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The USS Charon is a Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel in service with Star Fleet.

United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Charon, NCC-88003United Federation of Planets logo.png
Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel
United Federation of Planets
Commanding Officer
Captain Daniel Brooks
Active (242103.17)
Darwin in Spacedock.jpg
Titan planet.jpg
Type: Reconnaissance Science Vessel (RSV)
Length: 450 Meters
Beam: 205 Meters
Height: 80 Meters
Mass: 3,000,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 17 (Including Sensor Pod) Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 100 Officers, 250 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 500
Warp Speed: Cruise Speed: 6
Sustainable Speed: 9.2
Emergency Speed: 9.92 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: 1 Main Impulse Engine (Type 5)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type-1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-1)
Armament: Phasers: 2x 100-degree Type-XI Arrays, one starboard, one port (Saucer - Dorsal);

2x 100-degree Type-XI Arrays, one starboard, one port (Saucer - Ventral);
1x 90 degree Type-XI Array (Secondary Hull - Ventral)
Torpedoes: 3x Torpedo Launchers (2F/1A)
Payload: 60 Photon Torpedoes

Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 3 Shuttles (2 Type 14, 1 Type 17), 2 Shuttlepods (2 Type 18);
Waverider Support Craft (Docked Under Saucer)
Computer System: Yori-Moto D4D019
Tractor/Repulsor: 1 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
2 Shuttle Docking Tractors (2 in Main Bay),
2 Docking Tractors
Sensors: SS Sierra 1a8 Deep Space Scientific Sensors
Daystrom Industries HSCS-1SA Starship Sensors


Launched in 2385 just prior to the Synth Attack on Mars, the Charon was assigned to patrol missions along what was left of the Romulan Neutral Zone in order to ascertain the progress of the Romulan evacuation and the impending Supernova. When the evacuation effort was abandoned, the Charon was reassigned to planetary survey and humanitarian missions until the Fleet Review on Frontier Day, where it was badly damaged by running firefights. The Charon would spend significant time in Spacedock under repair, and be assigned a new crew after her refit.

Stardate 242103.17 The Charon's post-refit voyage took her to the outer reaches of the Alpha Quadrent to do a survey mission in the Taybor system, to map the area after an unmanned probe. The mission seemed simple but became unbearable when the ship's computer develops an unexpected personality, interrupting the survey mission.

Stardate 242108.16 The Charon was resent back to the outer reaches of the Alpha Quadrent to complete its previous survey mission in the Taybor System. While there they undertook checking for any left over wreckage of the warp core that was left on the last visit, as well as Scientific work. There was an unexpected explosion in the Ready Room that killed the CO and CSO from a EPS Conduit that malfunction that went undetected from last mission.

Stardate 242204.19 Starfleet Command had concerns raised about warp signatures near an underdeveloped planet Vinex III near the Federation/Cardassian boarder. The Charon was dispatched to investigate the area and to see if there is any Cardassian involvement. The Away mission provided us with a clue that it might not be Cardassians as Command first thought and could be Brikar due to Phezus that was mentioned which comes up in the records.

Stardate 242302.01 The Charon is sent to Starbase 6 on a supply run, having had Commander Brooks recently promoted to Captain. Upon their arrival a distress call comes from Gravesworld from a non-Federation colony needing help. The Charon being the only ship close enough response to the call. Arriving at the planet, an away team is sent down to the surface. It is quickly worked out the colony are suffering from some type of illness and need of assistance in finding out why. As the Charon is making progress a priority one call comes in for them to leave from Starbase 6, as the colony had shunned Federation assistance before.

Stardate 242312.01 The Charon was sent on a mission to a mine on the Cardassian boarder as the communication had gone down. They were to investigate the reason why and to restore. Upon arrival there is an empty mine devoid of people and only a power surge. Commander Velaul and a Away Team are dispatched to investigate further. The Charon not long after this is approached by a Cardassian ship lead by Gul Nasset. Who's overall tone made it sound as if this was some secret starfleet agenda on the go. Captain Brooks managed to talk the Cardassian around and to back off while they investigated.


The USS Charon was named after the first largest of Pluto's five moons in Sol system. In Terran mythology of the people of ancient Greece, Charon, the son of Erebus and Nyx (Night), whose duty it was to ferry over the Rivers Styx and Acheron those souls of the deceased who had received the rites of burial.

  • HMS Charon (1778) was a 44-gun fifth rate launched in 1778 and destroyed at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781.
  • HMS Charon (1783) was a 44-gun fifth rate launched in 1783. She was on harbour service from 1795, used as a troopship from 1800 and was broken up in 1805.
  • HMS Charon (1827) was a wooden paddle packet, formerly the GPO vessel Crusader. She was launched in 1827, transferred to the navy in 1837 and used as a mail packet
  • HMS Charon (1856) was an Albacore-class wooden screw gunboat launched in 1856 and broken up in 1865
  • USS Charon (NCC-11345) was a Federation Apollo-class light cruiser in service to the Starfleet in the late 23rd and 24th centuries, under the command of Captain Maddox.
  • USS Charon (NCC-80111) was a Federation Luna-class Cruiser, destroyed in 2380.

Current: USS Charon, NCC-88003
Vessel Class: Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel
Commanding Officer: Captain Harrison Boislevesque Stardate 242103.17 - 242201.28
Acting Commanding Officer: Commander Daniel Brooks Stardate 242201.29 - 242212.29
Commanding Officer: Captain Daniel Brooks Stardate 242212.30 - present

Vessel Dedication Quote

“Wisdom begins in wonder,” ~ Socrates

Crew Manifest

Com-capt.jpg Daniel Brooks Commanding Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Beno Velaul First Officer Joined Trill E-Mail
Tac-blank.jpg Vacant Chief Tactical Officer
Tac-blank.jpg Vacant Tactical Officer
Sec-lcdr.jpg Luna Pond Chief of Security Human E-mail
Sec-blank.jpg Vacant Security Officer
Eng-lt.jpg Cornelius Hoekstra Chief Engineer Human E-Mail
Eng-blank.jpg Vacant Engineering Officer
Med-lt.jpg Scott Anderson Chief Medical Officer Human E-mail
Med-lt.jpg Julia Troy Medical Officer Betazoid Email
Sci-blank.jpg Vacant Chief Science Officer
Sci-ens.jpg K'Rora Science Officer Caitian Email

Reg NRC Manifest

Com-cmcpo.png T'Kol {Sothrick} Chief of the Boat Vulcan E-Mail
Sec-lt.jpg John Cooper {Anderson} Security Officer Human E-mail
Eng-ltjg.jpg Mathew Phoenix {Sothrick} Engineering Officer Human E-Mail
Eng-ltjg.jpg Jack Crab {Brooks} Engineering Officer Human E-Mail
Med-ltjg.jpg Kate Fletcher {Brooks} Medical Officer Human Email
Med-ltjg.jpg Aanil O’Shea {Kurasa} Medical Officer Human/Vulcan Email
Med-ens.jpg Aurora Pond {Pond} Medical Officer Human E-mail
Sup-lt.jpg Matthew Daniels {Anderson} Chief Support Officer Human E-mail

Useful Links

USS Charon NRC Crew List

Captain's Logs

Episode 1 - Stardate 242103.17 - The Ship Must Be Crazy
Episode 2 - Stardate 242108.16 - A Killer Survey
Episode 3 - Stardate 242204.19 - We seek them here
Episode 4 - Stardate 242302.01 - Distress call at Gravesworld
Episode 5 - Stardate 242312.01 - Deafening Sound of Silence

Auxiliary Craft

Waverider Support Craft

USS Cronus RSV88003/W

USS Cronus, Waverider Support Craft

Shuttles, Type 14

Acheron, RSV88003/1
Ophne, RSV88003/2

Shuttlepod - Type 18

Erinyes, RSV88003/3
Minos, RSV88003/4

Image Gallery

Command Areas

Operational Areas

Crew Areas

Ship's Manual

How Points Are Awarded

1.1 Monthly Points
Constitution directive 1.3.4 states that “All applicants/members must agree to make at least two story oriented posts a week. (Exception: See 3.6 of Constitution.) Out of Context (OOC) posts don’t count towards this total”. The maximum participation points awarded is 500 per month. The Commanding Officer of the ship is charged with determining how to rate participation. Points run from 16-15th of each month and are published in the Red Alert thread on the 1st of each month.

(1) During a mission:

1.1. Each in-game, player-character post (which could also include a Non-Playing Character post, see point 1.2 below) will merit 50 points, providing it meets one of the following criteria (up to a maximum of 400 points per month):
1.1.1. Mission value: A post which helps to move the mission along or helps to develop the storyline.
1.1.2. Post length/quality overall: A post which has full paragraphs and detail. Two-liners do not rate well!
1.1.3. Character building: A post which may not accomplish either of the above but builds the character should be given a higher consideration.
1.2. These are GUIDELINES. DHs should use them when evaluating the posts of their subordinates, and making their recommendations to the FO, who will use the same guidelines when making their recommendation to the CO. The CO will make any adjustments they feel prudent. Note: NPC posts can accrue a player points in the same way as PC posts, though points may NOT be awarded in such instances if an NPC post appears to have been given priority over a PC post where the latter seems more urgent in moving along the mission/providing other players with a response.
1.3. An additional 100 points may be awarded to any player at the recommendation of the DH, FO, or CO for quality or other reasons. This is a subjective judgement.
1.4. Any player whose absence (announced LOA or otherwise) of more than 5 days causes one of the main plotlines on the ship to be held up, or causes other players to be forced to wait on them for a response, will have points DEDUCTED based on the following criteria.
1.4.1. 100 points per 5-day period after the third day of absence.
1.4.2. Additional points as determined by the CO based on the level of disruption.
1.4.3. If the player informs the CO or FO that they will be gone and that their character can be ‘hijacked’ or placed in a non-pivotal role for that time, then the penalty will be automatically waived. However, in order to receive full points, the player must make a minimum of 8 posts during the rest of the month.
1.5. Any time a player is awarded less than the maximum 500 points recommended for the month they can contact the CO to find out the reason for this.
1.6. Any time a DH or FO points recommendation is overridden, then the CO will email the FO and associated DH with an explanation as to the alteration and why.
1.7. Points awards issues or questions should be addressed to the CO in email at all times and cc-ed to the FO.

(2) Non-Mission (shore leave):

2.1. A simple 50 points per post shall be awarded, up to a maximum of 400; plus the 100 quality judgement.
2.2. LOAs must still be requested as normal.

(3) Department Head (DH) points:

2.7.1. Prerequisite: Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or higher.

2.7.2. Reports to: First Officer (FO).
2.7.3. Considered the first link in a Junior Officer or Probationary Member’s chain of command.
2.7.4. Serves as a role model for all Junior Officers and Probationary Members.
2.7.5. Works as mentor to Junior Officers and Probationary Members in their department.
2.7.6. Ensures Junior Officers and Probationary Members in their department are posting. Works with the FO to ensure all department members are involved in the mission, whether through the main plot or an approved subplot. Follows up with department members not on approved leave of absence (LOA) that have not posted in two weeks. Notifies FO regarding absent players in their department.
2.7.7. Advises First Officer on any issues concerning their department.
2.7.8. Provides participation points for department members to the FO by the 18th of the month.
2.7.9. Receives up to 100 points each month for executing the duties of this position.

(4) First Officer (FO) points:

2.10.10. Provides participation points for ship’s crew to the CO by the 21st of the month.
2.10.11. Receives up to 200 points each month for executing the duties of this position.
4.1. FO is awarded up to 200 points per month at the discretion of the CO.
4.2. Points are based on the above, plus:
4.2.1. Accepting points recommendations from the DHs and processing them.

(5) Commanding Officer (CO) points:

5.1. CO is awarded up to 300 points per month at the discretion of the GC and CinC.
5.2. Points are based on all of the above, plus:
5.2.1. Processing points from the FO and submitting to the GC prior to 24th of each month except where ordered otherwise.
5.2.2. Administrative duties relating to mission, timelines, etc.


The short of the above is… if you post you’ll get full (400) points with potential for an additional 100 points for quality. If you don’t, then you won’t. Holding up missions and leaving other players waiting for a response will also be penalised and may see your character hijacked by the Command Staff to move things on.
If you have any questions, please contact the Commanding Officer and First Officer.

===Leaves of Absence===

2.1 If a player is to be away from the site for more than 5 days, they are required to announce a Leave of Absence, either by posting on the ship or by sending an email to their superior officer.
2.2 Players whose LOA causes disruption of the game will have their characters hijacked at the CO's discretion to help move along the plotline.
2.3 Players who request LOA will have the twice weekly posting quota waved, but they must make a minimum of 8 posts during the month to receive the full 400 points.