Mission Log 4 - Stardate 242302.01 "Distress call at Gravesworld"

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Captain Daniel Brooks

Stardate 242301.22

Captains Log, Stardate 242301.22, Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

Where do I start with this log...

I have now been promoted to the rank of Captain, the burden of which feels heavy on my shoulders. The crew, however, are a very well-oiled machine. We have had a couple of changes in the crew with four replacement department heads three of which are new to the ship, Simonova who is our Acting Chief Tactical taking over from Commander Archen and an old friend of mine Doctor Anderson who is now reassigned as Chief Medical Officer along with Commander Jadaris who will be in charge of the Science Department.

It is also a great pleasure to see Lieutenant Hoekstra not just get promotion to full Lieutenant but to also take on the role of Chief Engineer, but Hoekstra and Simonova are new to the DH roles. Lucky for them they have service veterans such as Commander Pond our Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer is a former First Officer along with Doctor Anderson another well versed Department Head who will be working alongside them, which will help take some of the pressure off my First Officer Commander Velaul. Velaul and myself seem to be working well together and I hope I can assist her in growing her career and one day she will have a fourth pip on her collar along with a ship.

The Charon seems ready for its new mission under my command, and I am a little bit more excited for it as now the extra stress of being assessed for promotion is over. I can now focus on Commander Velaul and the crew, helping them to develop and grow into fine officers and maybe even become Command teams in the future.

I am looking forward to seeing what we get tasked within the coming weeks.

End Log.

Stardate 242303.26

Captains Log, Stardate 242303.26, Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

We finally had our mission given to us and even though you would think it be something science or medical due to Charon’s outfit we ended up on a routine supply mission to Starbase Six. It wasn’t the mission I was hoping for really to be able to get to grips with and develop my own command style as we are now moving forward from the first few missions this ship has been dealt with.

It took us two weeks to get to Starbase six at warp factor six. Upon our arrival we also had some changes of personnel to and from the base which is to be expected with the cargo. Since my promotion I am still finding my boundaries and trying not to micromanage everything but let Commander Velaul take the workload. It is the First Officer’s duty to make sure of the day to day running of the ship and I know she is capable, I just got to get used to the change of role.

However, while we were offloading, we ended up with a distress call that has come in from a colony Gravesworld. The last time Starfleet had contact was around forty years ago, not long before I was born. The last time it was visited was when the Enterprise D transported Graves assistant to Starbase six and it would be highly doubtful these people who were in distress knew who Ira Graves was unless his influence has carried on. I only know of him as it came up during a course in my second term at the Academy.

I have decided that the Charon will respond to this distress call and investigate further for the reason of it, lucky for me Commander Velaul and our fairly new Chief Engineer Lieutenant Hoekstra has managed to speed up the offloading process. Meanwhile, Commander Pond has had an issue with one of the officers assigned to us from the StarBase with their paperwork, as ever through everyone is working quickly to iron out the issues so we can head to the planet and offer our assistance.

End Log.

Stardate 242305.05

Captains Log Stardate 242305.05, Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

The Charon has arrived at Gravesworld, out of caution we have gone to yellow alert as there doesn’t seem any immediate indication of the reason for the distress signal. It also turns out that there is no means of communicating to them via the usual subspace comms.

I have decided to send a small team down to have a look and report back led by the First Officer, Commander Velaul who has been ordered to assess and report. She is backed up by Lieutenant Commander Pond our Security Chief as I feel we don’t know what we are stepping into. I have also added Lieutenant Hoekstra just in case there is a mechanical issue and Doctor Anderson.

I am still adjusting to the factor that it is now others responsibility to get into the thick of the action through I guess at some point I could pull rank, maybe one day I will.

On a side note, depending on what is going on I will send a second team down and if we need to evacuate people, we are already set up for it thanks to the Chief Engineer.

End Log.

Stardate 240307.04

Captain's Log Supplemental, Stardate 240307.04 Captain Daniel Brooks recording,

With regards to the away team, they have requested extra medical staff and equipment. Our security officer had advised me we should put extra security down there to due to it being our equipment at risk. I have denied this purely on the basis they aren’t a Federation Colony and it might cause more trouble swamping the area with officers which at the moment is a very difficult political situation for the current leaders of the colony to deal with without causing mass panic.

End Log.

Stardate 242309.13

Captains Log, Stardate 242309.13, Captain Brooks recording,

We were investigating a medical emergency at Gravesworld which we responded to via a distress signal. We were making good head way in assisting the colony doctors on what could be causing the illness that was getting out of hand.

In our scans we found a building outside the colony and I beamed down myself to talk to the person but they weren't anywhere near the building at the time. I was starting to investigate the area when a priority one call from Starbase 6 told us to leave. It is all very frustrating, weather they are Federation colony or in this case they are not they still needed our assistance and we should have been allowed to carry on and render it to them.

Once everyone was back aboard, we started on our trip back to Starbase 6 for a debrief. I will hope who ever decided that we should abort helping these people will think of how many more will be struck down and die from the illness that might have been prevented with our intervention.

End Log.

First Officer Commander Beno Velaul

Stardate 242305.21

Personal Log

Beno Velaul recording.

At first glance it might appear like I go into these situations without much worry, but a closer look would reveal that it’s a defensive strategy I use. If you go into any situation expecting conflict or violence, that is exactly what you are going to get. At the sound of the SOS signal I was instantly curious, for what was the reason behind it. Was it for evacuation? Or was it something more? I have ordered Medical tests to be conducted to help these people the best we can, it will also help alert us for any dangers if we need to evacuate them. When it comes to the Engineering part, the failing equipment around us can be a good clue as well, they will tell us if they are exposed to radiation and is interfering with the mechanical parts. It will also tell us how these people live, and how they survived all of this time.

All around I am looking at the bigger picture, and that also requires more than one set of eyes. Pond would be able to see something that I might overlook, and that will make all the difference. What I do know at this point is the fact we were noticed, and all but ignored. The person who made contact with us, is also the person who sent the distress call in the place he took us. Hopefully we can drop the act and find out why exactly we are here, and if it is for evaluation we can not move forward without talking to the council. Also to make sure the ship is safe for all, and I am not putting my crew in Jeopardy. It is like I say. When did Noah build the Arch? Before the rain.

End Log

Stardate 22306.16

First Officers log

I have spent the bulk of my career putting others before myself, as a Midshipman the Enlisted and Civilians always came first. As I climbed up in rank the list of people got larger, as First Officer this is extremely critical. I have to bury the Ego, and do right by them despite what I might feel. Somewhere in the mix of things I lost sight of this, and now I am once again seeing the light.

I have also made a career out of utilizing what I have, and not fixating on what I don't. What we have here are two generic symptoms that could cover anything from highly toxic foods, and or drink. The biggest clue was presented earlier but I just didn't see it. The real question is what is available out there, and not available here. In a medical building everything from Food and medicine is strictly controled. Given enough time and rest the toxins would be safely flushed out of their system, but not before the damage is done.

If enough damage gets done over a course of time it can become fatal, but eliminate the source and the healing can really start. After all the best medicine available is always natural, that's what the immune system is for. It might take a while, but in the long run it causes less harm. As the hypocratic oath states to do no harm, and the biggest harm done is keeping this whole thing under wraps. If a small percentage of any group is affected the greater the odds for success, however it also works in the opposite direction equally as efficient. To any action there is always an opposite reaction Sir Isaac Newton. Now it is time to do what I should have done from the start, shut up and listen for the sake of understanding before the conclusion is reached.

End Log

Tactical Department

Ensign Victoria Vega

Stardate 242302.04

Personal log,Stardate 242302.04 Ensign Victoria Vega recording:

Over the last couple of days, the ship has seen a couple of different changes. The first being that we’re now serving under Captain Brooks after his promotion. Which, if I’m being honest, we could’ve done without the pomp of a ceremony. Social gathering already aren’t my speed, but the fact it was mandatory leaves a little bit of a sour taste. Although, for the record, I don’t believe it was an undeserved promotion, as far as I’m aware.

A change in Tactical occurred as well with Commander Archen’s sudden retirement. I hadn’t served under him long, but I believed we had an amicable professional working relationship. Perhaps it might be a bit prejudicial, but one of the reasons I believed that worked out well was due to his status as a non-Human. A Mirak might not face the same issues as I would, but perhaps he could see through it differently and actually allow me to perform my duties without prejudice. While I haven’t had many problems with the Human personnel onboard the Charon, it has occurred elsewhere.

I did eventually meet his replacement the other day, a Lieutenant Simonova. However, I haven’t reached a conclusion of where I stand with her, as of yet. What doesn’t seem to bode well is the fact her position, officially, is ‘Acting’ Chief Tactical Officer. Whether this assignment was due to Captain Brooks himself, or someone else at Starfleet Command, it feels like a slap in the face to the department. Not only was someone off-ship brought in, which signals the fact no one aboard the Charon was deemed capable, we’re seemingly getting a new senior officer who someone doesn’t feel confident in their abilities as well. Hence their seemingly temporary positional title.

Regardless, none of that factors into how I perform my own duties. Hopefully, I won’t have to be responsible for making up for their potential inability. Not that I wish for them to fail, far from it. And that’s not just because Lieutenant Simonova was the one who presented me with my own promotion to Ensign. I haven’t had any experience working with her, and while I’m someone who respects the position someone might hold, how I feel about their work level is a different thing altogether and something they have to prove to me.

On a personal note, I was a bit surprised when I learned that I was being promoted. It’s not like I don’t feel like I haven’t earned it, but with their being some setbacks since I graduated the Academy it wasn’t something I expected to occur anytime soon. Since I never heard anything further on the Lieutenant Lincoln front, I’m assuming that whole problem has blown over. If the rumors are true, however, it would be a pleasant surprise if he’d been truly reassigned.

End log.

Chief Of Security

Lieutenant Commander Luna Pond


Personal Log, Stardate 242302.13, Lieutenant Commander Luna Pond Recording

Where do I begin, on a personal note my life continues to be one big rollercoaster of emotions and event. More so recently as a old flame stepped back into my life after a huge gap of seven years apart in the form of Christian Grix, I said if I ever saw him again I wouldn't know how to act, he disappeared from my life unexpectedly and appeared once again reinstated into Star Fleet after recovering from an injury which by all accounts took most of his memories save the ones of me.

It's been such a romantic and whirlwind of a few months and came as a complete shock to find out he was still madly in love with me and decided to propose, I accepted however as time has gone on I can't get Dan out my head. I've tried in vain and alas it keeps reappearing in my thoughts and occasionally my dreams, it's just a shame that as a woman with feelings and desires in that respect Dan is oblivious and I'm not wholly convinced that he knows I even exist as a woman outside od my Security role.

I should really be buzzing about the upcoming nuptials, but recently Chris seems distant and I wonder if deep down this amazing man has actually got cold feet too and on that note only time will tell with us both how this will eventually pan out.

On the family front, Aurora seems distant too. I know that there is something going on there but I am not sure entirely what, She is avoiding me like the plague it would seem so I am going to pay Matt another visit asap to get to the bottom of this once and for all. My sixth sisterly sense is telling me that Aurora Jayne is hiding something from me, but as to what it is.... I have no idea,

Anyway... I have to go and start my Bridge shift, will elaborate more on these matters when I know more.

End Log

Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Cornelius Hoekstra


Gravesworld Away Team - Engineering SITREP

Stardate: 242305.26

Chief Engineer, Lt Cornelius Hoekstra reporting,

Situation to date: The USS Charon received a distress call while delivering cargo to Starbase 6. After completing the cargo transfer, the ship traveled to the source of the signal, the planet Gravesworld. Commander Velaul was given command of an away team, with the objective of making contact with the residents of Gravesworld and determining the reason for the distress call. The away team consisted of Commander Velaul, Lieutenant Commander Pond, Lieutenant Anderson, and myself.

Actions to date: The distress call was deemed not as urgent as initially expected, as made evident by the initial lack of reception by the residents of Gravesworld. They seemed confused and/or indifferent to the away team’s presence. After making our way through the local market, we were approached by a Doctor Enders who seemed to be the originator of the signal, or at least had some knowledge of its broadcast. Lt Anderson and myself were given orders to begin goodwill operations with the colonists while Cdr Velaul and LCdr Pond attended a meeting in the doctor's offices. I have made a list of supplies that may be needed, based on a cursory visual scan of the marketplace.

Actions to be completed: I will attempt to locate someone from the colony who has more knowledge of the community's engineering needs. After determining what supplies are needed, I will arrange to have them beamed down from the ship, along with a team of engineers to assist in repairs. It may also be necessary to set up a temporary shelter on the outskirts of the market as a base of operations if an otherwise appropriate location is not found.

Issues: The cause for the distress signal remains to be seen. Our initial walk through town did not reveal any immediate causes. As such, there may be an unseen threat we have yet to encounter. Additionally, the general attitude of the Gravesworld colonists towards Star Fleet, while not overtly hostile, is still unknown. Their lack of contact in the last few decades suggests that we might encounter some resistance to our continued presence here.

End Report.

Stardate 240307.14

Gravesworld Away Team - Engineering SITREP - Addendum

Stardate: 240307.14

Chief Engineer, Lt Cornelius Hoekstra reporting,

Actions to date: I have made contact with a group on the colony called the Wilsoners. They appear to be responsible for fixing and maintaining equipment. They have identified an Andorian by the name of B'lai as a point of contact. I'm not fully certain if he is their leader, but he seems to hold some sway in the community. I have initiated contact with B'lai and have begun assessing the needs of the colony with regards to engineering equipment and knowledge. B'lai seems reluctant to participate, having yet to provide me with a list of needed supplies. Instead it seems that he is more concerned with my association with Starfleet and any potential costs of said supplies. At this time, I am unsure if these proceedings will be fruitful.

Chief Science Officer

Commander Jadaris


Chief Science Officer's Supplemental Log

Stardate: 240317.15

Chief Science Officer Jadaris recording

It seems that the planet we've responded to a distress signal is more complicated than I thought. No signs of external distress from solar, stellar, planetoid or atmospheric activity, so I'm starting a through geological scan. If I can construct a model of the colony's underground, we might find something else if this really is a physical problem. If it's psychological, no amount of scans from orbit will help us understand their minds. I do hold a hope that it is geological in origin, something that we can fix without interfering with the colony's societal structure.

End Log

Medical Officer

Lieutenant Julia Troy


Personal log, Recording of Lt Julia Troy

So far not much excitement going on. The only excitement is that the first away team went down to the planet and that there is a colony there. There hasn't been much going on the bridge with everyone doing their job and telling the captain what they found out.

Just got done with a meeting with the first officer of the ship. All I can say it went extremely well with her. I actually got past most of what was holding me back.

What I have to do is put all my thoughts down and talk with my parents about what happened with my sister. I know that it won't be easy to talk to them, and I have a holodeck program all set in mind. With the first officer and both animals there for support it'll be easier to talk to them.

Have to go since I'm starting to hear a young betazoid.

End Log

Stardate 242309.09

Lt Julia Troy Medical officers log Recording

Star date 242309.09

This mission wasn't like what anyone was expecting. Could say that it was kind of off and weird especially to me. It started simple by answering an SOS from graves world, and from there it a little sideways.

With the ship being called back to starbase for who knows what. By being down on the planet with the first officer and my dog Spike really helped keeping me grounded from all the telepaths on the planet. For once it's nice being back on the ship.

It seems like I was feeling like I wasn't all that fresh by being down there. As of this moment I won't know what will become of that settlement. I hope that in the future they are willing to let the federation help them out.

End Recording, End Log