Shuttlecraft - Type 12

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngShuttlecraft Type 12United Federation of Planets logo.png
Type 12
United Federation of Planets
Type: Personnel/Executive Shuttle
Length: 9.2 Meters
Beam: 3.8 Meters
Height: 2.95 Meters
Mass: 28 Metric Tons
Decks: 1
Crew Compliment: Standard: 2 Crew, 2 Passengers
Emergency: 10
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 2)
Cruise Speed: 7.0
Sustainable Speed: 8.0
Emergency Speed: 9.0 (1 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engines (Type 4)
Speed: .8 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-1)
Other: None
Armament: 4 banks of 2 Type 3 (2F/2A 360D)
Torpedoes: 2 Microtorpedo Launchers (2F)
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: Type Alpha Tractor (F)
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-1

Introduced in the early 2390s, the Type-12 shuttle is an upgrade to the Type-9 shuttle, with even faster engines and enhanced tactical systems. It is currently the standard personnel shuttle being deployed across Starfleet's newest ships and bases. Capable of even longer distance missions than the Type-9, the Type-12 is a highly capable craft that also fits in almost any hanger bay.