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Moria Thelesis
Career Occupation
Medical Officer, Medical Examiner
Star Base Bravo
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Scarlett Pickern
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Muddy Brown
Pulled back into a ponytail whenever she's out of her quarters
Looks very sturdy, slightly stocky but well fit
Green with bits of blue
Clear and smooth in a lower pitch than one might expext from a female
Familial Relationships
(Biological unknown) Adopted Father: Will Fredricks
(Biological unknown) Adoptive Mother: Diana Fredricks
Status of Parents:
Dillan Thelesis - Twin Brother
Marital Status:
Talia Thelesis - 6years

Personal History

Moria and her twin brother Dillan have only a few memories of their birthplace of Takara. It's unknown really how she and her brother got seperated from their parents. They were five years old when they were discovered wandering a Federation Starbase. Initially a search was enabled to locate their parents with no luck. And after being fostered for six months, the couple they were being watched by decided to go ahead and continue to care for the two Takaran children.

They grew up, remembering only bits and pieces of their parents, and assured that they were still being looked for. Meanwhile, the two grew up learning from their human parents. And as they did they have more human characteristics in their personality and know very little but what they could gather about their homeworld. To this day neither of them seem to have any real problems dealing with their biological parent's disappearance. It is something Moria has often tried to pursue in her later years, wishing if nothing else to know her heritage.

Moria went into Starfleet Academy when she was 17, a year earlier than most as she had excelled even beyond her brother who would later go on to a political office. She chose the direction of medicine. She had always been told she seemed to have a natural ability to help others and so she decided this was her option to pursue. She would spend the next 8 years.

The next ten or so years were spent in a medical facility on Earth. This had not been her first choice but she dealt with it, always watching for another posting. Long years led to many, many studies, a few romances that lead nowhere. It's during these ten years her daughter, Talia was born. Moria has yet to actually name the father. Even those that are close to her have yet to figure out whether it's for her and her daughter's protection or simple shame. She has yet to even tell her brother, who practically knows anything anyone would want to know. Either way, she cares for her daughter as her she does her own life.

For a number of years Moria spent her time away from officer life and being a doctor, raising her daughter. But this too began to grow slow, her daughter eventually starting school forced her to figure out what to do with her spare time. After six years, she decided it was time to go back to work and put herself back in active duty and was given a posting.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Anatomy, Biology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Writing, holo-novels (usually with her daughter)
Short-Term Goals: Get herself and her daughter well integrated into their new home
Long-Term Goals: Figure out exactly what happened to her biological parents
Personality: Moria is a very sociable person, usually an open book to any she meets. She is able to be calm in more trying situations, giving those around her a sense of grounding.
Sense of Humor: Can often have a quick wit and a good sense of humor as long as it's not involving the harming of others.
Phobias: Bugs (includes insect like races)
Likes: Loves trying new foods, socializing
Dislikes: Impatient people
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Patients doing as she's told them
Bad Habits or Vices: Overthinking
Achievements: Her daughter she regards as her only true achievement at this time
Disappointments: Not initially going where she wanted after gratuating starfleet
Illnesses: Several broken bones from throughout her life, most untracable nowadays
Strengths: Able to stay calm in dangerous situations, at least outwardly
Weaknesses: She can get quite attached to patients at times. Especially children
Fears: Losing her daughter
Prejudices: People who don't stand up for themselves.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Long pants and whatever shirt she finds
Distinguishing Features: Generally she is fairly distinguishable as there are not many of her race serving in Starfleet
Pets: None
Friends: Jonas Granger

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Back on Earth toward the beginning of her career, she was working on a case with a little boy. His family had brought him in sick. Moria ended up missing a the true diagnosis of the boy, causing his illness to progress until it was too late to do anything.
Most Crucial Experience: When the little boy died, she pushed herself to not make the mistake again of being too passive about what seems a clean case.
Role Model: Her adopted parents

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