Syrrek Komovar

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Syrrek Komovar
Career Occupation
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Syrrek Komovar
Played By:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Resonant Baritone
Familial Relationships
Satelk Komovar
T'Ra Komovar
Status of Parents:
Deceased (Interred on Vulcan, 2385)
Shevei Komovar (Sister, 165)
Marital Status:
T'Rel Komovar (Wife, deceased 2412)
Serkith Komovar (Son, 87)

Personal History

Syrrek Komovar was born in 2225 to Satelk Komovar and T'Ra Komovar on Vulcan. His father, a former MACO officer, was a Vulcan monk who had retired from MACO early in his career after a mental breakdown had devastated his emotional control during boot camp. Satelk raised Syrrek to control and hone the mental abilities that he knew his son would develop, pushing him to undertake the Kohlinar ritual as soon as he was able so that way what happened in Satelk's past, wouldn't happen in Syrrek's future. Syrrek however, never developed the problem his father had, perhaps through his mother's teachings. His mother, was a Vulcan priestess, who had assisted Satelk in regaining his emotional control, also instructed young Syrrek on how to avoid his father's mistake, by encouraging Syrrek to accustom himself to a Vulcan's ability to mind meld. From that, Syrrek learned that his father's breakdown was psionically related, but was a common breakdown experienced by a minority of Vulcans who were never taught how to shield themselves from their innate touch telepathy. Syrrek, however, never undertook the standard Kohlinar ritual, as before he could do so, he was approached by a SFMC officer while he was a teenager. The officer, a Vulcan as well, told him that with his grades and his structured upbringing from a former Star Fleet officer, he'd make an excellent officer in the Military Assault Command Operations unit.

Syrrek, upon learning this, requested from his parents, a variant on the Kohlinar ritual that was developed by his mother. Mental control was governed by both logic and emotion, and this variant, allowed a Vulcan to contain his emotions by using his own ability to mind meld, to shield oneself from an emotional overload, but also allow one to utilize their emotions in a certain setting, acting as a filter rather than a barrier. With Syrrek establishing his interest in heading into the MACO, his parents, intially trying to dissuade him from entering the MACO Officer Academy due to his young age, eventually relented and allowed him access to the materials on the ritual. The ritual was utilized to allow a Vulcan to handle the weight of emotions in battle, and keep one's mind clear during battle, while also allowing one to express emotion safely in a stressful battlefield environment. Syrrek undertook the ritual, and in doing so, found later on that the effect would aid him greatly in withstanding the mental rigors of war. It took him decades to master, but in his mind, it would be worth it.

Syrrek completed his studies on Vulcan, and then applied for the MACO Officer Academy, excelling in his entrance exams, and entering as an honors cadet. What set him apart from the other Vulcan cadets, was his request to enroll in classes pertaining to front-line battlefield leadership. As he attended classes, his recruiter, Sakinth, requested that he attend a battlefield simulation and learn by example how to command marines that were governed by emotions. The first year, Syrrek patiently learned how humans commanded their marines as team leaders. The next year, during the simulation, Syrrek was selected for command of a squad competing in the simulation. His ability to understand the emotions of his teammates, but keep a calm mind led to his squad's victory in the simulation. Shortly afterwards, Syrrek was selected to attend the advanced leadership school, and train alongside other cadets destined for command positions in the MACO chain of command.

During his final year at the Academy, the Federation-Cardassian war broke out. Syrrek was initially assigned to the Academy due to a paperwork error, but was finally assigned to the USS Rutledge, serving as a MACO officer for the contingent assigned to them. Syrrek personally led his contingent through the battles they fought during the war, disdaining the relative security of a rear command post for a place alongside his men. His rationale was that commanding from the rear was inefficient, and that in order for an operation to be successful, one must command from the front and minimize the probability that communications will be disrupted. In 2361, he was reassigned following the Battle of Outpost 7, where his team had been stuck in a 2-month long conflict that had only ended when the Cardassians withdrew due to Federation reinforcements. Syrrek and his men were given a reprieve from the battle, and were reassigned to Gibralter Point, Mars as instructors in CQC operations. A few years later, a truce was declared, and Syrrek was reassigned to Deep Space 5 as part of its MACO contingency force. In 2370, Syrrek was expected to retire from MACO as the truce was declared, but his own experiences prevented him from making the decision just yet. His suspicions were vindicated with the outbreak of hostilities between the Klingons and the Federation, and he was reassigned to Mars again for the formation of the SFMC. As a veteran of the Cardassian War, his input on CQC and station defensive fortifications was used as part of the basic training scenarios, as well as a program designed to find leadership material within the cadets of the Officer's Academy. With the outbreak of the Dominion War, Syrrek was assigned to Earth to assist the SFMC Theater Command, where he successfully coordinated strikes against Dominion assets. During the next four years of the Dominion War, Syrrek continued to personally lead his men into battle, and consistently refused to be promoted beyond the rank of Marine Captain, in order to maintain the morale of his men, which with the many defeats of the Federation Alliance, he struggled to constantly maintain. When the Breen attacked Earth, Syrrek assisted humanitarian efforts with the rest of his men, coordinating rescue efforts with the same efficiency that he had utilized against the Dominion. In 2375, when the Treaty of Bajor was signed, Syrrek's unit was selected to provide security for the treaty, and prevented a last-ditch effort by Dominion loyalists from sabotaging the treaty. After the Dominion War, Syrrek accepted a promotion to Major, and was assigned to Cardassia Prime to assist the Cardassian government in their efforts to maintain order on the planet. Several years later, he was given command of the newly commissioned USS Tenaru, which was a Midway-class Marine Strike Cruiser, designed for the purpose of having a mobile marine strike force on hand for any war that might possibly break out. For ten years, Syrrek commanded the Tenaru, its mission changing from a mobile strike cruiser, to a training ship that the SFMC could utilize as a mobile boot camp. The Tenaru saw action during the latter half of the first Federation-Romulan war, as his tactics were used on the offensive alongside the 1st fleet. At the end of the war, Syrrek's ship was refitted as a mobile training facility, after the SFMC was depleted at the end of the war.

At the onset of the First General War, Syrrek saw action for the first two years, but after the destruction of the Tenaru by a Dominion warship, Syrrek was assigned to Earth as part of Theatre Command operations again, this time with his knowledge of station defense once again put to the test. During the war's third year, he got himself assigned to a front-line command post, and once again lead his command's troops into battle, this time with Mirak troops alongside his own troops. After the war's conclusion, Syrrek was transferred to SFMC Command on Earth, where he would spend the next seven years developing new strategies, as well as assisting Vulcan officers in understanding SFMC emotional requirements. In 2402, Syrrek was placed in command of the SFMC post on Vulcan shortly before the 2nd Federation-Romulan war. With the invasion of the Borg Collective, Syrrek was removed from Vulcan and placed under heavy guard with the rest of the SFMC command due to his knowledge of the SFMC and its tactics. From the SFMC's mobile command carrier, Syrrek spent the next two years keeping the marines protected until quadrant forces defeated the Borg. After the Borg Invasion, Syrrek left active duty and returned to Vulcan to convalesce due to the stress of the previous wars that was beginning to break down his emotional control. After a few years of mental retraining with his parents, the appearance of the Krynar forced Syrrek to resume service in the SFMC, and after qualifying for active duty, he was assigned to the invasion force that was to retake Tellar from the Krynar. Syrrek actively participated once again alongside his troops, managing to escape harm due to the minimization of command disruption that he had espoused so long ago in the Cardassian War. Once Tellar was retaken, Syrrek stayed behind to assist in keeping order, and actively assisted Tellar security in getting order restored to the planet. After the Krynar were defeated, Syrrek accepted a position at Gibraltar Point again as an instructor, as well as a forced promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The SFMC did not want his experience wasted on the front lines due to a lucky shot, nor did they want him to retire, so they gave him a post where he could do the most good.

In 2416, when the Federation found that most of their leadership had been infected with a neural parasite, Syrrek had to deal with the aftereffects. Syrrek woke one morning to an academy-wide alert; a visitng general had suddenly gone berserk, and was literally throwing cadets into walls. Small arms fire was ineffective as Syrrek got to the scene, and in order to buy the academy marines some time to mount some effective firepower, Syrrek engaged the augmented general in CQC. His Vulcan physiology and decades of experience allowed him to withstand and anticipate the blows headed his way, and return them to some effect. The marines eventually were able to incapacitate the general, but not before some serious damage had been done to Syrrek. While recuperating in the Academy, Syrrek was informed that a position at Star Base Bravo had opened up as the SFMC base liason, and Syrrek accepted the post both as it put him in the possibility that he could return to the front, but also because the base had a medical facility that was jointly run by both Starfleet Medical and by the SFMC. He'd get the care needed to recover from his injuries, and also gain insight into the conditions at the Star Base, which had a brigade, but also was the main transfer point for recruits and for incoming wounded in the sector. His experience with humanitarian efforts, as well as his starbase defensive knowledge would be put to use on the station, and he'd also get the chance to once again, lead troops where it mattered most.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Meditation, Vulcan Martial Arts (Tal-Shaya)
Short-Term Goals: Being placed in charge of a Brigade (Promotion to Brigardier General)
Long-Term Goals: Returning to Vulcan and starting his own family
Personality: Patient, personable with his command, but driven when in combat
Sense of Humor: Can take a joke when it's made and can recognize when humor is used (but only uses humor when appropriate)
Phobias: None
Likes: Tactical simulations, socializing with the soldiers under his command
Dislikes: armchair commanding, recklessness
Pet Peeves or Gripes: incompetent officers
Bad Habits or Vices: Prefers to be on the front lines rather than in safe where his rank puts him.
Achievements: Prevented Treaty of Bajor from being sabotaged, assisting in the formation of the SFMC in 2371
Disappointments: Loss of the SFMC Strike Cruiser USS Tenaru under his command
Illnesses: No major illnesses affecting him.
Strengths: Vulcan patience combined with the ability to handle emotions, 3-D thinking, Leadership
Weaknesses: Inability to effectively command from the rear
Fears: None
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Old USS Tenaru uniform
Distinguishing Features: Consistently wears old MACO shoulder badge on uniform
Pets: Skirik (Vulcan Sehlat Cub)
Friends: Mcapt Sakinth (Deceased 2302, old age)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Battlefield losses during the Dominion War
Best Time: Defending the Federation during the Borg Invasion
Most Crucial Experience: The years spent commanding the USS Tenaru
Role Model: Sakinth, his recruiter

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