Romulan Divisions

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The Galae s'Shiar (Romulan Imperial Fleet) operates under a divisional structure that is different than the traditional Star Fleet use of departments. The three divisions of the Imperial Fleet are Command, Operations and Sciences. Each division can be further subdivided if necessary, with that decision based upon the local commander's needs. A large ship or facility may have several subdivisions, or departments, while smaller ships and facilities will have no subdivisions.

Command Division

The Command Division consists of the Commanding Officer, First Officer and Tactical officers. Command is the nerve center of a ship, with the CO and FO managing the vessel's activities while tactical officers pilot the ship and keep it battle ready. Command is directly involved in ship to ship combat and navigational issues.

Players who choose to play a tactical officer should have a variety of skills, including helm, navigation and weapons, though they may choose one as their specialty.

Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of Security and Engineering officers. Operations is responsible for the coordination and synchronization of daily activities aboard a ship. These activities consist of maintaining security and ensuring that the vessel is in perfect operating order. The individual duties of an Operations Officer can range from strictly security based to strictly engineering based, though most are trained in some aspects of both. Assault teams and emergency repair teams fall under Operations' purview. Fire suppression, search and rescue, and maintenance also are a part of Operations. Operations consists of the majority of a ship's crew.

Players who choose to be an Operations Officer can play either security or engineering or they may combine the talents of both into their character.

Sciences Division

In a true military like the Galae s'Shiar, Medical and Science only play a support role in a warship's daily operations. That isn't to diminish their importance. Medical is certainly needed to treat the sick and injured, and Science is necessary to examine any unusual phenomena and to explore advances in technology. They do not however play an active part in military engagements.

Science and Medical are combined into one division in the Imperial Fleet and work together to provide the support needed to keep a military vessel functioning smoothly. Players who choose to be a Sciences Officer may play either medical or science, or they may combine traits of both into their characters.