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Thea Baker
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Sheridan DD-4086
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Zaira Morgan
160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.)
56.2 kg (124 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long, sometimes wavy
Slim, Petite
Fair, Pale
Facial Hair:
Softly spoken
United Federation of Planets
Whitby, North Yorkshire, England
Familial Relationships
Robert Baker
Marianne Baker
Status of Parents:
Marianne retired from her position as a ship's counsellor after her husband's death during an attack on Dedalus VIII and returned to their hometown to raise her daughters as she was pregnant with Thea at the time and now runs a small counselling service from the family home.
Elizabeth Baker (30)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Thea was born in the small town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England after her mother had retired from active service following the tragic death of her husband and Thea's father after the away team he was on was attacked on Dedalus VIII and only some of them returned to the ship. Marianne had wanted to keep both Thea and her elder daughter Elizabeth safe and knew that she could by returning home and turning her back on the career she once loved.

By the time Thea was born, Marianne had settled into a modest yet traditional home just outside the main part of the town, surrounded by countryside and her girls enjoyed a loving and stable upbringing where she ensured that their father wasn't forgotten. Even though Thea had never met him, she loved hearing stories about Robert and even had photographs of him in her room.

However by the time she was 13, her older sister Elizabeth had gone off to Starfleet Academy to become a Engineer despite their mother wanting them to stay close and choose another career but Marianne knew she couldn't hold Elizabeth back. She then became more protective over Thea resulting in the teenager to rebel by cutting classes, drinking and staying out with her usual group of friends or not bothering to come home for days.

That was until she met Rachel Morris who had just moved to Whitby and at first Thea wasn't interested in her attempts to talk to her until Rachel saved her from the unwanted advances of an older boy who had taken an interest in the redhead. They soon became inseparable and Thea stopped her rebellious ways as she preferred to spend time with Rachel and began to go to school regularly and rediscovered her love for learning as well as taking up running.

She loved taking part in school competitions and was highly encouraged by both Rachel and her Mother and was soon winning races especially her first County Marathon when she was 16. After finishing school with good grades, Thea had to decide what she wanted to do for a career and after reassuring her Mother that she would be safe, followed her sister and the family tradition in joining Starfleet whilst Rachel chose to stay in Yorkshire to become a Vet.


Once she arrived in San Franscisco, Thea soon learned to adjust to being away from home and slowly got used to her new life and new surroundings. She threw herself into her studies as she wanted to do well and at the same time, made new friends and kept up with her running as well as taking part in other activities and even fell in love with a fellow Cadet named Steven but the relationship eventually fizzled out by the time they reached Graduation. Thea thoroughly enjoyed her time at the Academy and hoped to join some of her friends when they received their first ship assignments, however was left disappointed when she was assigned to a Starbase instead. Despite feeling this way, she hoped that she would eventually get to serve on a ship.

First Assignment

After spending one last fun night with her friends that didn't result in a hangover, Thea took the first transport out to Starbase Epsilon which was quite an emotional experience as the young Middie realised that this was the first time she had left Earth. She had been that preoccupied with her initial disappointment of being assigned to a Starbase that she had overlooked the more important things such as going out into space and getting to experience things like her parents once had especially her late father.

So as the journey continued, Thea became a little more humble about the whole experience and by the time the transport docked, couldn't help but shake the slight apprehension and nerves that had crept in even more so when she surveyed the sheer magnitude and size of her new home.

She soon got her bearings and found her new quarters before reporting in to her COS Lieutenant Commander Peter Macdonald who was stern but friendly and began her first shift by patrolling the Promenade alongside her immediate superior. As time went on Thea learnt to embrace her assignment, getting to know those who worked and lived there as well as learning a lot about the job and what it entailed especially when dealing with the miscreants and troublemakers.

When the time came for her to finally leave, she was going to miss everyone and wondered why she could of ever of been disappointed when she had enjoyed being there.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Weapons maintenance
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading holo novels/old fashioned books, spending time on the holodeck, running
Short-Term Goals: To learn from her mistakes and be confident in her career
Long-Term Goals: To eventually become a Department Head
Personality: Outgoing, fun loving yet responsible, caring
Sense of Humor: Dirty
Phobias: Creepy Crawlies
Likes: Vodka, Crisps and Dark haired men
Dislikes: Pettiness, ignorance
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Rudeness and Tardiness
Achievements: Successfully completing her first Marathon when she was 16
Disappointments: Not being assigned to a ship straightaway like some of her Academy friends.
Illnesses: The usual measles, chickenpox when she was younger
Strengths: Strong, independent, stands up for what she believes in, friendly, good listener, protective
Weaknesses: Men, caring too much
Fears: Losing her Mother and those close to her, Being a failure
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfortable, prefers trouser, loose tops, skirts
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: : A Cat named Dahlia
Friends: Rachel Morris

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her father before she was born and not knowing him
Best Time: Meeting her best friend Rachel and getting to share some unforgettable moments and experiences with her.
Most Crucial Experience: Learning to not let her past define her and deciding to follow the family tradition of joining Starfleet.
Role Model: Her best friend especially for encouraging her to have the strength to overcome some of her issues and enjoy life.

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