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Elliot Louis Rice
Career Occupation
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Biographical Attributes
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
102.1 kg (225 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark slate grey
Hair Color:
Sandy brown, light enough to look blonde in the right light
Shaved at the back and sides, just a little longer on top
Broad-shouldered, broad-chested and muscular
Naturally pale but he usually sports a light tan to cover that up
Low and deep without being husky or booming. He usually speaks fairly quietly
United Federation of Planets
Manitoba Province, Canada, Earth
Familial Relationships
Christopher Rice
Veronique Rice
Status of Parents:
Veronique and Christopher are still alive and still together, currently working at a terraforming project on Venus
Marital Status:

Personal History

Christopher Rice and Veronique Cordier were both successful and experienced terraformers, whose shared passion for their field saw them spending more and more time together, until they ultimately fell in love and married. Over the course of the following years, they were rarely anything but happy, ambitious in their careers and content to focus their attentions on their professional lives, until Veronique fell unexpectedly pregnant. Neither of the Rices had planned on having children but fate had dealt them this hand and so they felt they should play it. When Veronique's mother, Katrin, became ill, the two decided the best thing to do would be to return to Earth and take care of her, allowing them to have the baby in a safer environment than a terraforming colony. Christopher took a job at a science academy in Manitoba Province, Canada, and soon Elliot Rice was born.

Though his parents were never quite as warm towards him as they might have been, his first few years were happy ones. Elliot was a bright and inquisitive child, forever with an innocent grin on his lips. He was playful and a little mischievous, quickly making friends once he started school. When Veronique's mother was finally claimed after her long illness when Elliot was eight, he coped with the loss well, showing far more resilience than his parents expected, as children often do. His apparent fortitude caused his parents to rethink their own lives. Neither of them had been happy since abandoning their careers to return to their home planet and now that they no longer needed to stay there to take care of Katrin, they decided it was time to return to their old lives, believing Elliot to be old enough and strong enough to cope with a new environment.

Learning of a terraforming project on Nissini, a tiny Class D moon orbiting Berengaria V in the Berengaria system, the Rices applied to join the team there. Their experience and credentials meant they were quickly accepted and so the family moved to the small settlement on Nissini. Elliot's parents quickly fell in love with the project, diving back into their old profession with eager relish. Elliot wasn't quite so thrilled, however. Though their were a handful of other children on the colony, none of them were close to his age, and he felt immediately isolated. Worse, he was bored. Entertainment wasn't considered a priority at the colony, even for the children, and Elliot soon learned he had little to fill his time, and nobody to while away the long, tedious hours with.

He initially dealt with his new life by misbehaving but even that failed to garner more than cursory attention from his parents, so Elliot slowly began to devote more and more time to two activities - studying and exercise. His schoolwork had always been of a high standard but now that he had no real distractions from it, his grades soared, impressing his tutor enough for her to give him extra work. He was surprised to find he was grateful for that. When he wasn't studying, Elliot would make use of the exercise equipment stored at the colony, using it to tire himself out so that he'd sleep for as long as possible each night, just to kill some time. As the years dripped slowly by, exercise became something of an obsession for him and his body was evidence of that. It was his personality that changed most significantly, though. He was no longer a giggly prankster, becoming withdrawn from others. Elliot came to enjoy his own company, and eventually started feeling awkward and ill at ease in social situations, though he worked hard to hide that.

In his early teens, he began helping the Hekaran medic, Dr. Denovu, in the colony's clinic, ostensibly to make himself useful to the settlement but in truth he did it just to pass the time. Dr. Denovu was always kindly to him, and seemed to understand that not only did Elliot not mind being given lots to do, he welcomed it. Though he rarely did anything more exciting than disinfecting and paperwork, he looked forward to stopping by the clinic each day, if only to watch the doctor at work. Denovu was diligent and painstakingly thorough in both his treatments and his research, qualities which Elliot admired greatly.

By the time he was 17, he started contemplating how soon he could get off this slowly developing project and get back to Earth, when disaster struck the settlement. A virus broke out among the colonists, and the previously sedate clinic was suddenly overrun. Elliot did everything he could to help Denovu but the facility's limited resources made it difficult for the doctor to identify the virus and soon people began to die. Though frustrated at being unable to find a cure, Denovu worked tirelessly in search of one, all the while tending to his growing number of patients, including Christopher Rice. Elliot himself was showing symptoms by the time a Star Fleet medical team arrived to assist the stricken colony.

They developed a cure swiftly and successfully administered it to both Elliot and Christopher, but they were too late to save the doctor. After Denovu's death, Elliot learned that the Hekaran had contracted the virus early on but had hidden his symptoms, working through the pain, putting his patients and his duty as a doctor before his own needs. The previously unknown virus was dubbed Denovu's Disease in his memory. The colonists took months to recover from their tragedy but eventually new terraformers arrived and the project was put back on track.

Elliot was devastated by the loss of Denovu but, as his grief slowly subsided, he became inspired by it too. Not only by Denovu's heroism, but by the medical profession itself, something which Denovu symbolised for Elliot. The Star Fleet medical team had also made an impression on him and he felt like he could see where his future lay with perfect clarity. When he announced to his parents that he intended to become a doctor himself and join Star Fleet, they tried to dissuade him. The tragedy had brought the Rices closer together temporarily, and Elliot's parents were afraid for their son, worried about the danger a life in Star Fleet would put him in. They also feared his decision was spurred only by his grief and that he may come to regret it.

Seeing the logic in their words, Elliot agreed to a compromise - he would train to be a doctor and, once he was qualified, if he still felt the same then he'd go to Star Fleet. Finally leaving the colony he'd hated for so long, Elliot spent a few weeks on Risa in an attempt to unwind after the traumatic experiences of the last few months, before going to medical school in Canada, where he majored in Surgery and minored in Psychology and Pathology. His time there passed quietly and successfully, a grim determination fuelling his studies. Four years after first arriving, he walked out of the building a doctor and his goal hadn't changed. The next stop in his life would be Star Fleet Academy.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Psychiatry, Xenobiology
Academy Minor(s): Communications, Stellar Cartography
Hobbies and Pastimes: Elliot is a fitness fanatic. His drug of choice is working out in the gym but he also enjoys most other physical activities, though his preference is for solitary pursuits such as jogging, riding and climbing. He works out every day and uses exercise is a way of dealing with stress, though he can border on working out excessively. That aside, he likes to keep up on new developments in medicine, with a particular interest in lesser understood species, and enjoys classical Hekaran music
Short-Term Goals: In the immediate future, he'll be focused on developing an efficient working relationship with his colleagues, finding his feet in his new assignment, and working towards being promoted to Ensign
Long-Term Goals: In the long term, Elliot is interested in training to become a Ship's Counselor. He feels he isn't quite ready yet because his interpersonal skills need some work, and he also feels it's important for a Counsellor to have a little more experience of life than he has, but he hopes to one day branch off in that direction when the time is right. He'd also like to command a medical vessel. In his personal life, he hopes to meet the right person and make a serious relationship work
Personality: Elliot does his best to project the image of calm, quiet confidence, usually successfully. He hopes that people regard him as the strong, silent type and does what he can to cover up his own insecurities. He isn't wracked by self-doubt but he certainly feels uncomfortable and unsure of himself far more often than he'd admit to, particularly in social situations. He grew up in a very isolated environment and whilst he's able to hold a conversation perfectly well, he finds it very hard to fully relax around others. It's easier for him to hold people at arm's length. He isn't cold or unfriendly, however, he's comfortable with other people being emotional around him, but expressing his own feelings leaves him feeling awkward and vulnerable, something he prefers to avoid. He's a much better listener than he is a talker. While he isn't afraid to stand up for himself when it's necessary, it's extremely rare for him to lose his temper. He's too practiced at containing his emotions to allow it. The chink in his armour is loneliness, a demon which he isn't going to be able to avoid dealing with forever
Sense of Humor: Elliot tends to take life seriously but does have a sense of humour, a dry, understated one, so understated that it's often hard to be sure whether or not he's joking at all. He'll usually at least smile at other people's jokes, even if only to be polite, but it's uncommon for him to guffaw even when he finds something hilarious
Phobias: Though it isn't quite a phobia, he's not at all fond of rodents
Likes: Elliot loves environments which are significantly different to those he grew up in, particularly natural ones such as beaches and forests. He's something of a sun worshipper, and likes to use holosuites to visit sunnier climes. Travelling in general is something he loves to do, his favourite place being Risa, for several obvious reasons. He developed a taste for hasperat after having a Bajoran roommate in medical school and also likes some Hekaran dishes, but he'll try anything once. There's nothing he likes more than exercise, however, so anything involving that makes him happy
Dislikes: Elliot really doesn't like alcohol, partly because of the taste, partly because being drunk is too much like being vulnerable for his liking, but mainly because he doesn't like doing anything which might pollute his body. For similar reasons, he doesn't like tobacco products or unhealthy foods. He does indulge in these things on very rare occasions but that's usually a sign that he's upset about something. He also dislikes violence and sees it as very much a last resort in any situation
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Elliot likes to have his own personal space, such as his quarters, and doesn't really like other people invading it without being invited. He also finds it very irritating if people ignore clear signals that he wants to be left alone or doesn't want to talk about something. Overly silly people bug him too
Achievements: Qualifying as a doctor and graduating medical school with honours before going to Star Fleet Academy. Elliot is also proud of being able to maintain high grades and secure his place at medical school and then the Academy despite the colony he grew up in having limited educational resources
Disappointments: Despite their promises, Elliot's parents failed to drag themselves away from their jobs to attend his graduation ceremony, something which bothered him deeply because it proved to him that even after all this time, he's still a low priority to them
Illnesses: Nothing of note, aside from contracting the lethal virus which spread through the colony he grew up in. He was lucky enough to only suffer from the early symptoms before being cured
Strengths: It would be hard to call Elliot lazy, he isn't at all afraid of hard work and actually seeks it out whenever possible. He's physically very fit, doesn't tend to need much sleep, and is always willing to give 100% to any task set before him. He's good at finding ways to occupy his time and his thoughts, and is far stronger emotionally than he gives himself credit for. He's both open-minded and a good listener
Weaknesses: Elliot's biggest weakness is his insecurity when around other people. He's socially aware enough to hide it well most of the time, but he really isn't experienced enough in dealing with others in a non-professional capacity to feel comfortable with it. He's also hampered by the inner conflict he suffers, torn between needing to keep an emotional distance from people, and being lonely. Elliot's parents are another weakness for him - no matter how often they prove to him that he isn't terribly important to them, he never quite manages to accept it and move on, he's always hoping that things will magically change and they'll be truly close but that never happens
Fears: Being vulnerable or emotionally exposed in front of other people is something that frightens him, although he isn't quite sure what the rational explanation is for that fear. It's a fear which is never very far from his mind, however. He also worries that one day something may happen to him that leaves him with a physical disability, the idea of being physically weak terrifies him. His choice of career has given him a new fear, that he could find himself in a situation he watched Dr. Denovu struggle with - being surrounded by sick people but being unable to help them
Prejudices: Though he tries not to show it and doesn't let it affect his interactions, Elliot generally feels slightly tense around races he knows to be telepathic or empathic
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Most often, Elliot can be found in sporty, workout clothes when he's off duty, but he does like to wear a nice sharp suit when he's given a reason to
Distinguishing Features: Aside from being quite a noticeable presence thanks to his height and large frame, he has no distinguishing features to speak of and has no tattoos or scars
Pets: None
Friends: Sadly enough, all the people Elliot might refer to as friends at this point in his life aren't really much more than acquaintances, so he doesn't have a best friend

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most traumatic event Elliot has lived through was the outbreak of the virus which swept through the colony he grew up in. Working in the colony's clinic at the time, he saw people ravaged by the disease and watched several of them die, whilst being able to do very little to help. He had to deal with his fear when his father contracted the virus, and then the panic of showing symptoms himself, but it was ultimately the loss of Dr. Denovu, the person he was closest to in the colony, which became Elliot's most painful experience
Best Time: The best time in Elliot's life so far was the few weeks he spent on Risa before starting his studies at medical school. Visits to Risa are a good time for most people, but for him it was a revelation. He'd spent years caged in the terraforming colony without access to anyone near his own age, so finding himself in a resort like Risa was terrifying but wonderful
Most Crucial Experience: The experience which shaped Elliot's life was the virus outbreak at the colony. It was witnessing Dr. Denovu's heroism in attempting to deal with it, and the Star Fleet medical team's expertise and brilliance in finding a cure, which drove him to become a doctor. He thinks of that time often and, as painful as the memories are, they always inspire him and give him the determination to keep working hard
Role Model: Head and shoulders above anyone else he's ever known, Elliot's role model is the Hekaran doctor of the colony he grew up in, Denovu. Denovu was passionate about medicine and about helping others, so driven by those motivations that he masked his own symptoms during the virus breakout to ensure nobody would stop him doing everything he could to look after the sick until Star Fleet arrived. That ultimately cost him his life, an act of heroism which earned Elliot's eternal respect and admiration. He carries a photograph of himself and Denovu everywhere he goes

Career History

Stardate 20805.26 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Medical Division.
Stardate 20805.26 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20807.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20808.01 - Promoted to Ensign, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20810.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20811.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20811.01 - Awarded Gold Star, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20811.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Space Station Sierra-18.
Stardate 20901.13 - Assigned to USS Drake.
Stardate 20904.17 - Assigned to the USS Dauntless, BC-1553.
Stardate 20904.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Dauntless.
Stardate 20905.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Dauntless.
Stardate 20905.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Dauntless.

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