Rickenbacker, Wendy

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Dr. Wendy Rickenbacker
Career Occupation
Personnel Officer
Star Fleet Command
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Dr. Wendy Rickenbacker
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
65.8 kg (145 lb.)
Eye Color:
Blue green
Hair Color:
Dyed blonde
Short, bangs long and swept back
Slender, fit
Fair, light
United Federation of Planets
Oklahoma City
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
2 younger sibs, Ann 44, Scott 42
Marital Status:
Steven Rickenbacker
Benjamin, Maxwell

Personal History

Wendy grew up in a family of privilege, her father a well known medical doctor and her mother well known in the community for her work in nonprofits. She and her family have maintained close ties despite living apart.

Wendy went through high school, an average student, as well as an athlete in basketball and swimming. She met her husband in high school and they were inseparable although they were only each other’s best friend at the time, giving each other dating advice through high school. They began their university studies at different schools, although they soon realized their friendship was much more. Wendy transferred to Steven’s school and completed her bachelor’s degree as well her master’s in Psychology, choosing the Forensics specialty after completing an internship with a law firm.

Her husband Steven completed his studies and majored in architecture. He completed an internship and then worked for several construction companies until he decided to begin his own company. Wendy quit her current employment to help her husband get his venture off the ground. With her experiences, she ended up hugely valuable, as she was the finance manager and human resources manager for the company, and handled any legalities that came up. She was good at making sure things got done, whether she had to do it herself or find someone to do it. She continued to work with her husband through the birth of two children (Benjamin and Maxwell), but as they became older, her time at the company dwindled until she only oversaw employee relations (i.e. hiring and firing).

As her children grew older, Wendy started looking for something more. After much research and conversations with Steven, Ben, and Max, Wendy studied for Star Fleet entrance. The entrance examinations were not difficult and she was admitted to Star Fleet Academy at the age of 29. Working as human resources manager for Steven made up her mind to study psychology.

Wendy is one of the first to admit that this was the hardest thing she’d done in her life, as she was away from ‘her boys’ (husband and two sons) during the week and some weekends. They couldn’t have been more supportive though and helped her the entire way. She worked hard to be present at events they each had. It wasn’t easy though; balancing a family and brand-new career. Her youngest son, Max, had major surgery following a sports accident. She made several trips home, studying in the hospital or at home, alongside her son’s bed. Despite difficulties, Wendy graduated among the top of her class.

After her graduation, she received her first commission on board the USS Yorktown. The mission was a terribly long one for Wendy. She and her husband decided she would serve at least one commission and then see what happened. Both Wendy and Steven agreed to not take their sons from the school they were attending. After nine long months, the USS Yorktown completed its tour and Wendy returned to her family. She was appreciative of the captain and his leadership, but knew she knew that serving on a star ship was not doable for her and her family…at least not at this time. She began applying for other jobs in Star Fleet and was finally s given a job with the Administrative branch of Star Fleet. This overjoyed Wendy, as she found the tasks enjoyable and it gave her easier access to her family than being stationed on a ship. Even so, she did find herself enviable of the cadets as they set foot on their ship assignments. When she was assigned to observe a ship’s personnel, she was happy to do so as she got her chance just as cadets. She was even allowed to bring her family along on a few occasions. Time went by and before Wendy realized, she had steadily been promoted. She was living the dream: a great family and terrific job.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Forensics, Psychology
Academy Minor(s): Star Fleet Law
Hobbies and Pastimes: Attending sporting events with her family, playing basketball, swimming, and other fitness activities
Short-Term Goals: Get both sons through high school and onto college
Long-Term Goals: Retire with her best friend and spouse
Personality: Intelligent, self-disciplined, impartial, objective
Sense of Humor: She likes to have a good time, will laugh
Phobias: Sidonglobophobia
Likes: People
Dislikes: Individuals who ask for suggestions and then talk over her
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Chewing ice, gum,
Bad Habits or Vices: Working from home
Achievements: Having two wonderful sons and marrying her best friend
Disappointments: Not serving on a star ship after graduating from the academy
Illnesses: Normal childhood illness
Strengths: Organization, open-minded
Weaknesses: Growing up in a family of privilege
Fears: The feel of cotton; losing her family
Prejudices: Though she tries to hide it, Wendy can be prejudiced against those who are involved in crime (minor or major)
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Yoga pants or jeans, top with shirt and sweater
Distinguishing Features: None of note
Pets: Cat named Chip
Friends: Spouse - Steven

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Her son’s (Max) sporting accident.
Best Time: Marrying her high school sweet heart.
Most Crucial Experience: Her experience working at her husband’s company.
Role Model: Wendy’s parents were incredible community supporters, volunteering in many different aspects of their community.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event

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