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Aitrus Colso
Career Occupation
Commanding Officer
USS Crusader, CS-74702
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Benjamin Elias
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short, but wavy
Broader of shoulder, but not by any means large
Light; spends most of his time indoors researching
Tenor, but with a deeper tone
United Federation of Planets
Rignus, Alpha Centauri
Familial Relationships
Gehn Colso
Anna Colso
Status of Parents:
Alive, conducting an archaeological dig on Endalla, a moon of Bajor
Marital Status:
Samantha Hart Colso (15 years)
Lillian (Lily), 8 years old

Personal History

Aitrus was born on Alpha Centauri, though he doesn’t remember ever having been there. Anna and Gehn Colso were archaeologists, and went wherever the funding for their digs took them. Three months after Aitrus’ birth, they were off again to another planet.

Much of his early life was spent that way, traveling from planet to planet. As a result, he got to see the stars without an atmosphere in front of them far more often than a normal child, and was always fascinated by them. Every planet would bring new constellations and new patterns to learn, every trip would bring some new element of warp travel to the forefront. With the scientific mind his parents had given him, it was no wonder that he was so enraptured with what he saw. While they were disappointed that he was only tacitly curious about their chosen profession, they grew more and more proud of him as he learned more and more about the stars.

Finally, when he was about eleven, the Colsos got a long-term assignment. They were going to study the ruins of the First Republic on Bajor, and so Aitrus finally entered a traditional school there. He made friends easily, and while he was lacking somewhat in the arts, his teachers were stunned by his aptitude for the sciences and math. He quickly advanced, but his parents kept him at his true grade level, believing that social interaction was just as important as academic achievement.

Unfortunately, most of this was put on hold when the First General War broke out. Bajor, being situated on the Cardassian border and maintaining the only stable connection to the Gamma Quadrant, was quickly overrun by RDC forces, and occupied by a joint force. The Cardassians and Dominion, remembering the last time they had held this planet, were inclined to treat the population well, so as to avoid the uprisings that had occurred last time. The Romulans, however, were not so enlightened. They were restrained somewhat by their allies, but they still managed to commit some of the oldest sins in the newest of ways.

All of this was best summarized by one night, when Aitrus and his parents were asleep near the dig site, where the Romulans came. They destroyed several of the ruins that the Colso’s team were studying, and set fire to many of the buildings surrounding. Several of the other scientists went missing that night; some were killed in the fires, others just disappeared. As the four years of the occupation drew on, sights like this became more and more common, until the planet rose up against them as the Federation fleet came to drive them back out. For years, Aitrus couldn’t abide Romulans, and while he knows somewhere within him that not all of them are like those that destroyed so many lives, he still cannot get past that sentiment.

After the end of the war, Aitrus tried to get on with his studies. He went to the Vulcan Science Academy in the first class accepted after the war, at the age of 16, but soon grew frustrated with it all. The images he had seen, the deaths he had witnessed, had impacted him far more than he knew, and he couldn’t just ignore them. With his parent’s agreement, he left Vulcan after only two years and transferred to Starfleet Academy, still pursuing science, but knowing that now he would be able to help people in ways that he would never have been able to had he stayed on Vulcan.

While there, he met another cadet named Arthur Flynn, a tactical cadet. They were roommates early on in their careers, and while their class loads soon took them apart, they spent time together whenever possible.

Star Fleet Service

After graduation, he was assigned to the USS Philadelphia under Captain Raymond Gage. Here, he met another longtime friend, his first Department Head then-LCdr Quill Dramar, along with his wife, then Ensign Samantha Hart. He fell for her at first sight, and they were inseparable from that point forward. He served briefly in the Second Federation/Romulan War, due to its subsequent termination by the Borg Invasion. Under the command of Captain Ysiadina Lanael, the Philadelphia was thrown to one of the far reaches of the quadrant, there finding an artifact that greatly enhanced the latent abilities of a psychic. During this, however, Aitrus and Samantha grew closer together. Finally, on the darkened ship, which was orbiting lifelessly above a planet, he proposed to Samantha, who agreed then and there. It was perhaps born in the isolation sooner than it might have had the Philadelphia stayed in known space, but their attachment was no less real for that fact.

Returning to Federation space, the Philadelphia was placed in orbit of Vulcan by their new psychically powerful friends, and he and Samantha were married there, before the Philadelphia headed back to Sol for the final battle with the Borg. In the flush of success afterward, Quill was promoted to XO and transferred to a new ship, while Aitrus took over as Department Head. The next few months were a whirlwind, as he and Samantha didn’t even have time for a honeymoon, instead being shipped off for a new mission.

Finally, on the planet Pangar some months later, Aitrus had some of the most difficult times of his life since the end of the General War. With Federation citizens clamoring for either protection or independence, Aitrus was caught in a struggle with an enemy which wasn’t truly his enemy, and froze. Somehow, he made it through safely, no doubt due to the efforts of the security forces the Philly had brought with them. But Aitrus wasn’t the same after that. He and Samantha requested a transfer from frontline service to SFSI; it was granted, and Aitrus was given command of a small research station on the fringes of Federation territory. Unfortunately, Samantha was caught aboard the Philadelphia, and couldn’t join him for some months. They finally reunited when Aitrus was temporarily assigned as CSO on the Dauntless, having been on shore leave at Starbase Alpha when their CO was kidnapped, and he was required as a stand-in for the duration of the emergency.

After they left, however, Samantha finally voiced her frustrations. She was tired of being ignored, which was happening far too often. When he was there, he was the model of a husband; but when he was doing his research, it was like he wasn’t even there. And she wanted him to be there. He hadn’t even been aware of the problem, which just shows the depths of the issue. Knowing what was at stake, however, he put in for a three month leave of absence for the both of them, and went on a worlds tour with her. Their first stop was Earth, as he had seen little of it beyond San Francisco, where they stopped to see her parents. Pent up anger between her and her father, however, turned what could’ve been a wonderful homecoming into a shouting match, as he berated her for first joining Starfleet and then not even seeking permission or even introducing her new husband for nearly three years. Angry and hurt, Samantha left, followed quickly by Aitrus.

Trying to make things better, he took her to Bajor. Their first date, while on the holodeck, had been to the beaches of Bajor, and so he took her there for the first time. They had a wonderful time. Until a group of Maquis, knowing of his scientific work, kidnapped him so that he could turn the project to their uses. After three months being there, Aitrus and Samantha finally escaped, and after a much needed rest, this time on Betazed, the Colsos were ready to get back to work, their strength renewed, and their bond stronger than ever.

After a few months of recovery, they were assigned to a research station orbiting Europa in Sol. Aitrus was assigned to a research team working on Slipstream, though they made little progress, while Samantha was assigned to a terraforming project in conjunction with the Department of the Interior. They were happy for quite a while, and enjoyed being able to wake up each morning together, and end the day beside each other.

Retirement and Family

However, over time they each grew dissatisfied with their jobs. Samantha took a temporary posting on the Ticonderoga as a break from the monotonous paperwork that had bogged their project down. By the time she returned, however, Aitrus was frustrated with the lack of progress they had made on the slipstream project. After long discussion, they both left Starfleet, becoming active reserve. While she continued on the same project, Aitrus became a teacher, joining the research department at a university on Earth.

They moved into a home in the hills of Tennessee, the first time that Aitrus had ever settled in one spot that wasn’t in motion. He was afraid that he would grow bored, but fortunately that was soon not an issue at all: Samantha was pregnant. Soon, their daughter was born: Lillian Ann Colso.

The first few years were, of course, difficult. Sleepless nights, runny noses, ear infections, and so many diapers. It wasn’t helped by the fact that their respective research projects would take them away from each other from time to time, but they were able to make it through, and the family grew closer and closer together.

Then the Krynar attacked Tellar, and Aitrus felt the call to service again. He remembered his childhood, the years he had spent on occupied Bajor and the suffering he had seen on Pangar, and knew that he needed to help. Not only that, but now he had a family to protect, a daughter that he would do anything to save. He had to help.

Samantha was understandably upset, but he was adamant. She remembered the war too, but was coming from the opposite angle: she was afraid what would happen to him out there, rather than what would happen if he wasn’t out there.

They argued about it on and off for a few months, until one day someone knocked on their door. It was representative from Command. While technically the Colsos were both still on reserve status and subject to being recalled, he was there with an offer instead of orders. With ships and crews being called to the front lines, they were short of ships to patrol the home systems. They were reactiving some older ships, and they needed experienced hands to crew them. As such, they offered him his own command, but of a ship he knew quite well: the Philadelphia.

The discussion this time was a little more subdued. It was as close to a sign as he could’ve asked for: their old ship, and a mission that would keep them close to home. Finally, Samantha agreed, and Aitrus returned to service.

Return to Service and Command

For the duration of the Krynar War, the Philadelphia served on the home front, and he was able to be home as much as possible for Lillian and Samantha. She was a bright girl, and seemed gifted in the math and sciences. However, she loved to sing - a talent she got from neither of her parents - and they tried to encourage her as best they could. He was pleased when Li Nadia, who had helped Aitrus and Samantha escape from the Bajoran extremists, requested assignment to the Philadelphia, though he was surprised she wanted to be his yeoman. At first he tried to convince her that she was too valuable as a tactical officer, but she was adamant in her desire and he eventually accepted her services. He also grew close with Lieutenant Commander, and eventually Commander, Minnale Dellinshir; the Selkie first officer he was assigned not only helped him professionally, helping him settle in to Star Fleet service again, but also helped him learn as a parent, having been one himself.

After the war, the Philadelphia was reassigned to the borderlands. While the ships of the line were distracted in other locations, the Tzenkethi border was virtually ignored, and the Philadelphia was tasked to rectify that situation. Much of what they did wound up being catching pirates and smugglers, with the occasional showdown with their opposite numbers. All in all a quiet tour, though there were highlights. He managed to bring down a smuggling operation, running illicit drugs from Orion into Tzenkethi space, as well as helping a former smuggler who really seemed more down on his luck than malicious to get back on his feet.

During that time, however, he missed Samantha and home. Samantha and Lillian missed him, as well, but in their talking after Lillian went to bed, Samantha wasn’t satisfied either. They were having trouble finding a good candidate for their full-scale testing, and the bureaucratic nonsense she was having to deal with was beginning to get to her.

So when Starfleet announced their new Pioneer Station and the fleet intended to go explore the spinward sections of the Alpha Quadrant, out beyond Cardassian space, they saw their chance. Aitrus petitioned to have the Philadelphia assigned to the station’s defense force, while Samantha began to figure out how to get out there herself. She and Lillian moved to the station early in 2419, and as Aitrus and the Philadelphia continued to patrol, they looked forward to a time where they could work together on projects, but that was not to be.

Later in the year, the Philadelphia became embroiled in the latest situation to escalate out on the border, and it was one that neither of the Colsos could have imagined happening: the Borg returned. He initially believed that he would do as he had been doing, and see to Pioneer's defense, but when he was asked to join the attack fleet he couldn't turn down the call. Both Aitrus and Samantha knew first hand how devastating the Borg could be, and he couldn't back down when he had a chance to help end their threat again.

Aitrus was assigned to the the primary attack force under Captain Tyra Crawford, who was a colleague and was swiftly becoming a friend, but the Philadelphia was one of the weakest ships in the fleet. Teaming with other ships, they did their best in protecting the fighters that were supposed to do the main attack, as well as the other capital ships. Somehow, they managed to avoid major damage - losing a torpedo tube amid other scrapes and bruises - during the lead up, but as the attack finally came to fruition and they managed to destroy the sphere, an unlucky shot took them out.

Losses were heavy - the majority of the science staff, along with Commander Dellinshir - and the Philadelphia, the venerable ship that she was, was lost. She was salvageable, but she would never fly again, having lost one of her nacelles, and having shattered several structural supports throughout the ship. She was to be scrapped, and Aitrus and his crew were without a home.

Pathfinder Project and New Challenges

This didn't last long, however. In reward for his service, and in recognition of his being a scientist first and foremost, he was offered the command of the USS Luna, lead ship of a new class just rolling out of production. A dedicated science ship and research vessel, it looked to be a fantastic fit for him. Of course, it came with a catch: the USS Luna was being assigned to the Pathfinder Project, and being sent to the near reaches of the Delta Quadrant as part of a flotilla of eight ships. When he heard, however, that the Artemis was also assigned, he agreed to discuss it with Samantha.

He was surprised, however, when she in turn agreed. The Luna class was more suitable for children, much more so than any of the older classes despite a dearth of facilities for them, and she was longing to get back to true research. She did provide her own condition, however, and wanted to reactivate into regular service. Star Fleet agreed, and she was assigned as the Luna's Chief Science Officer.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrophysics, Gravitational Physics
Academy Minor(s): History, Archaeology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Chess, reading the latest scientific journals, musicals on occasion with his wife, biographies
Short-Term Goals: Settle in at Pioneer, both personally and for the ship
Long-Term Goals: Cracking the secrets of artificial wormholes
Personality: Laid-back, but not a pushover. He’ll go out of his way to help you, but will also defend you with his all if that’s required.
Sense of Humor: Hit or miss and situational. He tries, though.
Phobias: None, in general.
Likes: His wife, his research, people who help him, people who are generally good
Dislikes: Someone who’s in the way, someone who is attacking others, Romulans
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Off-key singers, people who just can’t take a hint
Achievements: His marriage, served as CSO and now CO on the USS Philadelphia, and of course his daughter
Disappointments: That he gets so distracted that Samantha suffers sometimes
Illnesses: None.
Strengths: Strong analytical mind, fierce devotion to his friends and allies
Weaknesses: Can get sidetracked easily, sometimes becomes very engrossed in his work
Fears: That he’ll get so caught up in something that he’ll miss out on something important
Prejudices: Romulans, mostly, due to his experiences behind the lines in the First General War
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Earth tones, greens and khakis mostly, although reds and the like are not uncommon. Usually just slacks and a comfortable shirt
Distinguishing Features: His eyes, mostly
Pets: None.
Friends: Cdr. Arthur Flynn, an old friend from the Academy

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Seeing his wife come home drunk and angry because he had zoned so far as to miss their anniversary dinner, knowing he could have prevented it
Best Time: Samantha and his first date; he can still feel the wind in his hair and the sand between his toes from that beach, even though it had been the holodeck. Just the thought brings him joy and strength
Most Crucial Experience: Being stuck behind enemy lines in the First General War, leading him from the path of the scientist to the path of Star Fleet, so that he could help prevent cruelties like that from happening again
Role Model: His father, who showed him strength and courage in all that he did.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20205.18 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20205.18 Promoted to Ensign
Assigned to USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20207.28 Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20212.01 Promoted to Lieutenant
Assigned Assistant Chief Science Officer
Chief Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20306.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Assigned Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20311.01 Awarded RPG'er of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20312.01 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20404.01 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
First Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20504.01 Assigned First Officer Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer SFSI Research Station 20509.01 Transferred to SFSI
Accepted Research Posting
Retired Earth 20910.01 Retired from Active Duty
Commanding Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21406.01 Returned to Active Duty
Assigned Commanding Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Commanding Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21903.01 Philadelphia Transferred to Pioneer Defense Fleet Captain
Commanding Officer USS Luna, RSV-88000 22004.01 Assigned Captain USS Luna, RSV-88000 in Project Pathfinder Captain
Commanding Officer USS Crusader, CS-74702 22204.11 Assigned Captain USS Crusader, CS-74702 on Detached Duty Captain
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 1

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