Velara III

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Velara III is an inhabited third planet of its star system. The planet is located in the Pleiades Cluster.

In 2360, after a Federation reconnaissance expedition certified the planet was lifeless, Terraform Command established the "Velara Base" on Velara III.
This base was responsible for a multi-decade terraforming project, with the aim of establishing an environment on this planet.

However, the terraforming was canceled in 2354. Silicon-based lifeform were discovered on the planet, living in a thin layer of water.
Upon communication, they were called "microbrains," and called their planet "Sand of Home."

Following the discovery of these lifeforms, as well as the retaliatory death of a Federation scientist, Captain Picard forged an agreement with the lifeforms,
placing Velara III under an indefinite quarantine. The Federation hoped to restore communications with these "microbrains" in three hundred years.