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Elizabeth Jones
Career Occupation
First Officer, Program Director
USS Challenger, CX-1986
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Karina Ptaka
1.75 m (5' 9”)
64.87 kg (143 lbs)
Eye Color:
sky blue
Hair Color:
Shoulder length
well spoken
Meridiani Dome City, Mars
Familial Relationships
Richard Jones
Heather Jones
Status of Parents:
Heather is working novelist and Richard a retired Star Fleet science officer. They still live in Elizabeth's childhood home.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early life: Stardate 17009 – 18808

Elizabeth's had an enjoyable childhood and loving parents. Although her father was often away serving aboard various ships, both his wife and daughter were fiercely proud of him. Richard always made every effort to be with his family. Elizabeth and Heather were often able to join him when the his ships missions were considered safe enough for them to be present. As a child Elizabeth learned to appreciate the value of Star Fleet service first hand.

Elizabeth enjoyed her schooling immensely. She was a born and was gifted with a very good memory. And although a nerd by nature she was a a cheerful and popular girl who never lacked for friends amongst her peers.

He mother was equally important in her live, for it was from Heather that she inheritable her imagination and her ability to see beyond the obvious. Not to mention a life long love of fantasy holo novels.

She also shared a special relationship with her grandfather. Peter Jones who was a renowned Archaeologist and throughout her teenage years Elizabeth was privileged to spend time working as his assistant on a variety of exotic worlds.

Star Fleet Academy: 1889 - 19504

Upon graduating from college Elizabeth followed in her father's footsteps by joining the Star Fleet academy. She also followed in her Grandfather's by choosing to study Xeno Archaeology. Once again Elizabeth proved to be an excellent student.

Elizabeth passed her course with distinction and was invited to go on to post graduate studies. At this point her life took an unexpected direction. Up to that point she had enjoyed several casual relationships but never a really serious romance. But now cupids arrow struck in the form of her debonair Archaeology professor. Elizabeth idolized him and was wildly in love, the two worked well as a team but in truth her lover was callously taking advantage of her. A few months before graduation he published the majority of her postgraduate dissertation and passed her over for a younger girl.

Elizabeth was heartbroken and became depressed but soldiered on. She worked hard to produce another dissertation but more heartbreak was to follow. Shortly afterwards she received word of her Grandfathers tragic death when an ancient tomb unexpectedly collapsed in an earthquake.

For Elizabeth the lights seemed to have gone out. She quietly abandoned her doctorate and becoming a virtual recluse. Concerned at her withdrawal and unable to get through to her, close friends called her family. Elizabeth's parents came at once but were equally unsuccessful. Desperate Elizabeth's father called an old friend from Star Fleet.

SFI Academy: 19505 – 19706

Her Fathers friend employed unconventional tactic. Before she was really aware of what was happening to her Elizabeth found herself in the Star Fleet Intelligence academy. Here the instructors would not tolerate her withdrawal. After a while the natural student in Elizabeth began to respond. This would become the most crucial time in her life. Elizabeth gradually regained her positive attitude and 'Aced' the academic side of her course becoming an exceptional intelligence analyst.

The more physical skills of the intelligence community, particularly those involving combat, were much more of a struggle. Elizabeth proved to be a terrible warrior, but as she could not become an Agent without reaching the requisite minimum standard, Elizabeth had no option but to pass. So she summoned every last ounce of determination and scraped through with the lowest pass grade possible. It was one of the proudest moments of her life and even her instructors cheered her as she proudly collected her certificate.

Eventually she was awarded her badge, SFI do not award doctorates, but they know talent when they see it and Agent Jones was swiftly put to work.

Agent: 19707 – 20905

Elizabeth proved to be an exceptional agent, and was unusual in so much that she was an Intelligence analyst who was not afraid of field work. Wisely SFI gave Elizabeth missions to which she was suited to rather than making use of her poorer skills. They soon discovered she had a talent for organization and liaison. Her popularity and restored optimism made her a priceless asset amongst a group that were either introverted or over confident in nature. As the years passed Elizabeth was more and more often employed as a liaison with the academic and scientific community whom she understood so well. Her progression was inevitable and after 12 years of service Elizabeth found herself promoted to the rank of Commander. Shortly after that she was offered a leading role in what she personally regarded as the most exciting project in Star Fleet.

Programme Director: 20906 to 21009

Stardate 20906.26 was not a day that Liz would ever forget. On this day that Vice Admiral Whyte, her divisional head, offered her the position of Program Director aboard the USS Challenger an experimental research, exploration, and intelligence vessel. He also manipulated her into committing to completer her Doctorate after so many years. As this was not enough he used the same tactic to maneuver her into taking the Star Fleet Command Certification test.

Liz applied herself to these three complex tasks with almost fanatical zeal. Under her expert guidance the raw shell of the Challenger became a living ship. By march of the following year she had also achieved command certification to a good standard. This qualification is a rarity amongst intelligence officers.

Finally on Stardate 21009.01 Liz achieved her lifelong dream and delivered a dissertation on her work with her Grandfather Peter. It was a therapeutic process in many ways. Allowing her to complete the work they had started together but had never been able to finish. She had achieved finally personal closure. Her dissertation had been extremely well received and three offers to publish within a month. Liz had now achieved all the academic kudos she needed to earn the respect of the Challenger’s academic community... and more.

USS Challenger: 21010 to present

To be completed later.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Xeno Archeology
Academy Minor(s): Security Analysis, Technical Project Management

Post Graduate studies

Physics, Mathematics, and Technical Architecture Xeno Archeology Doctorate
Hobbies and Pastimes: Elizabeth has achieved three 1st class degrees since leaving the academy and is currently studying Stellar Law. She also enjoys fantasy role playing using holo-decks. Her favourite character is Deanna, a powerful magic user. She also enjoys swimming, and riding.
Short-Term Goals: Elizabeth really enjoys the company of the post graduate scientists and other academics that she works with. Her many degrees give her a glimpse into their world. Although she is no where near as advanced as those she works with most of the time, her Doctorate is in Xeno Archeology, she does understand what her colleagues are talking about. She is constantly amazed, delighted, and sometimes a little terrified by their ingenuity.
Long-Term Goals: Elizabeth is too excited by what's going on now to worry much about what happens in the long term.
Personality: friendly and optimistic
Sense of Humor: Happy go lucky but can get sarcastic when somebody spoils her mood.
Phobias: none
Likes: Elizabeth has a romantic nature that is rarely seen because of the nature of her job. She loves historical romance almost as much as fantasy, her favourite authors combine the two.
Dislikes: Cranberry juice and fad diets
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Housework, necessary but a pain
Bad Habits or Vices: Role playing with her friends on a Friday night is not optional.
Achievements: Passing the SFI boot camp bottom of her class, she is a terrible warrior and it took a lot of determination and guts on her part to get that far. Being appointed as USS Challengers Program Director. Her much delayed Xeno Archeology Doctorate. Passing her Command Certification examination.
Disappointments: Feeling unable to complete her Archaeology doctorate after the tragic death of her grandfather.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Although no genius, she is brilliant, and has a very good memory.
Weaknesses: Tends to overlook the obvious on occasion.
Fears: Is secretly terrified that SFI will discover she is a very bad agent and remove her from her post.
Prejudices: People who take credit for the work of others
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Off duty and on Elizabeth prefers suits with shirts. On duty she usually throws a lab coat over this. She is reluctant to wear her formal SFI uniform.
Pets: None
Friends: Elizabeth is a very friendly person but has no close personal friends right now.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When her academy instructor and lover took the credit for her research and broke her heart. The death of her grandfather shortly after.
Best Time: Her time spent working with her Grandfather as a teen.
Most Crucial Experience: SFI Academy
Role Model: Her grandfather Peter

Career History

Stardate 19306:01 - Graduated From Starfleet Academy, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 19504:03 - Dropped out of Xeno biology Doctorate, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 19706:01 - Graduated From SFI Academy, Star Fleet Intelligence Academy
Stardate 19706:02 - 20905:23 - Progressed to the rank of Commander, Various posts
Stardate 20905:24 - Appointed Program Director, USS Challenger, CX-1986
Stardate 21003:17 - Passed Star Fleet Command Certification Examination, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21009:01 - Awarded Doctorate in Xeno Archeology, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21107.26 - Assigned First Officer, USS Challenger, CX-1986

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