Mission Log 5 - Stardate 242312.01 "Deafening Sound of Silence"

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Captain Daniel Brooks

Stardate 202312.17

Captains Log, Stardate 202312.17, Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

The Charon has been tasked to investigate a Dilithium Mine that seems to have suddenly gone quiet which is located on an Asteroid near the Cardassian border.

As we know our relationship with the Cardassians is an up and down one, we know being so close to their border they would bound to take an interest in our presence there. To be honest I think we would be to if the shoe was on the other foot. I think it be highly unlikely if the Cardassians doing what we are doing we would indeed send a ship or two our side to take a look.

I am fully aware that the Cardassians can not be trusted but I do hope if they do turn up we can talk together and come to a sensible outcome.

End Log

Stardate 202403.19

Captains Log, Stardate 202403.19, Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

We dispatched an away team lead by Commander Velaul to see what was going on with the mine as sensors indicated there was no one on the mine itself, but there seemed to be some kind of power surge going on. Being so close to the boarder it wasn't long before a Cardassian ship arrived and asked us what our intentions were. Gul Nasset who partly tried to put a spin on this mine being some secret operation. They even offered their help in any investigation. I asked them if they noticed anything usual and they said the power surge was happening for the last couple of weeks. This only deeps our investigation further, also I am very aware that the Cardassians have had their eyes on this place for a while.

End Log

Stardate 202404.07

While we are completing our investigation to the mine we have a priority message come through to say I was changing vessel and taking command of the USS Aquila, the Charon had been given a new CO to take her onto her next mission. Even through this is exciting to take command of the Ross-Class along with taking this fantastic crew with me in the ship change I will be a little bit sad to see the Charon go with someone else. She's been my first Command and I will always remember her.

Commander Velaul has requested help from Sickbay and Security to work out the charges, at this moment in time I am still awaiting the First Officer presents to update me with what has been going on.

End Log.

Stardate 240307.04

Captain's Log Supplemental, Stardate 240307.04 Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

With regards to the away team, they have requested extra medical staff and equipment. Our security officer had advised me we should put extra security down there to due to it being our equipment at risk. I have denied this purely on the basis they aren’t a Federation Colony and it might cause more trouble swamping the area with officers which at the moment is a very difficult political situation for the current leaders of the colony to deal with without causing mass panic.

End Log.

Stardate 242309.13

Captains Log, Stardate 242309.13, Captain Brooks recording,

We were investigating a medical emergency at Gravesworld which we responded to via a distress signal. We were making good head way in assisting the colony doctors on what could be causing the illness that was getting out of hand.

In our scans we found a building outside the colony and I beamed down myself to talk to the person but they weren't anywhere near the building at the time. I was starting to investigate the area when a priority one call from Starbase 6 told us to leave. It is all very frustrating, weather they are Federation colony or in this case they are not they still needed our assistance and we should have been allowed to carry on and render it to them.

Once everyone was back aboard, we started on our trip back to Starbase 6 for a debrief. I will hope who ever decided that we should abort helping these people will think of how many more will be struck down and die from the illness that might have been prevented with our intervention.

End Log.

Crew Logs

First Officer

Commander Beno Velaul

Stardate 202310.23

First Officers log

I am taking the time to reflect on every mistake I have ever done up until this point, and I have realized something really big. I have strayed away from my original path, and I am not sure how I let it happen. Ego got the best of me, and my younger self would have pointed out that mistake. I have dedicated my whole career to the service of others, and putting them before myself. As First Officer this is equally true, and all eyes are on us. The crew are all looking to us for guidance, and how we can help them.

One of those people is my new Science Officer who is starting her career the exact same way I started, and now she has me to learn from. I am sure that in the process I am going to learn a lot too, that is how it always works. Both student and teacher learn from each other, and that's a beautiful thing. I am going to be fully invested in her, just like I was with Venta. Also just like him, I am going to give her room to grow. I will guide her in every way that I can, with the exception for one area. The choices she makes for her career, are hers alone. I just hope that she gets everything that she aspires to, and enjoys the adventures like I did.

As for the rest of the crew, I put together this program for them, and give them something to smile about. A great way to blow off steam, and sometimes that means getting Snowballs thrown at us it's all for them. After all who hasn't thought of throwing something at people of authority, now is their chance to actually do it.

Before that next mission starts, I want us all to have that bounce back in our step. That is the important part, this would also help them be more productive. I also wish each and everyone of them the best, and all the success they desire.

End log

Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Cornelius Hoekstra

StarDate: 2422401.13

Chief Engineer's Log: Stardate 242401.13

Lieutenant Cornelius Hoekstra reporting.

The ship has been summoned to a mining colony located in close proximity to the Cardassian border. The situation appears to be one which our actions will be closely watched and could potentially turn volatile at a moments notice. In light of our mission, I ordered the engineering department to perform diagnostic checks on mission critical ship systems to ensure that they were in an optimal state of readiness. As of the date of writing this report, I have no reason to believe that there are problems in any of these systems. However, I have seen fit to temporarily modify the schedules of the engineering department to ensure that extra staff are available should the need arise. Hopefully, these measures will not be needed.

The previously mentioned diagnostic logs are attached.

End Log.