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Kal-Geal Beinn
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
SS Yeager, NAR-65674
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 4
Biographical Attributes
Children of San-Tarah
208 cm (6 ft. 10 in.)
87.1 kg (192 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Thin, Average Muscle Tone
Facial Hair:
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Kal-Gerr (Age 65)
Kel-Sarr (Age 59)
Kal-Arah, Brother, Age 31.
Kel-Rhal, Sister, Age 27.
Kal-Urra, Brother, Age 12.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Parentage/family: San-Tarah, Kal-Geal Beinn, Mother and Father were both herbalists, and knew how to supplement their diet with roots, berries and other naturally grown foods when meat was scarce. Both older siblings are in Ruling Pack, younger sibling is growing up with parents.

Early Years: Kal-Geal was born on San-Tarah, marked as part of the first generation to adapt to technological advancement in the years that followed San-Tarah's admittance into the Klingon Empire as a vassal state. He was the 3rd child of his family, having a brother and a sister ahead of him. Kal-Geal was part of a litter of 4 other children, but given the high mortality rate of pups in his clan, Kal-Geal was the only one of his litter to survive past the first year. Growing up, Kal-Geal learned his pack's duties, and those of his parents, who in the gatherer/hunter driven society, were capable herbalists. Agriculture had not been introduced to his family in the normal sense, so his pack migrated quite often, although they tended to stay near the same area, given the new land allowances dictated by the Imperial Governor. His clan was comprised of northern packs however, and had a larger territory due to most of it being inhospitable to the other clans. Likewise, his clan dated back a few hundred years in the area, and had also not participated in the Ruling Pack war, though they had helped defend their planet against the Klingons during their invasion. At the age of five, Kal-Geal was sent to the capitol, where he was to attend the new Klingon-run school that would prepare him and his fellow generation for the technological advancements necessary to bring the planet's population up to Empire standards. At his school, Kal-Geal was part of a class of around ten thousand fellow San-Tarah children that were attending the school from all across the planet. Desert packs, temperate pack, other arctic packs, and of course, those that were part of the coveted status of the Ruling Pack were attending, and like most packs, a pecking order developed. Kal-Geal sat near the top of the pack hierarchy, his knowledge of gathering and medicinal herbalism used to help the school pack stay healthy. In school, he was taught basic Klingon culture and history, and took as an extra class, the Federation history courses. Much of his time however, was devoted to the sciences, as the Klingon instructors wanted to foster a medical background in him and a few of his fellow classmates. Kal-Geal became the alpha of his pack of medical-focused students, and by the time he had graduated, had secured a recommendation from his academic instructors to the Imperial Governor for an imperial recommendation required for his admittance into the Klingon Academy.

The Imperial Governor was given a directive by High Command, to recommend the top fifteen students to the Klingon Academy after their graduation. Kal-Geal was eighth in his class, and after the ceremony, received the necessary commendation to enter the Klingon Academy, directly from the governor. Shortly before they were to take off however, the Ruling Pack honored the graduates, with a gift of a surname. Surnames among the San-Tarah were honors, rather than given at birth, and usually denoted what the surname was awarded for. Kal-Geal was given the surname of Beinn, the name of the arctic mountain range that made up his home clan's northern border, by the Ruling Pack, which also elevated his clan's prestige. His clan's packs had only four others before him be given a surname. The day before he was to attend the Academy, he returned to his clan, and was given a great victory celebration, alongside his family. Traditionally, the hunt that would follow would last a San-Tarah week, nine days in Galactic Standard time, but he had to leave that evening, so the ceremonial hunt was put off until he next returned home. One he had returned to the Capitol, Kal-Geal took his place among the other fifteen for their trip to Qo'nos and the Klingon Academy.

KA Entrance: On his trip there, Kal-Geal got to be one of the first San-Tarah to exceed the speed of light, and travel at warp had unnerve some of the others, as warp speeds weren't attainable by any San-Tarah for obvious reasons. But, the First graduate, kept everyone's resolve together while the trip continued. When they arrived, the San-Tarah were separated by the other Academy instructors, and were put directly into a combat scenario. Kal-Geal, up to that point, hadn't been able to score a victory, due to his fellow San-Tarah being stronger than he was. In the combat scenario however, Kal-Geal defeated his Klingon opponent with the d'k'tagh that had been issued to him at the start of the fray. Kal-Geal woke up in the infirmary later however, as his victory had angered an instructor, who took to the field to put Kal-Geal in his place. After the instructor had decked Kal-Geal, the other San-Tarah cadets had swarmed the instructor, and so when he woke, Kal-Geal noticed the instructor in the infirmary bed across from him. Not wanting to be considered weak, Kal-Geal got himself out of the infirmary as soon as possible, and found he was assigned to a Klingon-only cadet squad of security and tactical cadets. By the 3rd month of the Academy however, eleven of the San-Tarah cadets had been reassigned due to behavioral infractions, perceived weaknesses, and at least one was killed in the Academy's combat training routines. During that first year, Kal-Geal Beinn had his most traumatizing experience in the Academy. Kal-Geal was muzzled by his fellow cadets as part of a cruel prank to get him removed from the Academy. After doing so, the cadets put him in a room with the drill master's targ, expecting him to lose and be badly injured, enough that he'd be removed from the Academy, or to kill the targ and have to face the drill master's wrath. Kal-Geal however, managed to remove the muzzle by clawing it to shreds. The drill master however, had noticed the missing targ, and found Kal-Geal in the room with the targ. Kal-Geal didn't notice the drill master, but he knocked out the targ without permanently injuring it. The drill master ordered him to explain himself, and Kal-Geal covered for his fellow cadets, not so much out of loyalty, as it was the punishment. All cadets in their cadre would be punished, and Kal-Geal would likely be shipped off. His story was that he had heard the targ in the room, and wanted to prove his courage to the drill master by subduing it and returning it to the drill master. Faced with a lack of evidence, the drill master reprimanded him for failure to follow Academy policies by informing him first, but did not issue out an official citation on his record. It turned out, the drill master was part of the landing party that had invaded San-Tarah, and been beaten by the natives. Their valor during the second invasion had saved his life, and honor demanded that he repay the debt. The drill master, however, had him shifted into a new cadet cadre, comprised of potential medical and science cadets, rather than tactical and security. It was there that Kal-Geal found a new purpose in learning Medical, and his childhood experiences of natural gathering gave him an edge against the other cadets, that he used to assist them, rather than to rise above them.

1st Year KA: Kal-Geal was one of two San-Tarah to graduate to being a fully-privileged cadet, but Cadet Beinn remained on the minimal rations due to an intentional oversight by the administration. Fortunately, he had taken to supplementing his diet the same way he had at home, to get a nutritious meal like the other cadets. This had the result of him becoming more omnivorous, as well as thinner. He was assigned to Medical with his other cadets, but was offered an option in another discipline to minor in, and given his upbringing, Kal-Geal chose Botany as his minor. Where the other cadets took positions that would allow them more chances to reach Command, or something close to it, Kal-Geal's choice was viewed with acceptance by the administration, as it placed him farther from command, but it also worried them, as he might actually graduate.

2nd and 3rd years KA: Kal-Geal received an imperial commendation from the Academy for placing in the highest percentile at the midpoint of his class term in Medical, as well as in his studies of Botanical Science, but it was as much political as it was for excellence. The San-Tarah had noticed the disturbing trend with the Klingon Academy's rejection of candidates based on their origin, and had complained to their Imperial Governor, who in turn, was annoyed with the Klingon Academy for intentionally breaking candidates and sending them home to be unproductive, thus hurting his standing in the eyes of the Council. The KA compromised by giving Kal-Geal an additional margin of error, should he screw up. Kal-Geal didn't need the commendation to stay productive, but it helped his cadre with its prestige. In his 3rd year, Kal-Geal was given the position of Senior Cadet in his cadre, given his commendation, and his current scores. Kal-Geal however, knew the position would come with added scrutiny, so he made a deal with another cadet. B'Tora, a medical cadet in his cadre of the same year as Kal-Geal, was related to one of the Academy administrators, and Kal-Geal offered the position of senior cadet to her, calling it a “position of honor that a true Imperial Klingon should have”. Normally, Kal-Geal wouldn't have been allowed to do so without looking cowardly, but the act of making it a position that granted honor showed the Cadet Master that Kal-Geal was willing to sacrifice his place to give a Klingon a greater chance of being promoted. The change was approved on grounds of honor, and now Senior Cadet B'Tora placed Kal-Geal in charge of helping the new cadets to the cadre acclimate themselves to Academy routine.

4th Year: Kal-Geal chose to take an extra year at the Academy to do command training for a possible future naval position of Chief Medical Officer when it was offered, but what he didn't know, was that the Academy wanted that additional year to “finish him off” without the protection of Senior Cadet B'Tora. At least until, the Academy received word from the Klingon Diplomatic Corps, that relations with the Federation were worsening, and they needed a volunteer from the Academy or the Navy to participate in the Officer Exchange Program to make it seem like the Klingon Empire still cared about diplomacy with the Federation. The Academy, seeing their chance, requested that Kal-Geal Beinn be transferred immediately into the OEP. Regulations against cadets participating in the program prevented them from doing it right away, but he was “promised” to the KDC for participation in the program upon graduation. The administration of the Academy, now found themselves an “out” to their predicament. Kal-Geal technically had to be assigned to an Imperial Navy vessel in order for their record to be broken. So long as he graduated, but was not assigned to the Navy, would allow them to keep their record intact, and with him in the OEP, he was out of their hair. Kal-Geal graduated from the Klingon Academy in Medical with his record having one Imperial commendation, and 2nd overall in his class. Kal-Geal had intentionally allowed B'Tora to take 1st overall, due to her having a better chance of obtaining a position in the Navy than him, and it would allow him to call on a debt later on, if she ever got into a position of prominence.

Between 4th and 5th year: Kal-Geal, now Warrior 3rd Class Kal-Geal, returned home a month before he was assigned to the OEP. His older brother, Kal-Arah, met him at the shuttleport. Kal-Arah was Kal-Geal's clan's representative to the Ruling Pack, and Kal-Arah took him before the rest of the Ruling Pack, to inform them of his graduation, and of his assignment. The Ruling Pack was understandably angry at his treatment during the Academy years, but his assignment to the OEP was greeted with joy. Apparently, a few years earlier, a Federation diplomacy mission had come as part of a greater Klingon Empire tour, and the elders on the Ruling Pack were impressed with the way that the Federation handled their confrontations. Peace was still hard for them to accept however, but the San-Tarah accepted that the Federation handled things like the San-Tarah, and to them, words were another tool of battle in an even greater combat circle. There was strength in numbers however, and every ship and its crew working together impressed the San-Tarah. Though the diplomats stay was short, what the San-Tarah had learned was a basic understanding of Federation culture. That Kal-Geal was being assigned to them as an officer, was an honor for their planet. To them, being the representative of not only your world, but the entire Klingon Defense Force was the greatest honor for a new Warrior. The Imperial Governor on the other hand, burst their bubble with his explanation of why it was being done. Politics wasn't new to the San-Tarah, but they also knew when it was necessary. The Ruling Council gave Kal-Geal their blessing to his graduation and assignment, and told him to return to his clan, as preparations were being made for his return up north. When Kal-Geal arrived, he found prefab homes established, along with construction preparation materials for a bigger project. His clan however, made the time to continue the ceremonial hunt that was postponed four years earlier. Kal-Geal found out during the hunt, that the clan was assigned to mine ore from the Beinn mountains, but was also being asked to assist in construction of a prison, which would be staffed by his clan. The winters had grown harsher during the past two years, and because food was in short supply, the Klingons had stepped in, and stepped up with the integration programs. The last hunter-gatherer pack had stopped operating in the area a few months prior, and everyone was trying to adjust to their new lifestyles. During the month that he stayed at home, Kal-Geal assisted the local clinic in patching up injuries, and assisted the San-Tarahs assigned to teach the pups a new way of life. Kal-Geal felt torn over the loss of his cultural identity as a nomadic clan, but knew that their way of life couldn't continue with the current weather. Change was necessary, and his people could return to being nomadic later, if anyone remained who remembered the old days. At the end of the month, Kal-Geal returned to Qo'nos, to prepare for his new assignment to the Officer Exchange Program.

5th year: Kal-Geal's year of command training was re-purposed into a year of learning to adapt and blend with Star Fleet. Shipped off to Star Fleet Academy's officer integration program, that had the outgoing and incoming officers study together to learn each others' protocols and regulations. Star Fleet Academy was surprised to learn that Warrior 3rd Class Beinn was from a recently integrated planet that had only a generation before, been considered a culture that would fall under the Prime Directive due to how primitive they were. While his appearance was considered to be somewhat disconcerting to someone in the Medical discipline, Warrior Beinn's description of his society's new reliance on interdependence for survival rather than nomadic packs, as well as his generation's introduction to new concepts such as peace, gave the instructors some hope for him. When asked about why he wanted to be in the KDF/Star Fleet, his response of wanting to increase the quality of life for his species had some in Star Fleet asking him why he entered the Klingon Academy if he had wanted to do that? His response that he had learned that in the Academy, and hadn't known what he was going to do in the Academy, had one of the instructors start giving him additional focused lessons on a subject that was given less precedence in the KA. Ship psychology; Kal-Geal learned the basics of Star Fleet psychology, and was taught the basic mannerisms that made people feel more comfortable with canine races in a one-on-one setting. This occurred while he learned basic Star Fleet protocol, and as he was considered a Midshipman, he had more time for additional learning. Although he was still a Warrior 3rd Class, and only part of the OEP, Kal-Geal learned some additional botany, as well as receiving a two-week trip to Earth's old North American northern wilderness with some Academy cadets from their Botany program, where Kal-Geal first saw the non-sentient form of his species, the wolf.

The trip saw him learning some zoology as well as botany, but by the end of the trip, Kal-Geal had picked up a pet; a female Husky pup that he named Ker, as he had learned he was permitted to have a pet in Star Fleet, unlike the Klingon Academy, where accommodations were quite spartan. During his final month in the officer integration program, Kal-Geal trained in interspecies relations, to improve his diplomacy skills, as well as to help remove some of the fear associated with meeting a wolf-like species. His initial assignment however, was not to a standard Federation starship, but to a hospital ship. Star Fleet had asked him what he felt about assignments, and he responded that he needed more experience under qualified doctors. Star Fleet assigned him to a medical vessel, enroute to his intended assignment to the frontier. For six months the mobile hospital traveled towards Pioneer Outpost, and the only major incident the ship encountered, was a medical emergency on a Betazoid colony. Kal-Geal's first encounter with a telepathic race was memorable to him, as the colonists during the emergency were scared, due to an outbreak of a mutated form of Andronesian encephalitis that was resistant to the compounds aboard the hospital ship. After it was discovered that the virus had mutated due to the planet's natural wildlife, Kal-Geal volunteered for a mission to the planet's jungles to find a natural cure. Kal-Geal found that the virus was endemic across the planet, but that regular consumption of a certain plant, would build an immunity to the virus. The plant was successfully transported to the hospital ship and grown, and the colony was saved, though Kal-Geal found himself laid up in sickbay after the mission, from a strain of the common cold he had picked up from the planet. Kal-Geal appreciated the irony of the situation, and after a few days of rest, he returned to duty. When the ship docked with Pioneer for transfer of crew, Kal-Geal was informed that his assignment would be to the USS Artemis, when it returned from its latest mission. Kal-Geal stayed on the station, waiting for his transfer to a new ship to come through, and somewhat excited to see what a real starship of the Federation would be like in practice.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical
Academy Minor(s): Botany
Hobbies and Pastimes: Herbal Medicine, Mountaineering, Survival camping/hiking
Short-Term Goals: Impress his superiors in charge of his tenure with the Officer Exchange Corps
Long-Term Goals: Return home to San-Tarah and use his knowledge to extend the lifespans of his race
Personality: Direct like most San-Tarah, but considerate from his OEP training
Sense of Humor: Learning that it can be appropriate to express it at times
Phobias: Muzzles
Likes: Ear scratches, Holodeck wilderness survival simulations, herbal teas
Dislikes: Intolerance, Lone wolves, quick fixes
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Still thinks warp drive is some kind of magic, and insists it must be. Believes that handling minor problems with medication can only lead to ruin, and for example, treating a cold would merit bed rest and fluids, instead of a hypo shot to clear it in a few minutes, due to him believing there are long-term effects of such treatment
Bad Habits or Vices: Keeping his quarters clean
Achievements: First San-Tarah graduate from the Klingon Academy, Curing a disease through natural means
Disappointments: Unable to keep in contact with his people, and his friends while serving in Star Fleet
Illnesses: Nightmares from the Klingon Academy
Strengths: Arctic hardiness/wilderness survival, olfactory memory, kind hearted
Weaknesses: Thick coat, doesn't like combat, prefers to rely on nature rather than tech
Fears: Someone sneaking up on him at night and putting him in a muzzle
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Ceremonial tribal clothing
Distinguishing Features: Blue Tribal paint on his head
Pets: Ker (Female Terran Husky)
Friends: B'Tora (Female Klingon, Science Officer, IKV Dreamslayer)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The experience in the Academy involving him, a muzzle, and an instructor's targ
Best Time: he ceremonial hunt celebrating his rite of passage from child to adult, and his graduation from the Klingon Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Working with Star Fleet in gaining a bedside manner that would pass muster with the Federation
Role Model: Me-Larr

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Medical Officer USS Artemis 242001.02 mangHom
Medical Officer USS Artemis 242004.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1

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