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Alliovar Crystillin
Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
USS Calypso
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Acenvar Crystillin
Eye Color:
Light brown, with flecks of blonde.
Lean, jogger build
Lightly Olive tanned
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Joshivar Argenteum
Kaylvar Crystillin
Acenvar (25), Naravar (25), Akirovar (24), Phoenixvar, Auroravar (19)

Personal History

Alliovar was born the fourth child to Kayla, and Josh on Vulcan. Allio from a young age rebelled against the Vulcan standards. The absence of emotion to her meant the absence of light and love. Of creativity and joy. In her eyes to banish emotion meant to banish spirit, and to banish the strive to better oneself.

When Allio was little she use to hang off her balcony overlooking the great Vulcan forge and picture it full of water and flowers. She was creative, and inventive even helping her father and eldest brother on his shuttles. She use to see how far she could run up the mountain ranges, and how long it took for Akiro to find her in the shrubs around the house. In short, she created trouble for the whole of her family on Vulcan. While school counselors thought she would improve and become the Logical prodigy every Vulcan should strive for, she deceived even them.

Primary school on Vulcan didn’t prove difficult for her. She followed in Acen’s footsteps, in fact even using some of his notes. The challenge was the other children. Teasing her with mathematical insults where she found flaws and rooted them out. When days turned into years she began to grow tired of the insults, and eventually gave in to them assaulting a group of other students. When called in she was sure her parents were going to ridicule her, but instead her mother protected her. A pure Vulcan protecting a half-Vulcan, even though it was her mother and she was her child it was illogical to base one's defense just on that. Kayla gave her a new view on her culture. One that didn’t involve a stoic Vulcan face. Kayla taught her that race did not mean that there were suppose to be barriers between them. Her parents didn’t have her to make a point. Her parents had her because they could. Just because she was a hybrid didn’t mean she was less. She took that message through her life and tried to pass it on to everyone she met.

When she was young, only fifteen her eldest siblings took her and the rest of her siblings to ShiKahr spaceport where she believed they were going to the orbital station for their annual vacation trip. Allie and her siblings boarded the shuttle bound for the space station. Ready for their trip to Trill. Something was amiss however. Acen and Nara were strapped in both asleep, and her parents weren't stepping any close to the shuttle. It was late in the day, and her younger siblings submitted to their seats. The last thing she remembered was seeing her father in an emotional fit before she was rendered unconscious. That had been the last time she and any of her siblings had seen her parents. Not even the Vulcan High Command could track where they went.She was confused. Why had her parents forsaken all of them? Why had they sent them away? All of them? Then there was Georgia, and Willem Hemlock. Good friends of her parents that she never knew until the shuttle had landed promptly in front of their farm. Allio didn’t trust the two. They didn’t lie at all, or sneak in dark corners, but what made her not trust them was the fact that there was blank space in their history. The absence of time that they would never tell them didn’t make her feel good. But they treated them well, and she liked the countryside where they lived, an hour away from San Francisco in the Nappa Valley.

High school was an interesting time for her. The first day she had gone to a Human High School she had worn the Vulcan uniform and everything. She got a few weird looks, but the full Humans actually spoke to her, and didn’t judge her based on her uniform. She felt at home.She flourished on Earth to and persuade more than what was expected of her.

After high school Allie hit a crossroad. She felt honor bound to go back to Vulcan and apply to the Vulcan Science Institute, and she eventually did. Even though her brothers, and sisters had all applied to Star Fleet. Adult Vulcans were much different than adolescents. More intelligent and Accepting, although there was still some who thought her presence there was blasphemous. Still she graduated from the institutes with her degrees and was lost. She called her brother who was serving on the USS Avenger and was amazed at all they had accomplished. Star Fleet almost single handed had pushed back the Krynar, not even the Vulcans could ridicule that. So she joined Star Fleet and attended the Academy until she was assigned. She had initially joined Star Fleet’s Engineering division. However after Destanvar’s death, her older brother she changed to Science in honor of him.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Astrophysic
Academy Minor(s): Starship Design, Piloting, Stellar Cartography
Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing guitar, researching, trying to find her parents.
Short-Term Goals: To write a song.
Long-Term Goals: To reunite with her parents.
Personality: Happy all the time, calm under stress, cluttered.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic.
Phobias: Large spiders, she has personally declared war on them
Likes: Animals, and starships
Dislikes: Ferengi
Bad Habits or Vices: Hides in her quarters
Disappointments: Not spending more time with her parents.
Strengths: Running!
Weaknesses: Good Food.
Fears: Losing the rest of her family
Pets: A Russian Blue cat named Forge.
Friends: Yulianna Rickstove, Talia Bocin

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Seeing her brother deteriorate after Destan’s death.
Best Time: SF Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Meeting Talia Bocin
Role Model: Acenvar Crystillin

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