with Carrs following the Krynar war, her fiance having been brought back to life (albeit horrifically injured) by a change in the timeline. Myra took successive desk or teaching jobs at Star Fleet Tactical to be with him while he recovered and during his early time at Star Fleet Academy, during which time the two were finally married. Myra remained at Star Fleet Tactical for a while, working on projects such as the cancelled F/A-3 Fighter and the Type-1F Attack Craft. When the Type-1Fs were to be introduced to active service, Myra found herself headhunted to travel out to a system beyond Cardassian Space, where she would act as the first permanent Wing Commander of the new Pioneer Outpost. Ultimately, she rejected the offer and instead resumed her role with Flight Operations at Star Fleet Tactical while her long-time friend Mackenzie decided to take the position temporarily to get away from her desk; leaving Myra as acting-director of Flight Operations.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Aerospace Navigation, Tactics
Academy Minor(s): Mechanical Engineering, Aviator Instructor Program
Hobbies and Pastimes: Surfing, Skiing, Parises Squares, Motorcycles
Short-Term Goals: Find a way to cope with the Loss of her would-be fiancé.
Long-Term Goals: Help her “niece” find her place in the world.
Personality: Myra is quite outgoing, and does not hesitate to take steps to obtain her goals. This "aggressive nature" holds true in most facets of her life from friendships and relationships, to her fighting style.
Sense of Humor: Light-hearted and witty
Phobias: Having overcome her personal fears, Myra now only has to cope with the occupational hazards of being a pilot. Fires, failing systems, and being shot down terrify her just as they do any other pilot.
Likes: Action and Romance holonovels, Dhar'hyyk cuisine, chocolate
Dislikes: Waiting in lines, Earth Mexican cuisine, reading
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who ramble
Bad Habits or Vices: She has built a reputation as a bit of a "cougar," going after men a bit younger than herself. Additionally, she has a bit of an impatient streak.
Achievements: Myra completed the Star Fleet Aviator Instructor Progam .
Disappointments: Her parents sent her away when she was younger, to protect her from the impending Civil War.
Illnesses: Myra has had no major illnesses.
Strengths: Myra's aggressive personality, quick thinking, and forward fighting style lead to her being an exceptional dogfighter.
Weaknesses: In matters requiring more precision, such as ranged marksmanship or precision bombing runs, she finds her impatient streak can be somewhat of a hindrance.
Fears: That harm will come to those closest to her as it has in the past.
Prejudices: Her experiences had previously led her to believe that most men are chauvinistic and sexist. A belief which she has often worked to her advantage. Of course, she knows a few men have proven this not to be universal.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and T-shirts mostly, unless the occasion calls for more formality. She is rarely seen, on duty or off, without a sizable blue-diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger. A reminder of her past, and the man she loved.
Distinguishing Features: A short scar along her right side, and a butterfly tattoo along the small of her back. Both usually obscured by clothing.
Pets: none
Friends: MacKenzie Braggins, Paul Braggins, Hatcher, Samantha Epp

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Watching her older brother and twin sister murdered before her eyes.
Best Time: Living at her childhood home on Dar'hyyk, playing with her sister and father.
Most Crucial Experience: Being sent away from her family and home.
Role Model: Her Father, Lucas Foxx. As well as her best friend, MacKenzie Braggins.

Contact Information


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