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Star Fleet Medical Chain of Command

Division Head
Rear Admiral Kriam- The Division Head, also known as the Surgeon General, oversees the entire Medical Division for Star Fleet. The Division Head reports directly to the Federation Council and the Commander in Chief of Star Fleet.

Department of Nursing
Commodore Faye Ritenu- The Department of Nursing trains Medical personnel, other than doctors, in the care, treatment, and well-being of patients and their families. Nurses are the "frontline" in medicine and assist the doctors in making sure all the patients are cared for in the best manner possible.

Department of Research & Development
Commodore T'Mana- The Department of Research and Development is responsible for creating and implementing medical technology. R&D strives to turn ideas into reality and is responsible for working with every department under the Star Fleet Medical.

Department of General Practice
Commander Chris White- General Practice includes: Pediatrics, Geriatrics, OB/GYN, Dental, Vision, Oncology, and all other areas of medical practice.

Department of Surgical Applications and Study
Commander Yarick- The DSAS works to perfect the surgical applications commonly used by Doctors and Medical personnel in an attempt to improve treatment and lower mortality due to imperfect surgical procedure.

Department of Xenobiological Sciences
Commodore Toules- The XS maintains records and obtains information about treating non-Terran species and distributes the information in an attempt to educate doctors in the treatment of alien species.

Department of Pharmacology
Commander Harry Peirce- The Department of Pharmacology is responsible for distributing new medicines and drugs to Medical Doctors both in private practice and serving aboard Starships throughout the Federation.

Department of Toxicology
Lieutenant Commander Debore - The Department of Toxicology is responsible for maintaining the Star Fleet and Federation database of poisons and their counteragents.

Department of Disease Control
Captain Fuoco Con- The Department of Disease Control monitors and works to maintain control of the spread of disease and viruses, whether they are natural or engineered. They study all outbreaks of new viruses and biological warfare and help R&D to create new treatments and cures.

Department of Mental Health
Captain Alex Lorien- The Department of Mental Health is responsible for all Psychology and Counseling services the Federation offers. They also provide Counselling for the various Counselors serving in Star Fleet.

Department of Fraud & Enforcement
Captain Jack Collins- The Department of Fraud and Enforcement investigates Medical fraud including malpractice, unethical treatments, drug abuse, illegal distribution of medicines, unlawful surgical practices, patient complaints and doctor/patient rights.

An Officer from Star Fleet JAG is assigned to this position to help act as a liaison between the two divisions.