Type-1F Attack Craft

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Class History

With Star Fleet's focus moving more towards exploration, Star Fleet Tactical began disposing of its fleet of F-1s and A-1 Heavy Fighrters, most of which were nearing the end of their service life anyway. In order to fill the gap in fleet, outpost and convoy defence left by the departure of dedicated Attack Craft, a plan was put into place to militarise a variant of the Type-1 Runabout for immediate deployment to Starbases, Carriers and other outposts in need of support craft.

The militarised Runabouts were drawn from stores of mothballed Marine Marine Combat Dropships due to their extra armour plating and greater offensive firepower. The rear compartments were stripped of barracks space and replaced with a pair of full-size torpedo launchers and magazines. Craft configured for patrol missions were given an expanded living area with comfortable living space for a crew of ten at the cost of offensive firepower, while the designated "Hunter-Killer" craft utilised 80% of the rear compartment's internal volume for weapons storage, leaving enough room for four bunks and forcing the crews to "hot-bunk" when missions required lengthy periods of time away from the vessel's home base.

In testing, the Type-1F performed well and crews seemed pleased with its performance. Many die-hard veteran who disagreed with the plan to retire the older classes of fighters were pleasantly surprised by the larger craft's handling and firepower, and admitted that having an expanded crew allowed for greater division and allocation of tasks, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness. Light Attack Craft have been assigned to anti-piracy units and as convoy escorts within Federation Space, roles in which the fledgling craft and their operators have excelled.


Type-1F Light Attack Craft

Type: Light Attack Craft (LAC)
Length: 26 Meters
Width: 16 Meters
Height: 7.5 Meters (1 Deck)
Weight: 28 Metric Tons
Standard: Crew: 4-9 - Mission Commander (Optional), Pilot, Tactical Officer, Engineer, Sensor Operator. Duplicate crew provided for long-range deployment.
Emergency: None
Warp Engines
Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 5)
Cruise Speed: 5.0
Sustainable Speed: 6.0
Emergency Speed: 7.0 (6 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines
Type: 1 Main Impulse Engines (Type 5)
Max Impulse: .9 C
Defensive Systems
Type: Type 3 Main Shield Generator (MSG-3)
Other: None
Offensive Systems
Phasers: 1 banks of 2 Type G (2F). 1 bank of 1 Type-3 (1A/180)
Torpedoes: 2 Torpedo Launcher (2F)
Computer Systems
Type: Daystrom Industries HSCS-3
Type: Type Alpha Tractor (F)
Type: N/A
Type: N/A
Type: Andorian Industries FSMSA-1
Combat Ratings
Offensive: 40%
Defensive: 40%
Maneuvering: 80%
CER: 50%

Variant Configurations

  • Patrol/Interdiction Module - Torpedo Launcher (2) - 2x Quantum Torpedoes per launcher.
  • Hunter-Killer/Fighter-Bomber Module - Torpedo Launcher (2) - 6x Quantum Torpedoes per launcher.

Internal Layout