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Dr. Thaddeus Granger Pellew
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Olmek Adune
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
66.7 kg (147 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark chocolate, almost black (when allowed to grow)
Brown with blond highlights, wavy
Athletic medium build, average muscle tone
Milky caramel toned complexion, smooth skin
Facial Hair:
Well-bred, soothing british accent
United Federation of Planets
New Dover Colony
Familial Relationships
Thaddeus Emmerson Pellew
Regina Annette Livingston Pellew
Status of Parents:
Alive and residing on New Dover
Marital Status:

Personal History

Thaddeus Granger Pellew was born to Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Emmerson Pellew on a rainy spring day in their home on New Dover Colony. His father is actually a direct descendant of Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount of Exmouth, a title which being a Professor of Earth History is dear to Granger's Father but to most is an obscure, arcane title. Because it means so much to his Father though it has always meant a lot to Granger as well. Being the only son of a Professor of Earth History and one especially keen on English History, Granger's childhood was steeped in stories of ancient battles, kings, queens, and all points of family history. These tales of adventure, duty and intrigue helped to turn Granger's young eyes towards a life in Star Fleet. Interstellar travel to his fledgling perceptions seemed all of those things and more with tall ships sailing through the vastness for King and Country.

Not to be outdone by her husband though, the well read and prim Regina Annette Livingston, a Science Teacher in one of the colony's larger schools, made it her mission to enrich her son with the truths and wonders of the sciences. It was her passion for the natural world around them that eventually led Thaddeus Granger Pellew during his early middle school years to set his aim on a scientific career path of his own. It would be a few years before he could nail down which scientific discipline he wanted to make his own. More about that though a little later. Life on New Dover for Granger wasn't all history, science and school though. There was chasing after his friends across the fields that climbed the gentle rolling hills that surround the family home. Time spent learning to fish with his friend Alex from Alex's father, Mr. Istaka. Run-ins with school bullies, some of which he would give a bloody lip, and some who would treat him to a fat lip as well as other injuries boys get in school yard fights. There were good times when life was peaceful and plenty and then harder times when the Federation itself was at war and every colony sacrificed what they could and then some to support the effort. Those days seemed to be growing more and more frequent Granger began to notice as he matured into his teens.

The war years helped to harden his character and the years or peace tested it's virtue. Adolescence is full of temptations and dangers, many of which Granger would give into and many of which he would hold fast against like any respectable person. Learning who he was and being comfortable in his own skin were lessons taught by both indulgences and refrains alike. One particular lapse in judgement landed him in pretty hot water with his mother and his Principal when he and several of his friends were caught skinny dipping in the principal's swimming pool one steamy summer night. His mother had been horrified at the realization her son was capable of getting into that type of mischief at fourteen but his father had taken the news with a wry grin and a barely audible humph. From then on his father has occasionally ended correspondence with that same grin and a thoughtful warning. "Don't get caught in the pool."

It wasn't until his first year of High School that Granger decided what scientific disciplines he would like to focus his attentions on and build a career in. After weighing all his varied interests he narrowed the options down to two courses of study; General Medicine and Stellar Cartography, both of which he would pursue. One day he'd be a Doctor who dabbled in mapping space or a map maker who moonlighted as a doctor. It was an odd combination but one he liked. To say the least the next four years were full of books and study with little time to look up to see his life passing by. Granger poured all of his concentration into gaining entrance to Star Fleet Academy and learning all he could about the areas of study he was interested in before ever reaching San Francisco.

This hard earned accolade came at a price. Four years of intensive learning and study left little time for social activities let a lone dating so Granger is a little awkward in certain situations. He found it a little harder than most to read people and to make friends. One person he never had these difficulties with is his life long friend Alex Istaka. Then again Alex and Granger had been more than mere best friends for most of their adolescence.

At the age of 17 Granger found himself walking the halls of Star Fleet Academy as a Freshmen. Alex too applied to join Star Fleet 2 years later but chose the enlisted route and trained to be a Transporter Technician. Alex would go on to be posted after that to a research station on Gurunda VII. Two years after Alex left, at the age of 23, Granger received his two undergraduate degrees. One degree was in Biology and the other in Stellar Cartography. It was during year, his sixth at the Academy, just prior to finishing his classes required for his undergraduate degrees that Granger applied for the SFA-MCAT, (Medical School Admission test) which he passed in the ninety-fourth percentile of that years applicants.

After two years spent in lecture halls and labs learning everything from medical ethics, anatomy, pharmacology and the like Granger would finish his last two years of Medical School like everyone else- doing clinical rotations in different medical departments around the Sol System. At 27 he graduated Medical School and was assigned to spend his residency on the USS Saratoga. One year later having spent his time on the Saratoga learning the finer arts of general medicine Granger took the UFoP-MLE, (Medical Licensing Exam). Passing and receiving his M.D. Granger was assigned to the USS Ticonderga. The Ticonderoga's Medical Department was was fully staffed though and Personnel diverted his assignment to Stellar Cartography. It was understood he could lend a hand in Sickbay should the need arise but for the time being Dr. Pellew would report to Lieutenant Commander Gregg, the ship's CSO, as his Department Head.

Ticonderoga - 1st Mission "The Lobe Globe"

After officially being transferred to the Ticonderoga Granger made his way by fleet transport to meet his new posting then in orbit of Ferenginar. Once aboard he set about to report in to the ship's command staff only to find himself assigned to an outgoing away team, but things weren't interesting yet. Time would reveal the Ticonderoga's mission to be an errand to secure large amounts of a highly sophisticated mineral needed to construct the shield to protect Romulus from certain destruction.

The Grand Nagus wanted something in return of course which amounted to the crew of the Ticonderoga putting down what they were told was a maniacal computer construct that had taken control of the Nagus's new pleasure world, "The Lobe Globe." On the Lobe Globe was a massive resort filled with enormous holodecks that could play out almost any fantasy that could be programed into the controlling computer. The away team was divided into groups and for the duration of the mission Granger found himself playing the role of a would be Jedi Apprentice or Padawan as they were known to fans of Star Wars fiction.

To say that the mission was exciting, empowering, filled with peril and adventure would be the most succinct way of breaking it down. When things were turning the most harrowing though another team destroyed the computer bent on killing them and ended the mission. Unfortunately the resort suffered extensive damage in the battle preceding the termination of the rogue AI. This almost resulted in the Federation not being able to obtain the Ferengi mineral it and the Romulan people so desperately sought but in the end a deal was made and shipment was arranged.

Upon completion of the mission Star Fleet lifted Granger's provisional rank of Midshipmen, promoted him to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Captain Braggins offered him the position of CMO as the previous CMO had transferred off the ship. It was a position Granger was happy to accept.

Ticonderoga - 2nd Mission "Carraya"

Following the "Lobe Globe" mission and a brief stint in dock the Ticonderoga was dispatched as part of a larger taskforce to intervene in events happening in the Carraya system. The ship was heavily damaged and even disabled in the fight. An extensive boarding action resulted in more casualties than Granger had seen before in his short career. If the first mission was an adventure then this one just hell. Radiation sickness, crewmen torn apart, lacerations, plasma and phaser burns, broken bones, ruptured organs, and crushed windpipes were just some of the injuries the Sickbay staff had to contend with during the action but in the end they pulled through and so did Granger. It should be noted that during the action Dr. Fritz and the rest of the medical staff performed above and beyond the call of duty and made up for their new, inexperienced CMO's failings.

Addendum to Personal History

Following the Carraya mission aboard the USS Ticonderoga Granger took advantage of Shoreleave to take stock of his performance in the mission and where he was in life. He was thirty three at the time and although he'd achieved a lot in his life something about the pips on his collar no longer felt right but for the life of him the Doctor couldn't quite explain. Until he ironed out whatever bug was nipping at his neck Granger felt it only proper to step down as CMO of the Tico and to apply for a sabbatical which after a few explanations to various superiors both aboard ship and at Starfleet Medical was granted before the ship left on it's next mission. After saying goodbye to his staff Granger returned to New Dover and for the next three months he trekked the various hills and forests of his home world never knowing exactly why.

After a particularly long hiking excursion Granger returned home one evening to find his father sitting on his front step. He was there to offer a little direction which his wandering son desperately needed. The following week was enlightening to the wayward physician. In the end Granger decided to relocate back to Earth where he set up a limited practice on the outskirts of London and to return to school to further his education. Ttwo areas that most interested him were Exobiology and Epidemiology so when applications were considered at the prestigious Royal University of Medicine Mr. Pellew declared a double major set about studying everything he could get his hands on about both fields.

Again as in highschool and at the Academy there was little time for a personal life. Course work and clinics came first and foremost. Four solid years of classes and no sleep later Granger walked with honors and two more undergraduate degrees tucked neatly in his chest of credentials. Two days later the the good doctor contacted Starfleet Medical and petitioned to be reinstated. Accepting the first posting offered his way three weeks after being returned to active duty the now thirty-seven year old man found himself on a runabout headed for the USS Chin'toka to work under Doctor Cellest Rubi.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Biology, Stellar Cartography
Academy Minor(s): Civillian Academic Majors: Exobiology, Epidemiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing pool, fishing trips (fresh water), swimming, reading
Short-Term Goals: To try to make a good name for himself on his new posting and to stand out amongst his crew-mates in his unique low key fashion.
Long-Term Goals: To make his name as notable as some of his distant and lost to time relatives and possibly command his own science vessel some day.
Personality: Bookish, self-sufficient, adventurous, independent
Sense of Humor: He would rather read a joke than to tell one and although it's generally pretty easy to make him laugh or crack a smile -- practical jokes never illicit that sort of response.
Phobias: Granger is afraid of spiders and deep water. His fear of the depths keeps his fishing to fresh water and generally from neath a shade tree on a calm shoreline.
Likes: Animals especially dogs, naps, the site of a planet from space, getting to meet new people even though he isn't very good at it all, Crown Royal whiskey straight up
Dislikes: Hard shell tacos, over cooked steaks, klingon opera, and tequila
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Untidy people frustrate Granger, especially untidy roommates. He can only hope that as a Midshipman he doesn't get bunked with such an individual. People who don't learn from their mistakes bother him tend to get under his skin as well.
Bad Habits or Vices: Granger has a glass of orange juice every morning and a cup of cayenne pepper tea before bed every night. It helps him sleep oddly enough but it tends to play hell on his digestive tract. Granger has also been known to drink a little too much.
Achievements: New Dover Academy Achievement (Awarded to New Dover Citizens accepted to Star Fleet Academy), High School Valedictorian, Ranked in the top five of his Academy Class.
Disappointments: Not having any siblings, and not feeling he has his Father's full endorsement concerning his career path. Though he had never said so in as many words Granger knew his father would have much rather his son had gone into teaching or even sign onto a civilian scientific expedition.
Illnesses: Andorian Shingles at age 15 on a class trip to see a Star-Jelly. Exposure to a young Andorian child infected Granger when he brushed against the other boy's arm. The next month was very uncomfortable for Granger.
Strengths: Being self-sufficient and a quick study. Granger has a knack for getting outside of a problem and looking at it from angles others might not necessarily see.
Weaknesses: Granger for his many talents has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. He has also been known to take a little too much initiative or occasionally over analyzing a situation.
Fears: Granger has a fear of drowning even though he enjoys to swim. He is also afraid of spiders. Not the garden variety of house spider but the larger species that generally infest the forests of almost every planet man has ever set foot on.
Prejudices: Although he isn't a pacifist Granger raises an eye of incredulity at anyone who'd rather shoot first. He considers them short sighted and occasionally inept. Of course being the intelligent person he is Granger also recognizes the need for this recourse in certain situations. It's a bit of a double edged sword for him.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose fitting slacks and jeans / airy, soft fabric button up long sleeve shirts
Distinguishing Features: Strong jaw line
Pets: English Bulldog named Justinian
Friends: Alex Istaka

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: His most painful experience was having Andorian Shingles. Nothing compares to having your eyeballs bleed.
Best Time: Cliff diving with his friend Alex on Gorman VI and several other classmates from the Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: Granger broke his tibia while hiking along a series of terraced rock facings on New Dover when he was 13. His foot had slipped as he tried to step over a large crack and down he went. He fell seven feet before wedging in the rock, his lower leg slamming into a protrusion from one of the facings. It took him an hour to free himself and longer to climb back up to the top crack. Luckily the inside of the crevasse hadn't been too worn and smoothed by erosion over the years or he might never have made it out. Following his climb Granger rested under a large tree in a near by wooded area. Using a fallen limb that had fortuitously fallen in the rains that had come earlier that week he was able to make the two mile trek back to town. To this day Granger considers himself lucky in the least to have survived the experience. Even a nick in an artery in his leg would have spelled his demise that day. This event also helped him to realize just how self-sufficient and independent he really is.
Role Model: His role models are his parents. If he can hold onto what came before like his father and still search out the new like his mother he knows his life will be full and long lived.

Career History

Stardate 20107.19 - Graduated, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20107.19 - Promoted to Midshipman,Assigned, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20108.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20109.01 - Assigned as Chief Medical Officer, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21101.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21309.19 - Assigned as Medical Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375

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