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Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Xan Macleod
Eye Color:
Dark chocolate
Hair Color:
Short pony tail
Athletic, sinuous, cat like
Dark, clear, attractive
Facial Hair:
Rich and commanding
Ligon II
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Still joined Living on Ligon II
A half brother and sister from her father’s Second
Marital Status:
Married to Krotan, her First

Personal History

Dendra was born to a prominent family on Ligon II and was gifted with land from both her mother and father, (who are each others bonded First's,) giving her status in her own right.

While Dendra inherited many Ligonian traits, most notably her sense of honour and love of physical prowess in combative sports, an interest in her own property passed her by.

She was fascinated by tales of other planets and longed to set foot on them herself, often sneaking away whenever a Starship was visiting in the hope of hearing more stories.

On reaching the age of 16 she began to come under pressure from her parents to select her First husband so that she could officially take possession of her estates. Her peers were already weighing their options and she'd had several offers from some very suitable young men, none of which she had the slightest interest in.

It was at this time another Star Fleet vessel visited and began business dealings with Dendra's father. A strong female herself, the captain of the ship was appalled to think of an intelligent and capable young woman being forced into an unwanted marriage and offered to sponsor her entry into Star Fleet.

Dendra wasn't very impressed by this attitude, interpreting it as a judgement on her culture and thinking, not for the last time, that Star Fleet adhered to Terran standards even though they were obligated to respect other systems of law. The Captain had, however, offered her a solution to her problem and she began to make plans.

There was a young man whom she had been friends with since they were children and whose parentage was good, but who had little property of his own. He was certainly not her equal, and compared to those who had already made her an offer, was completely ineligible. He was however, intelligent, kind and in her opinion far more capable than the others to be in charge of a large estate. They felt not the slightest attraction for each other but there was friendship and mutual respect, and her proposal suited him very well, she to find freedom amongst the stars, and he to manage her estates and enjoy the status they gave him. It also left them both free to find affection in their Second's without jealousy or resentment on either side.

Landressa and Degon were not entirely happy with the arrangement though Krotan was the son of their friends, but they accepted him, acknowledging their daughter's right to choose.

On reaching Earth Dendra had to enter into a period of study, since her homeworld was technologically behind, but her hard work paid off when she was accepted to the academy, and the security stream.

While serving on the USS Philadelphia, Dendra met, and became friends with, a young officer named Xan Macleod. At one point she asked him if he would consider becoming her Second, he declined, but she respected his desire for freedom and their relationship remained on good terms, though plutonic.

After being badly hurt when acid filled, exploding, cyborg Klingons boarded the Philadelphia, Dendra was forced to return to Earth to fully recover. Never one to be idle, she undertook some tactical training that was offered to her and while awaiting a new posting was recruited for a brief assignment with Star Fleet Intelligence, adding to her security clearance but still leaving her without a ship.

By this point Xan had been promoted to First Officer of the USS Columbia and when their CTO was suddenly taken ill and Dendra's name came up, he didn't hesitate to recommend her to fill in.

Dendra’s first tour with the Columbia was a covert mission to retrieve a data chip from behind enemy lines. She took the tactical console fighting the Inquisition Shard ships to give the away team time to escape. Though they achieved their objective, the mission was ultimately a failure because the chip was blank. Tragically, the Columbia lost their CTO during the battle, which led to Dendra being asked to stay on.

The tactical officer almost didn’t make it back to the Columbia for her second mission, after attending her husband’s wedding to his Second on Ligon II. Not only was her transport delayed, but she had received a leg injury during a friendly ritual fight with the new member of her family. Not one to show weakness, Dendra stitched the wound closed herself and refused to acknowledge it until she was back on board and had attended the briefing which she was late for.

The mission was to take them into the Romulan neutral zone to destroy a rebel supply depot. Though Dendra had a great respect for Captain Adaran she wasn’t entirely sorry when the Hermat was sent off on hir own mission with another member of the crew and the ship was put under the command of Captain Sevala. Though Sevala being Romulan caused some distrust, Dendra felt much more comfortable with her command style. Unfortunately, the mission was again a failure, this time because of a traitor that couldn’t be identified. It resulted in another fire fight in which Dendra again took the tactical console but they were heavily outnumbered and would likely not have survived if it hadn’t been for the timely return of Adaran and the arrival of a friend of their temporary Captain’s. On returning to Starbase Bravo they were all extensively debriefed by SOCOM and though they were all cleared, Dendra found that she had been officially re-assigned without explanation.

Since she had some time before she needed to depart SBB for her new position, Dendra accepted the invitation to the Columbia’s award ceremony. She wasn’t entirely surprised Adaran had chosen to hold it in a bar, but it was only later that she discovered the nature of the establishment, strip clubs not being the sort of place she usually frequented. What did surprise, and please her, was the Captain’s awarding her a Commendation Medal for her part in the recent action as she had not been sure of Adaran’s opinion of her, and had even wondered if s/he had requested her transfer.

The evening, though it started out well, was to turn into a disaster when the station was attacked and severely damaged. The Columbia crew had to lead the civilians, and help the injured, from the Pussy Cat Club through the ventilation system before the emergency forcefields gave out and the section they had been in, was exposed to the vacuum of space. Once they were all safely in the adjacent part of the station, Dendra, along with the others, joined in the efforts to retake control of the locked down base but when they were once again freed for shoreleave, she headed straight towards her new assignment.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security, combat, strategy
Academy Minor(s): Weapons, Piloting
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts and Weaponry, Reading
Short-Term Goals: To experience new things and new places
Long-Term Goals: To find her purpose
Personality: Proud and wilful with a strong sense of honour, but caring where she is cared for.
Sense of Humor: She does have a strong sense of humour but it is not always obvious
Phobias: None
Likes: Stories
Dislikes: Disrespect
Pet Peeves or Gripes: That Star Fleet is biased towards the Terran way of doing things
Bad Habits or Vices: Speaking with aristocratic authority
Achievements: Becoming a Star Fleet Officer
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Skill and determination
Weaknesses: Cultural references still tend to go over her head
Prejudices: Ligonian's tend to have a superior attitude towards other species and sometimes this slips through.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Form fitting jump suits, something she can move in without restriction, striking makeup
Pets: None
Friends: Krotan

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Crucial Experience: Choosing to leave her planet to seek out her dreams

Career History

Stardate 21008 - Assigned Security Ensign, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21201 - Assigned Acting Chief Tactical Officer, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21211.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21302.16 - Re-Assigned, Classified

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