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James Esperenson
Career Occupation
Star Fleet Academy
Star Fleet Registration:
209051161-001 BTZD
Biographical Attributes
193 cm (6 ft. 4 in.)
81.6 kg (180 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Facial Hair:
Gentle and reassuring
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Andrus Esperenson, Scientist/Inventor, 74
Lwaxana Esperenson, Writer, 73
Status of Parents:
Alive and well living on Betazed
Jemma Williams, 47 - Married and living with her husband on Earth as an Engineering instructor at Star Fleet Academy

Talloc Esperenson, 45 - Medical Officer Star Fleet Outpost on Betazed

Lon Esperenson, 43 - Science Officer on USS York

Kestra Esperenson, 41 – Writer living on Betazed

Azuma Esperenson, 27 – Security Office on USS Cape Town

Yaxara Esperenson, 22 – Staff member for Betazed's Ambassador to the Federation on Earth

Reittan Esperenson, 17 – Tactical cadet in Star Fleet Academy.
Marital Status:

Personal History

James was the first born of 8 children to Lwaxana (nee Stanfer) and Andrus Esperenson although they often refer to themselves as the ‘first family’ and ‘second family’ due to the large age range between the siblings. James was born on the edge of what some scholars have begun calling a new era for Star Fleet with vessels venturing deeper into unknown space and encountering countless new species. This however came with the price of encountering many hostile species most notably the Borg and Dominion all before James was 20.

It was in 2375 when the Dominion first invaded and occupied Betazed that James saw firsthand the impacts of war. The Dominion were rounding up strong telepaths for experimentation which James later found out was in an attempt to harness the telepathic genes and inject them into the Vorta gnome in an attempt to make them more efficient negotiators. One night James was with in his family home when one of the Jem’Hadar squads came knocking. His sister Kestra had had her testing done a few days before and had been found to be considerably above average in her abilities. When the two Jem’Hadar stormed through the door along with their Vorta master in search of James’ sister James (13) along with his father and maternal grandfather stood between them and the door behind which Kestra and the rest of the family were hiding. The Jem’Hadar would strike each men repeatedly with the butts of their rifles but each time the men would stand back up and block their way. They levelled their rifles at them ready to execute them but the men stood their ground. Finally the Vorta ordered them to stop and to drag James’ grandfather out into the square and continue the beating during which the man died. It was that day that James vowed to do whatever he could to stop the Dominion and anyone who would inflict such pain on innocent people, he was destined for Star Fleet.

James met Catherine, the woman who would become his wife while they were both in their first year at the Academy (2379) and quickly became very close friends and eventually began a relationship. Although they were eventually stationed to separate vessels (James to Starbase 375, Catherine to USS Kelvin) upon graduation they vowed to continue their relationship via subspace as many Star Fleet couples do.

James excelled to life on board the station and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant and distinguished himself during the First General War using his expertise in cybernetics to assist with the creation of unmanned drone fighters to help defend the Starbase when it was attacked by an RDC force. During the war Catherine was badly injured in an attack by RDC ships and was transferred to Earth for some rest and to assist with the reorganisation of Star Fleet. It was at this time that James put in an application to become an instructor at Star Fleet Academy which was accepted. This was the first time since their Academy days that they had been able to spend more than 4 weeks together although this ultimately proved to be their undoing.

They had decided to live in San Francisco in a Star Fleet Academy housing complex where the majority of the on campus faculty lived and were married shortly after they arrived back on Earth. In public they were the happy couple, always smiling and laughing however behind closed doors it was a completely different story. Constant bickering and snide remarks began to grate on their relationship to the point where Catherine left. After almost 20 years together they had simply grown apart. The only contact James had with Catherine since she left is receiving the divorce papers in the mail which caused James to spiral downwards into a deep depression that began to effect his work. He received two reprimands and was threatened with losing his position at the Academy if he did not change. It wasn’t until his sister Kestra came for a visit that he decided to change and she felt that she had at least partially repaid her brother for his actions during the occupation.

From that day James was almost a model of Star Fleet regaining his lust for life and his work. He began to have more fun with his life and rose to the position of Dean of Evaluations and the rank of Commander, eventually stepping down from that position to take on a more overarching consultant role within the Academy faculty.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Quantum Mechanics, Cybernetics
Academy Minor(s): Archaeology, History
Hobbies and Pastimes: James enjoys being active. He can often be found in the holodeck or on the running track at the Academy. James enjoys being outside and keeping fit.
Short-Term Goals: To help shape the minds of the next generation of Star Fleet officers, Captains and Admirals
Long-Term Goals: To one day start a family and possibly reconcile with Catherine enough to at least be on speaking terms.
Personality: Despite everything that has happened during his life James is quite a positive person
Sense of Humor: James can often find the funny in anything
Phobias: James has a fear of warp core explosions, in particular causing them. Because of this he during his time on board ships he avoids going to engineering as much as possible. This was one of the reasons that James accepted the position at the Academy.
Likes: James loves to read and run, if he could do both at the same time he would.
Dislikes: Sitting still for too long
Bad Habits or Vices: James gets what he calls the ‘fidgets’ if he is sitting still too long. He needs to keep moving which is why he will often pace back and forth during his lectures.
Illnesses: Typical childhood illnesses
Strengths: A very mathematical brain. James can calculate different variables at a much accelerated speed.
Weaknesses: Although quite fit and active he has never been good at climbing, something he would like to overcome one day.
Fears: Heights. Might have something to do with his lack of climbing ability
Prejudices: The Dominion, specifically the founders. He doesn’t have anything against the Jem’Hadar themselves as he understands that they were just genetically engineered soldiers following orders that they had no way to disobey.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Something comfortable
Distinguishing Features: A scar on his right cheek that he has decided to never get removed.
Pets: A number of pets still at home
Friends: James has always been closest to his sister Kestra despite being over 10 years her senior. Throughout their childhood they were virtually inseparable with James taking a keen interest in raising her and during the occupation of Betazed, protecting her. Throughout his time in Star Fleet and since his transfer to the Academy James has become friends with his fellow faculty members.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The day Catherine left him. He has never fully recovered.
Best Time: Meeting Catherine
Most Crucial Experience: The night the Dominion came for his sister
Role Model: His grandfather whose sacrifice for his family will never be forgotten

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