Coleman, Damian

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Damian Coleman
Career Occupation
Chief of Security
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Nathan Ramius
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
87.5 kg (193 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Jet black
Shaved neat
Muscular, Fit, and Trim (Mesomorph)
Facial Hair:
Five o’clock shadow, or goatee
Deep baritone
United Federation of Planets
Star Base One/Alpha
(N/A) 03.29
Familial Relationships
James Coleman
Banae Coleman(Sherard)
Status of Parents:
Anita (35), Jessica (27)

Personal History

Damian Coleman just couldn’t wait to get his start in life. While at a gig at Star Base One, playing bass guitar for a band, Banae Coleman went into labor. A complication with the birth meant that it became an emergency. Thankfully, both baby and mother came through, but the family decided to stay and get jobs as civilian contractors on the Star Base in case of any future issues.

For much of his youth, Damian grew up on the busy Star Base, often finding himself getting into all sorts of trouble with the other young kids with little better to do on a controlled station. While his parents held down day jobs, they also continued their musical careers, often taking gigs within the Sol system. For Damian, he wasn’t interested in such pursuits, and continued down a more physical path. School was rough for him, and his energy levels often led to him getting into trouble; messing with station systems was a favorite pastime for the hoodlum. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon a gym that specialized in boxing, that he found an outlet, and a mentor.

Bobby Gaetz, an old and peculiar man, took Damian in – giving him purpose with a job, and a focus through boxing. Where both Damian’s parents were relatively absent in his life, Gaetz ended up being almost like a surrogate father. As a challenge to the young man, Bobby suggested that Damian take a chance on something life changing.

At the age of seventeen, Damian went to Star Fleet Academy. His first year was the worst, with his grades being well under average. One of the Deans became involved and warned Coleman that should his grades not improve, he would be discharged. Damian worked hard, surrounding himself with an eccentric group of students who had specialties in many different backgrounds. That is where he met his best friend, Tykn th’Zora – an Andorian student who enjoyed a good fight as much as Damian did. Coleman’s grades improved enough to stop him from being a wash out, and he found a niche where he fit in, with Security.

Damian was first stationed aboard the USS Apgar, a hospital auxiliary ship. During a mission to contain a plague outbreak, Damien was shipped out to guard the medical team equipped with a vaccine developed on the Apgar. The shuttlecraft encountered trouble while in atmospheric descent, when the EPS system became damaged. With a background in ship’s systems in his youth and the Academy, Coleman sprung into action, helping to reroute the electro-plasma flow, stabilizing the shuttle’s systems and preventing a catastrophic outcome.

Later in his career, he served aboard the USS Atlanta under Captain Peck. After several incidents aboard the Atlanta, Peck started an investigation into his own crew believing a saboteur to be aboard. At the height of the investigation, a mutiny nearly occurred due to Peck’s lack of tact, and general combative personality. In order to prevent this, and despite his own moral feelings about it, Damien hacked into the crew’s personal logs under orders from Captain Peck, eventually catching the perpetrator, and preventing further conflict. The incident was covered up by Peck, and Damian’s role never revealed to crew or Star Fleet. However, Coleman couldn’t agree to stay with Peck, and so requested a transfer.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security – Law Enforcement Track
Academy Minor(s): Ship Systems, Weapons Systems Officer
Hobbies and Pastimes: Boxing, building Rube Goldberg machines, Working Out, Surfing
Short-Term Goals: Working himself back up, and atoning for his past action
Long-Term Goals: Finding a way to give back to his childhood community
Personality: Confident, controlled benevolence, generous, enthusiastic, adaptable
Sense of Humor: Enjoys others who are humorous, and sometimes takes playful stabs at others. Enjoys wit
Phobias: Hairy spiders – i.e. Tarantulas
Likes: Adventure, Travelling, Change, Parties, Privacy and sanctuary of a home
Dislikes: Marmalades, Fruit pulp
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who endanger others, short-sightedness, ignorance, and people who hide behind their pride
Bad Habits or Vices: Workaholic
Achievements: Star Fleet Commendation Medal, Americas Super Middleweight Champion
Disappointments: His actions on the Atlanta, Poor grades in the Academy
Illnesses: Mild case of tetanus at age 11 despite vaccination against it
Strengths: Being friendly and easy going, finding energy in others
Weaknesses: Book studying. Damian learns better hands-on
Fears: Losing his family
Prejudices: Fanatics
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual wear like jeans, t-shirt, and running shoes during the daytime. But at night he’ll sometimes dress flashy, with quality fabrics and cuts suited to his body. Prefers darker hues and colors of grey, blue, burgundy among others.
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo on right shoulder: traditional art of boxer who has a black eye, with a banner below that says, “…another round…”
Friends: Tykn th’Zora

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Feeling abandoned by his parents when he was young. Damian has never really come to terms with them choosing to work and continue their musical careers with young children at home. In the end, it is his sisters and him that created the tightest familial bond.
Best Time: Winning by KO against a much more seasoned opponent for the Super Middleweight belt. It reaffirmed for him that his hard work, regardless of setbacks, could pay off.
Most Crucial Experience: Stumbling into Gaetz’s gym, and unlocking a world where he could work out his boundless energy, but learn focus, discipline, and a will to always get back up no matter how many times he gets knocked down.
Role Model: Bobby Gaetz, a man who never quit, and never quit on Damian.

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