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John Cooper
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Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Charon, NCC-88003
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Scott Anderson
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Sandy Blond
Short and neat
Broad muscular build, athletic.
Pale Fair
United States - Native West Virginia accent.
Huntington, West Virginia.
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Alive - Still living in Huntington and still running the family Boarding House.
Marital Status:

Personal History

John was an only child born to Martha and Justin Cooper, both of whom worked for Martha's parents at their Boarding House. They lived in a small bungalow at the back of the main house that looked over a lake.

The lake was a source of much entertainment for the young John, he spent a little time sailing but didn't care for it as much as he did fishing. Fishing was a common interest with both his Grandad and Dad, also the son of one of the Boarding House workers Martin 'Marty' Vanderell. Martin and John became best friends and spent many an hour on the lake. The boys had so much in common it made for a long-lasting friendship, there was only one thing that they didn't have a mutual appreciation for and that was snakes. Marty loved snakes, they fascinated him and he loved to study them and care for them.

Both of the boys attended school together and developed other interests in common, one of which was American Football, they watched present games and games from the past and were enthralled. Both boys, who were about 8 at the time swore they would play one day too.

At the age of 9, John joined his Grandparents on a sailing trip on the lake when tragedy struck an explosion trapped the three of them in the cabin before the sailboat sank. John didn't know who it was but one of his Grandparents managed to shove the boy out of one of the portholes big enough for him to pass through. Luckily the explosion was seen by another vessel which call for help as well as assisted. John was rescued but his Grandparents sadly perished.

John barely spoke for weeks following the loss of his Grandparents, but he came around following the care where it was needed and being surrounded by his family and friends.

Time went on as it did and wounds more or less healed, though John missed his Grandparents dearly. It was at this time John became closer to his Dad, who took him to the woodworking shed that the boy had previously shown no interest in. The Father and Son talked about so many different things and at the same time, Joesph taught John woodworking skills taught to him by his own Father.

After that John would spend time in the shed with his Dad and alone, where he developed something of a skill for making small items and later furniture for the Boarding House.

Both Marty and John went on to high school together and joined the football team, John became something of a star with the high school and went on to play some important games.

As what seemed to be common at high schools over the years, the football players were a brotherhood and tended to be popular and in other ways not so popular. John and Marty joined in and decided one drunken night to screw around with a local farmer's equipment. The activity went wrong and a small explosion caught Marty on his hands, arms and chest. John caught a piece of shrapnel on his upper right lip. The experience was painful in more ways than one and John decided to keep the scar as a reminder of showing what screwing around could do and therefore took a more serious persona.

Marty underwent surgery and had no lasting effects, life went on for both of them and Star Fleet entry exams were taken as soon as they were old enough to apply. Both boys had wanted to leave the confines of West Virginia for many years and were sure they wouldn't like working in the Boarding House forever.

John had been sold the idea somewhere along the line that Star Fleet trained Fighter Pilots and wanted to do nothing but that. However, at the time of recruitment, John found that his dream wouldn't happen and instead decided on a Security career.

The Academy years were good and tough but overall a good experience. John made friends very easily with his fellow students, none of which were as good as Marty. His friend was found to have an aptitude for science and joined the Academy in that branch of study. Marty dropped out in the third year when his Mother became ill and upon her passing joined the civilian sciences of the Federation.

One of John's good friends was Luna Pond, she was one of the most amazing people to enter his life and showed him kindness and understanding, though they poked fun at each other often. One of the things that John had fun made out of was his approach to women, he was so awkward around them that he found talking to them in a romantic type of setting to be very difficult. For someone as large and even intimidating-looking as he was, people found it funny that he couldn't get a date easily and generally had to be pushed.

Aware of this weakness around women in a romantic capacity, John decided to focus on a career.

Following graduation, John served at several locations, mainly on bases. He was likeable by all, respected from above and below, a keen worker and devoted to doing a good job. He received commendations and promotions as and when he should, that was until he was passed over for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Being passed over was frustrating to the Lieutenant who requested a meeting with his Commanding Officer to discuss the situation. It apparently was felt that John needed more ship experience to progress through the ranks and as such he was offered the opportunity to request a transfer with the compliments of the Commander Officer.

Soon after an assignment became available on the USS Charon.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Law Enforcement, Investigations.
Hobbies and Pastimes: American Football watching and playing, woodworking, fishing and watching movies
Short-Term Goals: To settle into his new role and be successful in it.
Long-Term Goals: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander and eventually a Captaincy.
Personality: Very friendly and approachable
Phobias: Snakes, hates them.
Likes: Socialising, keeping fit
Dislikes: People who don't look after themselves.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Sloppy work ethics
Bad Habits or Vices: When socialising can drink too much sometimes.
Achievements: Looking into his way of life and changing his attitude.
Disappointments: Not being accepted for Fighter Pilot training.
Illnesses: Clean bill of health.
Strengths: Strong determination to see things through and to achieve.
Weaknesses: Can't stand by and watch people being treated badly and gets involved even if it's a bad idea. Not a romantic in any way shape or form, struggles to talk to women in such a way.
Fears: Losing his parents.
Prejudices: None.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: mart casual, Jeans, t-shirts etc
Distinguishing Features: Scar on his right upper lip.
Pets: None
Friends: Marty Granger

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The generator explosion that severely burned Marty and cut his right upper lip.
Best Time: The Academy, joining and graduating.
Most Crucial Experience: Nearly drowning when he was 9 years old.
Role Model: His Father after helping him cope with the loss of his Grandparents.

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