Courcel, Remy

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Remy Courcel
Career Occupation
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Derrick Boorman
5' 7"
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Chestnut Brown
Short, kept neat
Facial Hair:
Toronto, Canada
(N/A) 11.22
Familial Relationships
Hugo Courcel, died aged 47.
Sylvia Courcel, 56.
Status of Parents:
Mother alive, a botanist living in Marseille, France. Father deceased, formerly a painter.
1 older brother, Gaspard, aged 30. Gaspard is also in Starfleet, serving as a science officer on board the Columbus Class Scout USS Dampier. 1 younger sister, Marie, aged 24. Marie works for a charity on Earth.
Marital Status:
Dating. Keeps this to himself but for a couple of years has been conducting a long distance relationship with a fellow Academy graduate, Michelle Grey.

Personal History

Remy Courcel was born in Canada into a family that could trace its heritage back to France where, sometime in the late 18th century, their ancestors fled the poverty and violence of the French Revolution. Remy, like his brothers and sisters, was raised as French by their parents who retained the fierce patriotism that the Courcels had brought over from their native country.

Remy was a bright young child, who took on his father's love of art and painting and from an early age sought to emulate his father in one day becoming an artist. But his home life was less than ideal. His doting mother, a quiet botanist, was overshadowed by her drunk and often abusive husband. Remy, his siblings and his mother all grew up frightened of a man who would erratically drift between sorrow and despression and violent angry outbursts. Seeking to escape this torment his brother joined Starfleet when Remy was 14, prompting him to do the same aged 16, the youngest age permitted. He chose Medicine as his field of expertise as he felt that it was suited his quiet and well meaning personality. His sister was similarly inspired by her brother's actions, but instead of joining Starfleet remained on Earth to work for a charity that helped victims of domestic abuse.

Remy's father died of cirrhosis of the liver due to his alcoholism halfway through Remy's academy training. Upon her husband's death, Remy's mother made the decision to move back to France to continue her work as a botanist. Remy Courcel was posting from the academy as a midshipman to the USS Sheridan where he has remained ever since keeping his head down and making the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical and Clinical Administration
Academy Minor(s): Fine Art
Hobbies and Pastimes: Painting and reading mystery novels.
Short-Term Goals: Repaying Boorman's considerable faith in making him ACMO.
Long-Term Goals: Finding and acheiving a sense of belonging that was lacking in his childhood.
Personality: Cautious & nervous. Remy is a hard working and quiet man who does what he is told.
Sense of Humor: Somewhat lacking, but gradually getting used to and appreciating Boorman's rather sarcastic and acerbic sense of humour.
Phobias: Spiders
Likes: Getting on with things, peace and quiet.
Dislikes: Confrontation
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being put upon by those around him and being seen as Boorman's dogsbody.
Bad Habits or Vices: Running to the CMO everytime he has a problem.
Achievements: Remy struggles with self-confidence so he sees his biggest acheivement to date as his promotion to ACMO.
Disappointments: Not being more confident and sure of himself.
Illnesses: Nothing major.
Strengths: Remy was born to be somebody's right hand man, a natural behind the scenes type who is happy to be led.
Weaknesses: Dealing with unforeseen circumstances and conflicts.
Fears: Letting down the CMO.
Prejudices: Remy is an inoffensive character, he tries not to hold any prejudices. But he has an understandable intolerance of anyone who uses violence or abuse to get his/her way.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Nothing remarkable, straight forward, inoffensive threads and colours.
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: Courcel's mother has 3 cats living with her: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
Friends: Courcel has a very strong relationship with his mother and his siblings, and with his girlfriend Michelle.

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