Rorica-Mensis, Isabis

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Isabis Rorica-Mensis
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
179 cm
74 kg
Eye Color:
Gray, like a stripe from a pencil.
Hair Color:
Chestnut Brown with a clear red shine when standing in any light.
Bouffant. None have ever seen her without a well kept haircut.
Pear Shaped Body
Milk Colored
Facial Hair:
Deep, sand papered, very clear articulation and feminine.
United Federation of Planets
Belgium, Earth
Familial Relationships
Iwan Rorica
Lisanne Rommila-Rorica
Status of Parents:
They both teach at the academy, teaching anthropology and instructing cadets on subjects as alien cultures, archeology, theology, believe systems, political systems etc.
Joewan Rorica
Marital Status:
Married to Peter Mensis

Personal History

Isabis Rorica-Mensis grew up in a healthy and close family. From an early age on, Isabis traveled the globe with her parents and brother, made her way to different colonies and even visited alien planets. Her parents studied anthropology and were specialized in seeking similarities between the countless races that inhabited Federation Space. Because of this, Isabis at a young age became saturated with a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom concerning alien races, colonies and human behavior.

Together with her brother, many friends were made along the way, and the hardship of having to leave them as their parents moved on to the next project was a reoccurring routine adding to Isabis's fear of binding herself to people. Because of this, Isabis eventually created a somewhat business like and orderly personality, yet at heart and when the situation calls for it, she can be motherly and embracing. As her travels together with her brother and parents brought her to many different worlds, Earth, still was her favorite. The culture and ancient structures that appealed most to her in human history, were those of royalty. One could state that because of her – well - almost obsessive digging in the former royalties of earth, she somewhat adopted the speech and behavior hailing from those families.

Eventually, as her parents gathered the knowledge the believed suited their project of examining other cultures, they returned to earth and settled in. Of course, the vast knowledge gathered had to be shared and they therefor applied for a position as professors at the academy, they were granted those position without any hesitation.

Isabis herself traveled about earth for a few more years. In her travels she met Peter Mensis, a tour guide specialized in European royalty. It didn't take long for the two to fall in love they married a year later and expanded their family with three beautiful children.

Isabis and Peter together with their children settled in San Francisco. Peter himself remained a tour guide in Europe, Isabis became a bit restless as she was unable to 'vent' the knowledge gained by her youth and travels, her parents came with the solution. Enroll into the academy as an instructor. Isabis made clear that she had no intention of leaving earth, and that she purely wanted to join as an instructor, as she did not want to leave earth because of her family, Starfleet could not promise her that this would be the case.

During her time at the academy as a cadet, she more than showed her qualities as a tutor and instructor. She assisted the professors at multiple occasions, and soon made clear her position was here, at the academy, not aboard a starship or other location away from earth. After graduation, she instantly was offered a position as an instructor. Close to home, close to her family.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Anthropology
Academy Minor(s): Xenoarchaeology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing piano, collection of art, ferocious collector of books on royalty; real books! No digital ones.
Short-Term Goals: Writing a book concerning her travels and gained experiences while growing up until the current moment.
Long-Term Goals: Growing to eventually become a senior instructor or beyond
Personality: Isabis is strict, structured and demands discipline and respect in her relationships at the academy. Still, she is fair, caring and patient when the situation calls for it.
Sense of Humor: Among cadets, Isabis chooses to be careful of responding to humor. She believes humor is very important, and she loves a joke – this behavior though is reserved for her colleges and people she knows.
Likes: Singing! Yet, no one knows she does. It happens in the shower and occasionally together with her family, it is rumored however that when she's concentrated, that she sings, and quite a lot too. She herself denies this to the fullest
Dislikes: Singing in public
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Chaotic and impulsive behavior.
Bad Habits or Vices: Lemon-tea! She must have lemon-tea, no coffee, lemon-tea. Coffee is overrated.
Achievements: Proving her worth as an instructor.
Disappointments: Having the risk of being ordered to a different position, as she still is a starfleet officer.
Strengths: Structured and disciplined.
Weaknesses: Tends to bring her 'work' home at times
Fears: She fears losing anyone of her family greatly.
Prejudices: Enrollment into the academy is far to easy.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Sophisticated. Blouses, suits, skirts. You will never see her wearing jeans.
Distinguishing Features: Her right eye's iris has a yellow dot just right from her pupil.
Pets: None
Friends: Her work and her parents, husband and children.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to leave friends behind time after time.
Best Time: Meetings so many new people, races, places and seeing so much of federation territory.
Most Crucial Experience: Having her family. This is still the most vital part in her life.
Role Model: Her parents

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