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Alec Paul Riley
Career Occupation
USS Callisto, RSV-88001
Biographical Attributes
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Piercing blue
Hair Color:
Parted and swept back. The length varies as Alec normally doesn’t pay attention to the length of his hair until he hears it remarked upon.
Athletic. Alec has the strength and conditioning of someone who regularly engages in moderate to high levels of physical activity and proper diet.
A little deep and his tone comes across as dry. At times of stress his voice gets higher in pitch.
United Federation of Planets
San Francisco, California
Familial Relationships
LCdr Marshall Riley, San Francisco Fleet Yards
Lt. Patricia Riley
Status of Parents:
Marshall and Patricia are both living and currently serving Starfleet in their own capacities. Marshall and Alec’s brother Allen are gifted engineers working the Fleet Yards assisting in the manufacture and repair of Starfleet vessels. Marshall has already reached retirement age but finds the idea of retirement too boring. Patricia is currently transitioning into retirement but is currently at the helm of a runabout courier vessel.
Allen Patrick Riley (brother, alive, serving at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, 32) & Allison Petunia Riley (sister, alive, 17)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Family Background - Born to parents who’ve described themselves as "blue collar" workers in the tradition of their ancestors, Alec’s parents are living proof that opposites attract. Stubborn and headstrong Alec's father, Marshall, would rather use his hands to pick up and manipulate construction materials than use replicators or the like. This combination of discipline and determination has seen Marshall from the top of his class to the head of his station at the Shipyards where he has served most of his Starfleet career. Alec’s mother Patricia Riley is the opposite of her husband in most every way. Flying courier routes to various other ships and starbases, Patricia can be described as flighty, absent-minded, and impulsive. While Marshall’s discipline led to major success for him in engineering, Patricia’s spontaneity made her an asset in dogfights and escapes from would-be pirates. The two met and fell in love while Patricia was visiting San Francisco on shore leave. To this day, Patricia is one of the few people who can make Marshall crack a smile. The pair would go on to give birth to three children: Allen, Alec, and Allison. Marshall would serve as the primary caregiver for the children due to the nature of Patricia’s assignment.

Pre-Academy - There was no better calling in Marshall’s mind than working with your hands and he tried to instill that attitude into his children. The oldest of the three, Allen, took to the world of building, repairing, and maintaining like a fish to water. In addition to excelling through Starfleet Academy on an accelerated path, Allen would be assigned to work on the Ship Yard along with his father. Alec, on the other hand, couldn’t relate as much. Despite his father being a gifted engineer, Alec struggled with repairing machinery and, in some cases, actually made the problems worse. He also found his studies in the worlds of science and medicine to have similar disastrous results. It wasn’t from a lack of trying on either part, it just felt like they were speaking different languages. This led to many frustrating situations were Marshall would try to walk Alec through repairing a control panel or the replicator at home only to have it end in a shouting match between the two. Alec would feel guilty after but he would be too embarrassed to admit it. The truth of the matter was that being around his father and brother made him feel stupid for not understanding anything they were talking about. Alec started retreating into himself and spending more time with his sister than his father and brother.

His relationship with his mother couldn’t be any different. At times Alec felt like she was the only person who could come close to understanding him. Every time his mother would return home on leave he’d be enthralled by all the stories of who she met and what she had seen while out on assignment. It just sounded exciting. Never knowing what you were in for at the start of the day, no idea what you would see or pass by on your way to your next destination... that was all it took to cement in Alec’s mind that he didn’t belong on Earth anymore. He wanted to fly like his mother. After a long and uncomfortable conversation with his father, Alec began turning his studies away from engineering and more piloting, famous starship maneuvers, and weaponry.

Academy - The Academy was an adjustment to Alec. While his father and brother had a positive reputation amongst the Engineering piece of Starfleet, he was a virtual unknown in the world of tactics. Alec had been gifted the opportunity to stretch his proverbial wings as it were and find out he was. What Alec discovered was that he was a “learn by doing” person much to the chagrin of some of his professors. Partially stubborn like his father, partially flighty like his mother, if Alec didn’t know how to perform a flight maneuver or launch a torpedo then he would just wing it and hope for the best. This, of course, was met with mixed success. On his first outing in the holodeck he managed to crash his ship into another ship which also crashed into a third ship: not his proudest moment to say the least. Of course, if you’re the type that learns by doing you very quickly learn not to repeat mistakes.

An unexpected experience for Alec in Starfleet Academy, however, was falling in love with the art of diplomacy and negotiation. After taking the course as a means to kill time, Alec found himself enthralled by watching people deescalated situations without a single punch thrown or phaser fired. The professors demonstrating the exercises were able to reach an understanding and both parties could walk away having not totally won or totally lost the encounter. At that point he realized just how much of his life had been him just reacting to the things that happened to him so far in life. He would take this practice with him moving forward.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Diplomacy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading old poetry, long walks through forests, and boxing.
Short-Term Goals: Alec’s most important goal is to learn enough about engineering so that he can feel closer to his father and brother. As it stands, his inadequacies make him feel like a misfit and a failure. Additionally he’d like to continue his studies in diplomacy and negotiation strategies as well as push himself to be more proactive with his life.
Long-Term Goals: Goals are… intimidating… for Alec. Especially long-term ones. To be frank, Alec doesn’t really know what he wants in the long run. For so long he wanted to be away from earth and in the stars that, now? Everything felt so small and inconsequential. Even though he relates to his mother, Alec still very much feels like an outsider. Perhaps his goal is just to find somewhere that didn’t make him feel ill-at-ease with himself whether that is on a vessel, space station, or off in some other, mysterious world.
Personality: Alec is friendly despite being rather shy at times and has been referred to as an old soul by former professors at the Academy. He isn't the type to initiate a conversation and has often been accused of being self-involved by those mistaking his introspective nature as being arrogant and unapproachable. On duty he is dedicated to serving his position to the best of his ability and sees himself as a workhorse. He may not always know the answer but that just means he will work harder to find a solution. Alec is someone who enjoys figuring things out on the fly and winging it when the situation arises. He learns by doing more often than not and it leads to him volunteering for things that he may not have any knowledge of.
Sense of Humor: Very self-deprecating. He tries to portray self-confidence but will use self-deprecating humor to try to cover up those times when his confidence fails him.
Phobias: Stagnation. Much like his mother, Alec has what is called “itchy feet.” If he stays in one place too long he feels like he needs to leave. At times the Academy was a struggle for him as it sometimes felt easier to disappear for awhile than confront some of the stresses and anxiety he was feeling.
Likes: Momentum and moving forward, black coffee, trying new things, gloomy weather, literature, and meaningful conversation with someone he trusts.
Dislikes: Wasting time, getting caught up in nostalgia, hot weather, and being around large groups of people for extended periods of time.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Alec has a problem with superficiality and what he refers to as “career-minded” people whose only interest is impressing those who can advance their career. Sincerity is important to him and if he feels like someone is trying to humor him he will snap at them or avoid that person moving forward.
Bad Habits or Vices: Comparing himself to others and letting the inevitable disappointment put a chip on his shoulder which leads to him taking unnecessary risks in an attempt to prove himself.
Achievements: Previous state level champion boxer.
Disappointments: Allowing another cadet to get under his skin to the point of Alec initiating a fight with him. The offending cadet implied that Alec was not intelligent and badgered him to the point of Alec losing his temper in the cafeteria. After the fight was pulled apart Alec was reprimanded for throwing the first punch.
Illnesses: Insomnia. Alec will go through bouts where sleep is hard to come by.
Strengths: Problem solving, quick learner, taking ownership for situations and owning the solutions to those situations, not being afraid to volunteer for tasks that he is inexperienced with.
Weaknesses: Taking on too many responsibilities at once and having difficulty deferring them to others. These manifest due to putting pressure on himself to the point of overcompensating for his inadequacies.
Fears: Being seen as a failure.
Prejudices: Career minded officers in Starfleet that he views as having “no work ethic” and are where they are in their lives due to nepotism and good connections.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Something simple. Whether it’s a simple smock, robe, shirt or denim.
Distinguishing Features: Alec’s cheeks are sunken which, along with the frequent dark circles around his eyes, gives him a “sleepy’ appearance.
Pets: A tuxedo cat named Frampton
Friends: His sister Allison is the closest thing to a friend Alec has. He’s a loner at heart and doesn’t really associate with many people. Allison understands a lot of the pressure Alec feels trying to make it in Starfleet as well as his struggles relating to their father and older brother. As such, Allison will reach out to Alec to vent or let him vent and be supportive of him.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When he was a child Alec had inadvertently shocked himself while assisting his father repair a starship’s replicator. The jolt had enough force that it knocked him back ten feet and gave him a concussion when he landed. Marshall isn’t the type to keep calm in an emergency became irate when he realized that Alec had injured himself. While it wasn’t enough to do permanent damage, Alec will sometimes freeze up and second guess himself when he sees an open panel or exposed electronics.
Best Time: Winning his first fight and seeing his father and siblings cheering for him from the stands. While he felt like he wasn’t smart enough to make them proud, he was happy that there was something he could do where he could be seen as the best in his family.
Most Crucial Experience: Seeing the smile on his mother’s face after telling her that he wanted to fly like she did. Afterwards his mother told him that he had felt like most of her children had taken after their father and that in addition to spending so much time off-planet made her feel distant from everyone. Alec didn’t have a clue that his mother felt just as alienated and isolated from everyone else like he had. Knowing that he wasn’t as alone as he thought gave him the confidence to follow through with his goal to apply to the Academy.
Role Model: The fictional boxer Rocky from the 20th century movies. Alec felt a kinship for the down-on-his-luck fighter who had to work hard to be seen as an equal to the elites in his world.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22001.05 – 22001.23 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 22001.23 Midshipman Midshipman
Tactical Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 22003.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22003.27 Transferred
Tactical Officer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22004.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22004.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Tactical Officer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22004.18 Ensign Ensign
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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