Leonatos, Androcles

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Androcles Leonatos
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
163 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light Brown
Short Casual
Light Tan
Bass, with a Greek Accent
United Federation of Planets
Cephalonia, Greece
Familial Relationships
Nikitas Leonatos
Eirini Leonatos
Status of Parents:
Married and professionally active. His father is a businessman, hotel and restaurant owner. His mother is JAG.
Sister, Melissani, 28; Brother, Theophilos, 25
Marital Status:

Personal History

Androcles belongs to a healthy family. His father own one of the luxurious hotel and restaurant of this touristic island. His mother is a JAG. He got an excellent education and he proved to be very sharp in sciences, mainly in calculus and technology courses. From his youth he desired to follow the career of law. Then his hobby was to read law related books and articles as well as detective and law novels. In his very disappointment he discovered that he was unable to find either the culprit or to exculpate the suspect. He participated for a couple of times in the repetition of Socrates trial and the result was disastrous.

In the contrary of these frustrating results in the field of social sciences he won a couple of times the first prize in the Mathematics Olympiads and in the Sciences & Technology Olympiads, thus demonstrating talent on positive sciences. His father preferred to see him civil engineer or architect on the tourism and transport business but young Androcles developed very early the taste for fast spacecraft. He started participating in rallies and races with his own spacecraft which he modified its systems by his own. In the beginning he had his disappointments but in the last year of the high school he won a regional rally getting awards and sponsors. His star started rising. This was the pivotal point which led him to apply for the Starfleet Academy and go for the Tactical career.

After graduation he was assigned to Cerberus cruiser as operations officer. During a mission there was an accident onboard the ship while he was in the engine room. A fellow officer, a commander, was lying down unconscious and Androcles rushed to draw him back to the safety behind the blast doors, but while saving the man he was entrapped in the middle of radiation and lightning. The only thing he remembers from that incident is that a blue light struck him at his eyes. Unfortunately after this incident he has often vertigo and hallucinations. The result was the loss of his piloting licenses following which he was transferred to land service and Starfleet gave to him the choice to apply for the instructor position in the Academy. In the academy he has now the opportunity to develop skills in his majors on holographic simulators and event organize war games in order to develop materials in his academy mirrors.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): (1) Spacecraft Piloting and Navigation, (2) Space Combat Tactics and (3) Weapons Technology
Academy Minor(s): (1) Interstellar Politics and Diplomacy, (2) Strategy, (3) Interplanetary Law and (4) History of Alien Civilizations and Exo-Archaeology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Kendo, Iaido and fast spacecraft races.
Short-Term Goals: To help students to acquire those skills that will make them efficient starship officers. To write a treatise on skill development exercises for assisting Academy professors.
Long-Term Goals: Either to return to active duty onboard a starship or to rise in the Academy hierarchy.
Personality: Dispassionate, at least he does not externalize his feelings. He is firm in his opinions but not stubborn. He is not an arrogant and opinionated man, he listens carefully all arguments. Times to times he became sarcastic and even ironic but he uses this attitude in context, to accentuate his arguments.
Sense of Humor: He likes delicate clever jokes
Phobias: Earthquakes
Likes: Good printed books, mainly classics
Dislikes: People who talk too much and flatterers.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: High pitched sounds and, snoring
Bad Habits or Vices: When impatient he knocks his desk or a table or the arm of his chair with his fingers just like knocking a door. The sound though irritates other people.
Achievements: When cadet he won the Jupiter Rally. He was the first amateur ever who won this race.
Disappointments: He preferred to follow his mother’s career despite he knew he didn’t have talent on that job.
Illnesses: Only children's illnesses
Strengths: Even in the odds he tries to take some advantage and prevail.
Weaknesses: Being a solitary man. He wished to be more social instead.
Fears: Not been able to return to starship service.
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Shirts and jeans, even then prefers wearing a tie
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: None
Friends: No specific one. He is a rather solitary type.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: An accident onboard the ship he was serving forced him to land service until the day he hopefully recovers.
Best Time: In the Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Despite he knew he was not sharp on the subject, he took interplanetary law as Academy minor and despite the odds he succeed to get a decent rank.
Role Model: Alan Shore portrayed by James Spader in Boston Legal

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