Cardassian Demilitarized Zone

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Not to be confused with the Federation / Romulan Neutral Zone.


The Federation / Cardassian Demilitarized Zone was created with the signing of the Federation-Cardassian Treaty in 2370. Often referred to by its shortened name, the DMZ, neither the Federation nor the Cardassians were allowed to have military ships, weapons, bases, or soldiers in the area of space. The creation of the DMZ led to many consequences, one of which was the formation of the Maquis. From there, the Maquis and the Bajoran people found each other, with many Bajorans joining the Maqui movement to help the fight against Cardassian oppression. On either side of the border, the Cardassian government and the Federation had to exchange ownership of certain planets, which greatly upset the colonists who lived on those planets.

In 2373, the Dominion-Cardassian alliance caused all the colonies the Maquis had established within the DMZ to be wiped out. The Jem'Hadar ran through it, shortly after the Cardassians joined up with the Dominion. As the Dominion alliance moved towards open war with the Federation, the DMZ disappeared under Cardassian borders as they claimed the entire space.

Lasting only three years, the Demilitarized Zone saw much bloodshed. Maquis on the Cardassian side had skirmishes with Cardassian soldiers stationed there, and those on the Federation side did their best to smuggle in supplies across the border. After the Dominion War, the Federation declared that any person calling themselves a Maquis was deemed a terrorist, and would be placed under arrest. It is presumed that the Cardassian Union would treat them similarly, if not worse. It is unknown what happened to the colonists that resided inside the DMZ after the destruction caused by the Jem'Hadar, but if they survived, they have now been scattered across the galaxy.

For cartography purposes, the DMZ is now considered Cardassian space.

Cardassian DMZ.png

Planets in or near the DMZ

  • Alpha 441
  • Aschelan V
  • Athos IV
  • Bryma
  • Dorvan V
  • Hakton VII
  • Juhraya
  • Marva IV
  • Nivoch
  • Panora
  • Portas V
  • Quatal Prime
  • Ronara Prime
  • Soltok IV
  • Salva II
  • Solosos III
  • Tracken II
  • Umoth VIII
  • Veloz Prime
  • Volan II
  • Volan III