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Till Vos
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Biographical Attributes
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
108.9 kg (240 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown.
Fade cut on the sides, grown out on top.
Barrel-chested, stocky.
Pale Caucasian.
Facial Hair:
Full beard.
Surprisingly soft considering the size of the man, but when he needs to Till can find enough volume to cut across an entire auditorium.
United Federation of Planets
Kaiserslautern, Earth
(N/A) 11.19
Familial Relationships
Richard Vos
Ange Vos
Status of Parents:
Alive and well. His parents are both serving officers aboard Star Fleet vessels, whilst Khira has started at the Academy in turn.
Younger sister, Khira, 22
Marital Status:

Personal History

Till Vos was born in Kaiserslautern, in what used to be Germany on Earth. His parents Richard and Ange are both career Star Fleet officers, and they only ever took leave 3 times – for their wedding and for the birth of their 2 children. The moment Till was old enough, it was back on board ships. He grew up on several assignments, often with one parent or the other but rarely with both because of the nomadic nature of their careers.

His joining Star Fleet himself was almost inevitable. When he was old enough to walk around the vessels he was stationed on, Vos loved to explore. He could quickly memorise the deck plans, layouts and, after a few years, the defensible points and evacuation routes. That led him down the path of a Security officer and it was a path he had few regrets about following.

From a very early age, it was clear Till was a gifted leader and motivator. It seemed next to impossible for anyone to dislike him, and from the moment he arrived at the Academy and on board his first assignments, he took his duties very seriously. If someone in his group or his team was struggling, it was Vos who would be there with an arm around their shoulders and some words of advice.

His career was starting to gather momentum when he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to the USS Drake shortly before the venerable cruiser was detailed to engage the Borg Megasphere. During the battle the Drake was destroyed, and Till had been on the Bridge when a heavy impact blew open the hull and flushed the crew into space. By an infinitesimally small chance, his life was saved by quick thinking on the part of the transporter chief on board the nearby Chin’toka, who recovered as many as possible.

The experience was absolutely devastating to Vos. He suffered horrible physical injuries, but at least those could be treated. The mental harm was far greater. Every time he set foot on a starship, he suffered from increasingly strong flashbacks of the Drake’s last moments, to the point where he found it almost impossible to leave Earth again. The treatment for his PTSD eventually meant he was able to undertake short shuttle runs but his days of serving on board Star Fleet vessels were over.

The Academy offered him a lifeline. His knowledge of ship layouts was encyclopaedic and he was a natural teacher, able to break down and explain complex tactical concepts on both attack and defence. Till fitted in quickly as a member of the Security staff and hasn’t looked back, thriving on the responsibility of training the bright young hopes of the future.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security.
Academy Minor(s): Special weapons and tactics, combat on board vessels.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Till loves nothing more than taking Steiner for long walks around the national parks of Earth, places like the Black Forest, the Rockies, and southern Ireland.
Short-Term Goals: Earn his stripes as an Academy Instructor, and watch the first class of cadets he trained from their first year graduate.
Long-Term Goals: Eventually conquer his demons and be able to return to the stars.
Personality: Very laid back and relaxed for the most part, but when it’s time to work there are few more focused on the task at hand. He’s an easy person to talk to and can relate to most cadets.
Sense of Humor: Waspish and rapid-fire. Vos is completely comfortable making jokes at anyone’s expense, and more often than not he seems to get away with it when others wouldn’t.
Phobias: Space travel. Till is fine in holodecks and atmospheric flight, but after his experiences at the Megasphere battle he still can’t cope with being out in space.
Likes: Cadets who genuinely want to make the most of their career. Vos will always have time for anyone who wants his help to be better.
Dislikes: Those who give themselves false airs and graces, cadets that don’t apply themselves.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Other instructors who try and maintain authority by fear. In his experience it doesn’t work and just leads to instructors building themselves poor reputations.
Bad Habits or Vices: Till has been known to sneak out with cadets and drink with them if they do particularly well in his exercises. More than once, the debrief session the next day has been subdued as the instructor has the same hangover as a lot of his cadets.
Achievements: Having such a successful early career that he was promoted to Lt(JG) by 26.
Disappointments: That promising career on board ship coming to a screeching halt.
Illnesses: He suffered extensive injuries in the wake of the Megasphere battle but physically, he made a full recovery. Getting over the PTSD is taking rather longer.
Strengths: Extremely bright, excellent communicator, near limitless patience.
Weaknesses: Can sometimes get too invested with cadets who need help. Prone to making jokes at the wrong people.
Fears: What happened to him on the Drake has made Till particularly anxious about getting the message saying that something has happened to someone else in his family.
Prejudices: Vos was very much a part of the rivalry between Security and Tactical. Whilst he’s happy to train Tactical cadets, they definitely get a tougher time of it from his quick wit and sharp tongue.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Simple and comfortable.
Distinguishing Features: His sheer size for a human tends to make Till stand out. If that doesn’t do it, his booming laugh usually will.
Pets: Till has an Alsatian dog, Steiner. The giant dog belonged to his department head from the USS Drake – when he didn’t make it back, the family were going to give Steiner up for adoption. Till took the dog in as a reminder of how lucky he was to survive.
Friends: Vos is extremely close with his sister Khira. The siblings didn’t have much of a relationship with their parents, as they were moved from ship to ship and parent to parent depending on assignments. They always had each other though, and they both see the funny side in Till joining the Academy staff whilst Khira is in her second year.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The aftermath of the Borg Megasphere battle. Till suffered extensive burns and nearly lost an arm, but the mental scars that brought his career on board Star Fleet vessels to a halt were the most damaging. Even now, looking out into space from inside a ship is an overwhelming experience.
Best Time: Vos loved his time at the Academy. He really made the most of his time there, exploring Earth, making friends and preparing himself for his Star Fleet career.
Most Crucial Experience: Making the decision to return to the Academy as an instructor. It would have been very easy for him to resign and wallow in self-pity, but Till wouldn’t let himself do that. He still has a lot to give and whilst he will always have that ‘what if’ question at the back of his mind about being aboard ships, he’s happy with how things have panned out.
Role Model: Whilst he was never close with his father, Vos admired the man for his single-minded pursuit of his goals whilst never losing sight of the importance of being part of a crew.

Contact Information

E-Mail: tillvosfs@gmail.com

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